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Tuesday, November 2, 2010


NOTE: This has been updated since I first published this earlier this a.m.  After reaching the bottom of this post, please read on for the updated information.  Thank you.

Glory! - Hallelujah!

Psalm 107:20
He sent his word, and healed them,...

Greetings in the name of our healing Father GOD!

Back in August of this year, I watched a Youtube video of  Buffalo, NY native, gospel singer, Delia Knox, who was paralyzed in a car accident about 22 years ago - she was 25 years old.  Delia relocated to Alabama.  Nine years ago, she  married a Bishop.  In August 2010 she and Bishop Knox attended a revival when she got up from her wheelchair and walked.  Though she needed assistance, she walked.  Bear with me, please, ...I questioned the Lord.  When she got up and walked with assistance, I questioned the Lord.  I said something like "Lord, why didn't You let her walk unassisted with strong strides...?"  I cannot recall whether the Lord answered me.

After watching the video, I went to the Internet to attempt to find updates on Delia's progress.  I found a little more but nothing that stated that she was walking unassisted.  I believe that it was just a few days later when I saw another video of  Delia.  She was in a church service glowing but she was back in her wheelchair.  She ministered, and she got up out of the wheelchair, and again she walked with assistance.

Over the weeks, I had forgotten to pursue more information on Delia.  This a.m., I listened on the radio to Sid Roth's "It's Supernatural" program and there was a minister on there who mentioned Delia.  He stated that she was now walking unassisted.

I was blown away!  I rushed to the Internet searching for more information.  I found more on  They have a video of her coming home to her parent's home in Buffalo, NY.
Not only did Delia get out of the car with her husband walking, but she had on high heels - no flat shoes for this homecoming!  Delia's walk is not very strong but praise God - it will be!  It was such a precious powerful sight to see Delia embrace her parents.  Her father just kept saying "Glory" over and over again.  Her mother was sobbing.  Delia was crying.  Her husband was glowing. I was crying.  O what a great blessing this has been! 

Christians, and at least one pastor (he may have been the pastor at the parent's church) were there and community people gathered.  Prayers were said.  The Mayor's representative read a proclamation from the Mayor. Can you imagine the witness that the Lord allowed this to be?!  I am so excited. 

Well, I am going now to watch more videos of Delia.  There are quite a few listed but the Lord told me to get back to them after I posted this.

If you are so inclined to view, please go to and view the video of Delia at the revival where she is shown on video walking again for the first time.  Type in the search engine "Delia Knox" and it is the video with the time length of 13:03.  The video of her going home to her parents is called "Delia Knox arrives at her Buffalo home."  It is 4:43 in time length.   

Thank you for your indulgence.



I viewed two more videos about Delia.  One was posted about 1 week ago and one was posted on October 28, 2010 - just days ago.
If you are so inclined, please go to and type in the search engine, "Delia Knox, Walking in Stilletos, Visiting, and Hugging..."  In that video, there is a clip that Delia's story was reported on a secular news program in Buffalo, NY.  The other video shows Delia walking completely unassisted.  Her walk in that video is stronger than it was in the video when she went home to visit her parents.  For that video, type in "Delia Knox Walking with ZERO Assistance" - that is the one that is dated days ago - October 28, 2010.  

Can you imagine the witness of Delia's story being reported on a secular news program with a reporter on the scene at her parents house?!


Ref: Youtube videos of Delia

I noticed that, under at least three videos shown about this, there were no comments entered relative to the video content.  The Lord led me to enter comments under the Youtube videos, "Delia Knox walking with ZERO Assistance" and "Delia Knox Arrives at Her Buffalo Home."  I entered comments under the screen name "glorytrumps."  Please consider adding comments, as well, under the subject videos on  Thank you for your consideration. 



  1. Greetings -


    Gospel singer, Delia KnoX, who was paralyzed about 22 years ago in a car accident when she was 25 - now walks.


  2. Thank you for sharing this. God is Good. He is also Sovereign... He is the Healer.

  3. Hi Julie -

    You are certainly welcome.

    Yes indeed GOD is Good, Sovereign and a Healer...Praise and bless His holy name.

    Note: Please read the "UPDATE" that I posted at the end of the subject post.

    Thank you

  4. Hi Sandra,
    Thanks for sharing the update. I'd seen the 1st video a month or so ago and praised the Lord. It's an awesome opportunity to show forth the glory of God.

    As excited as I was when I first saw it, my thoughts were, this should be more common place in the Kingdom of God rather than exceptional. I've personally seen some miraculous healings, but they're too few and far inbetween.

    My prayer is that this video would encourage the faith of more believers that God still heals miraculously today.

    Thanks for keeping us updated.

  5. Greetings -

    You are certainly welcome, Beverly!

    You are right it should be more faith I believe that it will be...Let us agree in prayer for more such manifestations. Can you imagine the impact on this "dying" world and the boost to the souls of saints!!!

  6. Please read the 2nd update on this post about posting comments about this on Youtube.

    I noticed, under at least three videos about this, that no one had commented on Youtube about Delia's awesome healing so the Lord had me to do so.

    More info is on the 2nd "UPDATE" added to this post.

    Please, saints, consider adding your comments on Youtube.

    Thank you for your consideration.

  7. This sounds great. I'll try to check out the videos. Thank you.

  8. Sandra, thanks for sharing this testimony. I had seen one of the videos earlier. I didn't know of the subsequent ones until I read your blog post. Our God today is the same God He was during biblical times. Miracles are for us today.

  9. God's miracles still happen.

    God's Might is still Mighty!!

    Thanks for this inspirational testimony to the Power of God!


  10. Thanks for sharing this. It gives me renewed hope for the healing of a beloved family member.

  11. Hi Bernadine -

    You are certainly welcome. Glad for your renewed hope. GOD is wondrous!


Greetings -

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