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Saturday, January 18, 2014

More Truths for the New Year and Beyond

Hi -

It's time...

We've come to a new year and my earnest aim is to continue to forsake areas of darkness and deception.  We all have areas of ignorance and need to learn more...  Also, it's possible to be sincere but to be SINCERELY wrong... GOD knows the fulness of our hearts, our intentions, our motives, etc.  He knows those who deliberately practice wrong and those who just don't know any better. 

Our Lord does expect us to remain humble and teachable...  Of course, we shouldn't just believe "anything" but to seek Him for further enlightenment...  Yes, trying the spirits...  Living, learning and amending where necessary for spiritually prosperous journeys.  Truly, it's an ongoing process for us all.   

Lately, I've been largely absent from posting because of being in further learning mode.  In recent months, after about four Christians shared that they believe speaking in tongues is of the devil..., three of those Christians I know were former tongue-speakers..., I  began to pay attention.  And yes, I'd been a tongue-speaker for years...  Once I got the truth instilled in my spirit by our Lord, I no longer speak in tongues and the results are CERTAINLY spiritually PROFITABLE...  I'm immensely grateful for the people who GOD used to teach TRUTHS about the controversial issue of speaking in tongues.  Thank you, Pam, Wenona, Andre, etc.

After the first two folks mentioned that speaking in tongues is of the devil, I wasn't inclined to believe it.  But then shortly after, the information came from another Christian person and then another... So about then, I thought, okay, this matter won't go away from me.  I prayed and asked the Lord to show me the TRUTH.  He did.  The popular teaching about speaking in tongues is NOT of GOD.

Of course, many shall disagree just as I disagreed until GOD proved to me that speaking in tongues is NOT of Him.   I'm NOT here to convince anyone - that's GOD's decision - but to share what He revealed to me.  I'll NOT debate the issue...

3 John 4 - KJV:
I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth.

James 4:17 - KJV:
Therefore to him that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sin.


For those who are inclined to seek the Lord in earnest about the tongues matter and to do some in depth studying, viewing and reading about it,  below are some links that proved helpful to me.  The person who mainly helped is Pam Sheppard.  She spoke in tongues for more than twenty-five years until GOD taught her that it's NOT of Him.  Pam is a licensed Christian counselor with a Master's degree in social work, and retired from NY state government.  Presently, she does deliverance mentoring/counseling.  Pam also has bunches of videos on youtube.  They, too, are deeply helpful for whosoever will pursue more TRUTH. 

In addition, prior to her salvation experience, Pam was an atheist and involved in the occult. She was an ordained minister in a denominational church for more than twenty-five years.

There are folks in the occult who speak in tongues. Also, some occult practices have made their way into churches...

Note: I found it striking that Pam shared of the number of people who come to her for deliverance are tongue-talking "Christians"...
And she discovers that some of her tongue-speaking clients are religious church goers but they aren't saved. Later, some of them are drawn by GOD and saved... 

Also, she mentioned about tongue speakers who don't demonstrate the fruit of love...

The following links relative to tongues are from Andre Watson:

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