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Saturday, October 22, 2011


Greetings -

Scriptures are from the King James Bible.

This is a comment that I placed on a secular website,, today relative to a report there, "DDOT Punishes Employee Who Had Sex in Office," and on, dated October 21, 2011.   The headline there read, "D.C. government employees have sex in office, send racy

Greetings -

I’m a former Customer Service Specialist who, in excess of five years, worked for the Mayor’s Call Center, now part of OUC.  For the majority of those years C.E. was my manager.  In 2007, he unjustifiably dismissed me from my job there.  My belief is that he was ordered by his superiors to terminate my services.

It would be an understatement to say that I was stunned to be dismissed.  During my employment there, I consistently received excellent performance evaluations, and commendations from management, and from citizens who phoned the call center for assistance.  Mayor Anthony Williams presented me with a “Customer Service Excellence Award.”

Did I use sound judgment in all that I did while employed there at OUC?  No, I did a few unwise actions for which I made amends.  Nothing, though, that I did warranted the term appointment cancellation.  Other employees there certainly demonstrated consistent improper conduct that warranted justified dismissals yet they were allowed to remain as employees there.

The form letter that was presented to me relative to my termination said something like, “We have elected not to renew your term appointment.  The best to you in your future endeavors.”  What was the real reason for my dismissal?  I justifiably reported managerial misconduct demonstrated, in particular, by C.E.’s supervisor, who was my manager.

Time healed my wounds and I forgave C.E. and all of the other perpetrators associated with my unjust dismissal.

Yesterday I read on the following headline, “D.C. government employees have sex in office, send racy e-mails.”  I was stunned to learn that C.E. was one of the employees involved in the reported sex scandal.  Certainly, he was wrong.  His termination, this week, from D.C. government is a consequence of his egregious conduct.  Was C.E. foolish?   Yes.  Did he throw himself under the bus?  Yes.  But I go on record to express that I don’t condemn him .  I don’t understand why the people involved jeopardized so much for cheap thrills.  What I do know is that GOD can change anybody and that, yes, He applies justice but He also applies forgiveness, and mercy.  I’m a firm believer in redemption.  It is my earnest desire that C.E. seek forgiveness, first from GOD, forsakes his unsavory practices, and makes any necessary amends.

We all have strengths and weaknesses.  And yes, our weaknesses are prone to overtake us.  In the Holy Bible in 2 Samuel 11 it tells of how King David engaged in sex with a married woman and then had her husband murdered.  How could such a great king yield to such atrocious conduct?  Such can be incomprehensible but happen it does.

After reading the many posted comments condemning and harshly judging C.E., I go on record here to report about some of C.E.’s strengths.  Unequivocally, prior to my last year there at OUC, C.E. was one of the best supervisors that I have ever worked with.  Firmly, I believe that he was pressured to dismiss me.  I believe that had he not terminated my employment, his job would have been on the line.  Was what he did right?  No, but I understand why he did it.

There is much that I admire about C.E.  For most of my time in a work relationship with him, it was a pleasure to be his subordinate.  He was a joy in numerous ways.  I didn’t find him at all incompetent relative to his position or as a supervisor.  No, we didn’t always agree but our disagreements were some of the most amicable that I have experienced with anyone.  He is an engaging, fun loving, articulate, skilled and caring person.  I’ll never forget when I shared with C.E. about my heartache from a broken relationship.  He wrote and gave me a poem that had meaningful comfort.  It was a heart stirring poem that I deeply cherished in that period of major grief.  Do I excuse or justify C.E.’s behavior as reported in the news this week?  No - what I do is share what I know about some of his strengths.  I love C.E. and he knows it.  The love that I have for him is fierce because I know that there is much good in his heart.  I forgive him and recognize that I, too, need forgiveness when I commit misdeeds.  Don’t we all?

I end with this famous quote from John 8:7 in the Holy Bible, “…He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone…”

May GOD help us all.

In sincerity,


Saturday October 22, 2011

Note: A commenter responded with dislike for what I expressed.

Below is what I responded to the subject commenter.   I logged on the subject site as "lioneagle."  The commenter mockingly logged on as "Poor Little lioneagle."

I can assure you that there is NOTHING poor about me - ref: your tag name mocking mine...

The poem mention that I expressed was two sentences.  You expressed as if it were a core part of what I stated.

You expressed,"Don't waste your time defending the player or his game, they knew what they were doing,..."  I don't, at all, consider that I wasted my time nor do I defend wrong actions.  My comments express what I know and believe.

There is not a person on this planet who hasn't used poor judgment.  Yes, it's true that some wrong actions are egregious but I'm so thankful that GOD forgives even those...when we're so inclined to ask Him and purpose to redeem ourselves.  Redemption does happen...even for those who engage in gross misconduct.

