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Flames of fire dance joyfully as dreams of fervor conjure up images of red hot passion for the gusto of life.

Sizzle, spark, explode -

Fireballs light up the sky. Wow! a thunder flash with a clap -

The flames are vivid with the awesome glow of orange colors blended with yellow highlights that accent the blaze.

This display is the bomb torched with a rocket plan. Such rapture has lit our fire. We are dynamite on this journey.

Come on fire, fall on us. Pour your liquid potency. Ignite our souls that we may be engulfed with magnified intensity.

Blow up our hearts. Dance with us....


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Friday, August 13, 2010


Greetings -

The comments below were e-mailed to me by Susie.  They had an impact on me.  

I understand what Jesus meant when He said that many will go the path of Hell and few there will be who take the narrow way. When Jesus begins to enlist changes in a Christian, many of them "get off the train" and bail. They don't seem to realize it is their flesh, their lower nature-that struggles to be pampered and tickled. I know when I am too comfortable with the way it is, that's not a good sign. Fighting the flesh is a 24/7 job. One has to be aware of their fleshly tantrums and struggles and recognize what is happening before they can do anything about it. Do you know how many Christians are out there (even in high places of position) that will only allow Jesus to go so far with them, and then they refuse to let Him take the reins, when it gets too close-up and personal? Where the rubber meets the road, that's when we see what a person is really made of. That's where we see how serious they really are about following Jesus. Practically anyone can keep up appearances, but when Jesus comes to confront and clean out the dirty, filthy closets of a person's life, He is often no longer a welcomed guest. Many Christians don't want anyone to mess with their dirty laundry. Not even Jesus.

You have a good day, sister.
Love, Susie


  1. Another guest piece from Susie...

  2. Many Christians have an aversion to change. I've hears some say, "This is who I am, and no one can make me change". At the same time, in their mind their even thinking, "Not even God". I just read a book that the title of it was God loves you just the way you are, but he refuses to leave you that way. He wants you to be Just Like Jesus... It's true. He does love you the way you are.. But, he loves you too much to leave you that way.

    We need to be willing, as Christians to make the changes in our lives that will bring us ever closer to Him, and to bring us into a more intimate relationship with Him. When we become unwilling to change is when we become that luke warm christian who is comfortable with the status quo. We should not be comfortable like that.

    I have to say thank you to Susie for helping the Lord to Light the Fire in me, when I had almost let it go out.


Greetings -

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