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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Pam asks, "Where Is the Right Church? Does One Exist?"

Hi -

Here's an excerpt from Pam's piece:

Of course there  will  always be the diehards who quote the scripture about not forsaking the assembling of yourself together with the brethren. Point out to them that when the scripture itself was written, the institutional church did not exist.  So the Apostle Paul certainly was not referring to Sunday morning worship.
I think if Paul was aware of our modern methods of communication, he would approve of our online Christian fellowship called RESCUE.

Here's the link to her entire piece:


  1. Pam asks, "Where Is the Right Church? Does One Exist?"

  2. Go out to youtube and search for "house church" and "home church".

  3. Hi Tim -

    I know a bit about house churches and home churches - not inclined though.

  4. Hi -

    At about 9:16 a.m. today, Phyllis gave me permission to post this response that she e-mailed me this a.m.

    Thank you, Phyllis.

    Here's her response:

    Things were different for the early church, but they did gather in the first day of the week to worship. Long hours of that day, and there was a meal - mentioned because some people took advantage of it. It was those meetings where Christ's followers could be uplifted or admonished.

    To deny that Christ encouraged speaking God's truth to large gatherings of those who wished to hear Him is not biblical, in spite of changing cultures.

    Yes - I appreciate and utilize today's communicative technology, but I will retain the interactive fellowship of like-minded believers in my local church.

  5. Hi -

    Thank you, Phyllis, for sharing that you disagree.

    I'm no longer attending church buildings and agree with Pam...
    Not just because of this particular piece but because I've sought the Lord about her, listened to her, watched her on youtube, and read her extensively. All of that and more has convinced me that she has the pulse for what is in league with the Lord . . .

    I'm NOT a gullible person, Phyllis Holley Blickensderfer but seek the Lord,...examine, wait...learn...

    I cannot judge your heart and believe that you are sincere... Only GOD knows the fulness of hearts, motives and intentions... And only GOD is perfect...

    Again, thanks, Phyllis. I love you.

  6. Hi -

    Pam Sheppard posted the content below today on my Facebook page. She granted her permission for me to post it here:

    Pam's response to Phyllis:

    This article is not for committed members of local churches. I do not write to you about anything, really. I understand that you will not hear me unless you have already heard from The Lord on leaving the IC. so I have no words for committed churchgoers. I have a target audience. those who have heard from Him and who have already left the IC or who are considering it. This particular article is to help the out of churchers to explain to those who are open to listen as to why ALL churches are a part of the Harlot, regardless of how well meaning and sincere they are.

  7. Are you still out here Lioneagle?


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