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Sunday, November 20, 2011


Greetings -

Scripture is from the King James Bible.

Photo and words on it, compliments of Sandra - Copyright 2011

Psalm 92:14
They shall still bring forth fruit in old age;...

Our Lord has led me to do three greeting cards geared specifically to senior cititzens.  I'm pleased to use the terminology, "golden citizens."

The photo above and the words shown on it will be used on one of the senior citizen cards.  I have also written some words for the inside of the subject card.  Please click here to view the subject cards and the words shown inside them.

Many seniors are lonely and depressed.  Some are regularly abused in various forms.  The purpose of the cards is to minister to seniors to give assurances that they are treasures.

Prayer for seniors:

Glorious Father GOD, You are the everlasting light for all age ranges.  You are Lord of all.  Please save, sanctify and make holy the scores of seniors who don't know You.  Meet their unique needs and send people to demonstratively love on them.  Prove to them, Lord, that You are the answer to every affair in their lives.  Share JESUS and Your HOLY GHOST with them, please Lord.   Deliver them from fear and deception.  Give them peace as a river.

Father, You know that some of your Christian seniors are lonely and depressed, too.  Please minister to them in ways that will give fresh and vibrant hope, peace and joy. 

Use Your holy saints to pour abundant love into the vulnerable hearts of seniors.  Let us impact seniors in ways that will prove  that they are deeply loved and appreciated.  Also, please send seniors to seniors to bond in righteousness.  

Teach us how to reach seniors in ways that bring You joy, pleasure, and delight, and as a result, yokes will be destroyed, and healing and deliverance will come to pass.  Let us wholly follow You, Lord, utterly obey You, and steadfastly cleave to You - forever.

Thank You, Lord, - Amen.   


  1. Amen...Working then at the hospital made me come across many seniors who had orthopedic surgeries and I saw how most of them had that emptiness in their hearts,if not because of the lack of loving actions from their family members or the worry of having physical discomforts out of old age. Many of them were so pleased just to be given even a short amount of time, just to be heard...I'm glad the Lord had put it into your heart to encourage the sometimes "forgotten" precious people who had so much wisdom to impart with the younger ones. They have a special place in my heart, too. God bless you sister and may His discernment always guide you in everything that you do.

  2. Great ideas bubbling forth! Each time I roll over another decade I think that being a senior is pushed ahead. When I was in my 40s I thought 60s would be the "senior time" Now that I am half way through the 60s I am thinking 70s has to be it... my friend summed it all up "I think we are younger than our parents were when they were in their 60s...." (Because we still hike, kayak, and do much that we couldn't imagine them doing when they were 65....having said that maybe it is in the genes - my mom was still dancing at Red Lobster while waiting to be seated right before she went to be with Jesus!

  3. This was a lovely post, Sandra. What a wonderful idea you have here - to minister to the golden citizens. Having been a part of a ministry to the elderly for nearly three years, I can agree first-hand with you that they are often so very lonely and neglected. I thought the words that you added to the inside of your cards for them were particularly lovely and meaningful.

    It wasn't that long ago that our culture and society regarded the "older ones" as definitely wiser. We cherished them, and made room for them in our lives. Seems like now we've just gotten too busy. And the aged are often forgotten in a society that worships youth (and youthful appearance by the knife, by the way...)

    In the aforementioned ministry, we often gave cards to our elderly friends when we were with them - and you should have seen how their faces lit up! So, blessings to you for adding this dimension to your line of products.

    Jesus loves these dear souls - we should do no less.



  4. Love your design! Seniors are a special group with special needs. I'm realizing as I grow older, too, I'm limited! They need lot of patience. Loved praying the prayer for others. Happy Thanksgiving, Sandra!

  5. Hi Sandra,
    I say Amen to your prayer. Loneliness can be a heavy and depressing weight for one to bear. It can be like a deep dark cloud which surrounds you, making you feel like there is no escape.

    Have a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving,


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