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Thursday, April 12, 2012


Copyright 2012 - S. Hicks
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Greetings  -

How many of us are in continuance mode with relationships that are dead weight associations? I mean they add nothing to us but certainly subtract from our positive progressive journeys. The subject relationships could be relative to family, friends, acquaintances,  and dating associations. I don't exclude from these descriptions some “Christian” connections which can also prove hazardous to godliness.

Our Lord does appoint us to minister to the dead and instructs us to be mindful that we were once dead ourselves. It is, however, crucial to be in tune with our Father to discern when to move on as the Spirit leads. My experience has been to linger too long where I should have cancelled some “subscriptions” to relationship “magazines.” Fool that I was, I remained in the “pages” well after the expiration dates. Hampered spirituality was the result when I continued engagements where I no longer had any business.

We can allow vice grips on our emotions that cause us to cling to toxic connections. Why do we cling? The reasons vary. Fear readily comes to mind. We can fear the absence of the entanglements. Granted, the entanglements are toxic but we foolishly desire them, regardless. Often, we are afraid to disengage. We have become accustomed to the presence. Inner battles rage.

We know better but are afraid to do better. What will it mean? What can replace them? Reluctance is stronger than logic.  There is hope. Undoubtedly, it can be difficult to trade in liabilities for assets. One reality is that assets aren't always immediate after cancellation of liabilities. Hurt tends to be the immediate consequence. Separation anxiety is a definite result. Tough it out, though, because rainbows can be a certainty.

It is absolutely a surety that we can rise above the pain. What is vital is a heart to work through it with awareness that it will hurt but conquer we shall.

Emotional warfare is an apt way to describe it. We must purpose to do it and allow nothing and no one to impede our journeys to wholeness. GOD can show us the paths of life. His question is, “Do you want to press on to gain it?”

Recently, someone gave me declarations that, in essence, amounted to rejection of me. Gratitude is felt for that rejection because I learned that inwardly I've come to a new place. What he said was beneficial for me to know. It may, to some people, seem odd for me to express gratitude for rejection. The truth that he spoke resulted in some measures of freedom for me. Something shifted within when I digested the content of his words. That shift has been instrumental in turning some things right side up. I am thankful.

Burial of dead relationships is essential to move forward. We cannot embrace freedom if we cling to death.

In the interest of balance, I cannot conclude here without inclusion of another aspect on the matter of toxic dead relationships. Evidence supports that there are instances that the dead can live again or live where there was no previous life. Once toxic doesn't necessarily mean always toxic. Remedies do exist to bring the dead to life.

Happily, toxic dead marriages have been revived, healed, and restored to blissful unity. Family estrangements have gained healing. Those are glowing reports.

My experiences have also proved that it is possible to have peace in the presence of storms. Dissension has surrounded me where I had to reside, that is, relationships severed but I had to, for seasons, remain in the same physical places. I learned to go and glow in spite of it. That meant that heart disconnection happened before physical disconnection occurred. Immediate physical relief isn't always attainable. What can be attained, though, is a heart set to reject attempts to discourage joyous progression. Peace can be resident in the midst of toxic dramas. Determine to sing in the rain. Escape before you leave. Leave intact. Victories are choices that begin in our hearts.

Wisely consider relationship choices. Ponder and select what is reasonable, safe and responsible. Chances are some relationships can be “saved” while others should be categorized as permanent deaths. Let’s face it – all cannot be salvaged. The better we discern and understand the differences, the more liberated we shall be as whole beings on this great planet earth.

Written Friday August 6, 2010
Revised Sunday September 26, 2010
© Copyright 2010

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  1. Greetings -

    I received the comment below from Rick, via e-mail. He gave his permission for me to post it here.

    From Rick:

    Hi Sandra

    Very good and right on word. I have also had to do the same so I totally understand and agree with all that you have said. I think usually of John Osteen. He had to walk away from a church because they wanted to stay in the kiddie pool but he was determined to go into deep water. His ministry came about as a result. Had he stayed, he would have been dead like them. I have remembered his story for years and it has always spoken to me. Not always easy thing to do but it is a must if God is calling us deeper. Lay aside every weight...weights can also be people.

    Thanks for sharing this with me.


  2. Rick expresses more:


    of course. I am facing that subject often lately. Seems some friends are a drain. Was just praying about this last night. Desiring to be around people that I can walk in unity in the spirit with. We are supposed to be possessing the land. It is difficult to do without prayers in agreement. The Lord told me when was in a prayer group that this 5 could change the course of the world. Problem is they went their own ways. There is such a need right now to be in a place where we as a team can possess the land back for the Lord. The world needs a course change badly as without it doesn't appear very good. I am like you, I want to be able to fulfill all God has through me and know that I can't if I stay in the kiddie pool with the religious and dead Christians. We are supposed to walk in power. I choose to do this. I deeply understand your word. There is a higher purpose than to just stay with people that wear you out and drain you. Who wants to go deep? If not, time to change people or do without till God provides the right ones.

    It is deep in that we Must fulfill the higher purposes. We look so often at the temporal but God has a higher plan because of the eternal ramifications. WE have to look through His eyes and do what He wants no matter the cost.

  3. Lots to chew but thank you for sharing such wisdom from the Lord...How true that we often don't easily let go of such toxic relationships sometimes because we worry more of what people will say than following what God wants...which in reality is always the best. May He always grant us His gift of discernment especially as we cruise in this place where its wisdom is totally opposite with God's. Blessings to you sister. Thank you for your encouragement always.

  4. Such great thoughts, Sandra. Yes, I think it's wise to seek God's guidance with relationships. Sometimes He asks us to stay in relationship with *difficult* people - and sometimes He asks us to move on. We need His discernment to tell the difference.

    Thanking God for your friendship, and for the way you uplift me.


  5. Yes, this is something that happens to all of us...and, To God Be The Glory. Lessons are well learned and the next time around, we are more careful. However, saying this I'd also like to say that in everything, God is in control. Sometimes as you say, you hung on when you should have let go... you are human, and you hoped to made a difference. You LOVED!!!!! Remember Jesus said...we can do many things...but if we don't know love then the rest is in vain. Don't beat up on yourself. You are a Child of God and as such, you are where He wants you to be at all times...even if sometimes its hanging onto a toxic relationship. Much love to you. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  6. Greetings -

    Your wise and helpful comments are sincerely appreciated.

    Thank you

  7. I loved this, Sandra
    your words are true, as always. Difficult subject to address. I have so much to say... after writing a rather involved response, I have decided to do a follow-up post on my page. I don't want to clog up your page with my intensity :) If I can accomplish the order of my thots, please join me at my page to read my slant on toxic relationships.

    Your following statement resonated with me.

    "We cannot embrace freedom if we cling to death."

    these scriptures support your statement...

    "And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." KJV Jn 8:32

    "If the Son therefore shall make you free, you shall be free indeed. KJV Jn:36

    "Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free, and be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage." KJV Gal 5:1

    blessings to you...
    continue to carry your candle
    to your world

    patrina <")>><


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