Some folks are more judgmental than GOD.  I'm so glad that we're not GOD and that He is the JUDGE of all.  There have been times when I needed His mercy and forgiveness, and He so graciously gave it.  If GOD always gave us what we deserved for our rebellion against His commandments, scores of people would be dead, as happened a lot when GOD judged in the Old Testament.  I'm not sure I could have survived GOD'S judgments in those days.  It is a relief that His judgments are, typically, not so severe and swift these days.

With GOD, there is hope for C.E. and the rest of the rebels without pure causes.  Such was I until GOD, in His love, mercy, and forgiveness, redeemed my wretched self.

Oh! What a relief it is!
Thank You, Lord!

Another commenter came on and doomed C.E. to "eternal hell."

My response to that commenter:


You're not qualified to decide where C.E. will spend eternity. That's GOD'S domain and He alone KNOWS.


It's in your best interest to stay in your lane and to recognize that GOD is the DRIVER relative to eternity placement...

My prayer is that C.E. will come to a place where He will meet GOD's conditions and enter into the kingdom of heaven.  That is my prayer for the many who are not presently prepared but certainly can become... There is hope...

My response to another commenter:

Greetings -

@Just plain dumb

How fitting it is that you used that tag line, "Just plain dumb."  It indeed mirrors your image.  I hearken back to the days when I had such an image until GOD in His grace, mercy and forgiveness changed me.  And I continue to be a work in progress, as do many other folks.  None of us walk on water.  How glad I am that JESUS does!

You expressed, "LionEagle you come across as clueless as the flusie in this story that couldn't tell baldy didn't love her, he just wanted to add another notch and increase his count of relations.  What number were you?  Oh yeah, God called and said to stop using his name to defend pond scum."

My response is that I have more than clues.  I have truths.  And it is truth that GOD does forgive and have mercy.  He also redeems.  For that, many are exceedingly grateful.

You asked, "What number were you?"  My number was and is the Holy Trinity - THE FATHER, THE SON, AND THE HOLY SPIRIT.  The Holy Trinity represents three - that's my number.

You further mentioned that "God called and said to stop using his name to defend pond scum."

My response:

Clearly, GOD Almighty didn't call you to say any such thing.  Are you inclined to share who the god was that called you and told you that false information that you shared?  For certain, it wasn't GOD Almighty because He doesn't express fallacies.  To be clear, as I stated earlier, I'm not defending or justifying C.E.'s wrong actions.  What I said is that GOD does forgive and redeem whosoever is inclined to seek forgiveness and choose redemption in accordance with GOD's commandments.  I pray that for all who are not in the light of GOD's truths.

Love to you...

The comments below are the last of my responses that I'll post here.  The commenter that I responded to used the name tag "Believer too, but..."  I found it of concern that the subject commenter is described as a believer but expressed some comments that were less than Christian in tone.  May GOD help us all.

Greetings -

@Believer too, but...

I ask, what is it that you believe?  I mention GOD and His grace, forgiveness, and mercy, and you label me a "Bible thumper."  What I am is a Bible believer, truth walker and a firm believer that there is absolutely nothing wrong or improper about anything that I have expressed here.  As Jack Nicholson famously uttered, "You can't handle the truth."

Like everyone else, I have shortcomings...  My lifestyle, though, consistently represents truth, and integrity, as well as adherence to the gospel truths that are contained in the Holy Bible.

You expressed, "Sandra, you need to get over it girl."  My response is get over what? - telling the truth and firmly adhering to it?  And not allowing others to persuade me to forsake what makes plenty of sense?  No, that is contrary to what is wise.  I'd rather do what GOD commands.

My concern isn't whether C.E. or anyone else, as you put it, "wants" me.  GOD wants me; that is more than enough for me.  Further, whoever GOD decides wants me will, in truth, want me.  There are certainly people who do want me, as evidenced by my healthy and positive relationships with them.

As for your advice that I "run," - not going to happen.  I have no need to run from C.E.

You are right, the devil is always busy but whatever it is, it's not bigger than GOD.

It's interesting that people can make an assortment of derogatory and demeaning comments but often when GOD is mentioned, and His truths are reasonably expressed, people are offended and unjustly criticize people who share GOD'S truths in sensible ways, such as how I've done here.

Well, I love you but firmly disagree that GOD cannot be discussed in such forums in the reasonable way in which I did.  I'm inclined to go with the ONE who owns the air - GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY.  He told me that my points are truthful, valid and reasonable, and that He is pleased with what I have expressed here.



  1. Greetings -

    The comment below came from Rick, via e-mail.
    He gave his permission for me to post it here.

    From: Rick
    To: Sandra Hicks
    Sent: Sunday, October 23, 2011 12:26 AM
    Subject: RE: hiya

    wow...had not heard about this. Yes, God forgives as like you said in so many words, if He didn't we all would be hell bound. Thanks for sharing this. I pray the C.E. does come to the Lord and finds peace.



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