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Monday, January 21, 2013

Why Is That a Sin?

Hi -

Some may wonder why some Christians don’t watch horror movies and some do. Or why some Christians won’t go to certain “clean” events or why some Christians drink wine and others don’t. The answer is if the Holy Spirit tells us NOT to do WHATEVER and we do it anyway, it is sin.

I don’t drink alcohol or wine. Actually, when I was in the world, I wasn’t a liquor drinker - only partook a few times - did wine and beer a bit more but not much… I know of another Christian who views horror movies. Years ago, our Lord told me NOT to watch horror movies. So for me - it is sin.

Years ago, on a Saturday, our Lord told me to stay home to commune with Him. Well, my close Christian friend called and invited me to go out with her and to spend some time at her house. I rationalized it and thought something like, “She’s a strong Christian and what could be wrong with going out with and with her to her home?” Our Lord had already told me what to do that day… Long story short…I disobeyed…and while she and I were out, our Lord allowed something to occur that hurt my heart deeply. As soon as it happened, He told me that He allowed it because He had told me to stay home…

Yes, the Holy Bible tells us what is sin…but also the Holy Spirit tells us what is sin…

Woe to us if we disobey, especially as the time gets shorter…


Sunday January 20, 2013


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1 comment:

  1. Hi Sandra,
    Romans chapter 14 has helped me deal with the question and principle you addressed in this post. You're certainly right. There are sins the bible is addresses very specifically and there are others that are implied.

    Disobedience to God's personal instruction to us is sin. There are some things the Holy Spirit will tell us individually we can or can't do and when we veer away from that, we are in sin.

    Thank you for your faithfulness and transparency.


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