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Thursday, August 12, 2010


Greetings -

This is a repeat post that was posted on another one of my blogs.  The original post date was March 1, 2010. 

This is an invitation for comments on the matter of those in the military and those who are military veterans.

I read a recent GQ magazine article about some former Marines who performed exemplary until the horrors of war led them to seek treatment for their mental anguish. They were subsequently branded as weak. One of them had to leave the service without full benefits. The story certainly affected me. My heart and prayers go out to them and their families.

I have heard before that there is a culture of disdain for military personnel who seek treatment for mental issues. I have heard the same about those in law enforcement.

We know that God can heal anyone of anything. Please let us keep the military and law enforcement people in our prayers. Also, it is my earnest desire that the military and law enforcement brass do more to address the needs of these broken men and women.


  1. I do think that these men and families are overlooked, and their grief, and brokenness is looked down upon. They move these families around so much, and sometimes all over the globe, but don't pay attention to what all the moving, and sometimes time away from the family member who is in the military, does to the family. There seems to be little support for these men/women and their families.

    My dad was a 20 year Navy man. He did ok, but he didn't see any "action" either. I would have to say that all of the moving did take a toll on the family though, and especially when he was stationed somewhere we couldn't go. I went to 5 different elementary schools, one middle school, and two high school. I was always starting over. I don't know how it affected my brother and sister, but it had a profound effect on me. My parents told me later that they knew something was wrong, but they didn't know how to help me.

    I would have to say that it's not just the men and women in the military, but their families who also suffer hardship. I remember going to the Commissary, which would be like a grocery store, and coming home with grocery bags that at something like this written on them. "The hardest job in the military is the wife." or something to that effect.

    I try to say prayers for our men and women in the military, especially now, when so many of them are away from their families, doing very dangerous, and life threatening jobs. May God protect each one of them, and bring them home safely to their families.

  2. Thank you, Julie....

    Certainly,that life takes its toll.

    Only GOD....

  3. I was born & raised in the Air Force. I lived in five states and two foreign countries. Most of the time I lived on base, sometimes not.

    My father took temporary duty assignments a lot. I ended up strange after all that. Only five years ago did I find out how & why I was strange. I have Asperger's syndrome. A lot of base kids did.

    Here's information and a test for it:

  4. Hi Timothy, I have a son that was diagnosed mildly autistic at the age of 3. He is 15 now, and I think he's come a long way. I would say he's more along the lines of Asperger's now.

    I lived in 4 states, and 3 foreign countries.

    Yes Lioneagle, that life does take it's toll. Only GOD could heal... I can't imagine what the men/women who have to be on the battle field are going through, and what they go through when they come home. It must be so difficult for them.

  5. Thank you Julie and Timothy for your comments.

    Timothy, do you believe that there is an association? Ref: Asperger's - your comment, "I have Asperger's. A lot of base kids did." Is your belief that there is some sort of association relative to Asperger's and military kids?"

  6. The military caters to Aspergers people by offering a stable environment, fixed rules to live by, promotion based on competence at your specialty and taking care of its people. This has attracted Aspergers people who then can have fellowship of like-minded people. This is attractive to Aspergers women who try to find marriageable men.

    The one drawback is a lot of Aspergers women want to pass as normal as well. They want their Aspergers family to pass as normal as well. This is beginning to decline as the syndrome is gaining respectability and a name.

    Other places that attract Aspergers is academia, engineering, arts, mathematics, science, forestry, church, police work, music and acting. Places that repel Aspergers is sports, Air Traffic control, Human Resources, politics, negotiating, sales and other free form, loud, people oriented jobs.

  7. That is very interesting, Timothy. Thank you for sharing those helpful comments.

    They helped me to understand some...

  8. Hi Julie, sorry I'm taking these posts out of order. I've been out in the hot summer sun all day, helping to build a wheelchair ramp as a volunteer.

    For an Aspergers, here's some books I have found helpful with our social blindness:
    "Unwritten Rules of Social Relationships" by Grandon and Barron
    "The Power of Body Language" by Tonya Reiman
    "The Hidden Curriculum" by Myles, Trautman and Schelvan
    "The Five Love Languages for Singles" by Chapman
    "Street Smarts, Firearms, and Personal Security" by Grover

    Here's some books to help self-esteem:
    "Different Like Me" by Elder
    "John Wesley: Holiness of Heart and Life" by Yrigoyen

    The books for social blindness will help compensate and keep him safe. But the social blindness will still be there. He needs to look for shy intellectual misfits like himself to associate with.

  9. Thank you much for this information. I think I'll try to find some of these books in the library. I, myself have read just about everything I could find on autism, but haven't read much on aspergers. When I found out that my nephew was diagnosed mildly autistic, I went and checked out a bunch of books, and while reading my radar was tweaked. It took having one of my sister in laws talking to me about my son before I actually went to have him tested.

    He has no real friends at this point. The other kids at school are nice to him, and talk to him at school, but never outside of school.

  10. Most of the books you won't find in the library. Aspergers is not recognized by the general public that much.

    But it sounds like your son may have inherited Aspergers from your husband. He's a loner who likes children. You see, children up to five years old think like an Aspergers. At around five, the majority go through a change in their mental processes to a neurotypical way of thinking. Those with Aspergers genes don't. As a result, the majority kids can no longer retrieve memories from the past because they don't think that way anymore. We DO.

    He needs to take the test and get the books as much as your son. He also needs earplugs for the service so he can sit down below. That's what I do.

  11. One thing you need to know about my husband in this matter. He is in total denial. He thinks there is nothing different about his son, and his son has problems because his mother didn't discipline him correctly. He would never take the test... Although I've often wondered if he was affected in some way by Aspergers. I know I've been diagnosed with ADD, and my oldest son is diagnosed ADHD. It's been a long road to walk alone, without hubby's support, but I had to do it for my children's sake...

    As for getting him to sit down where I do. Only in Gods timing. Right now when I talk about it, he tells me, you don't realize that I'm anti social... He wasn't that way when we first married. :-( When we first married, we'd have our Sunday School class over regularly, and they even helped us remodel some of the rooms in the house... Now the only time he will be around church is if there's food, or because, in his mind, only heathens don't go to church... I don't think he's there because he wants to be.

  12. He just typically got burned by the youth pastor who figured, "This guy is strange and likes children. I don't trust him. Better get rid of him to be safe." Punished for being who he was.

    I've been burned in church as well. I'll never forget one pastor who told me, "Tim, shape up. Be like me." I was exasperated because I had invested many decades trying to do just that. Another pastor snickered to the other men about me in the middle of a men's group.

    If you can get books off the list I shared, leave them laying around. Your husband will find them "interesting reading." Don't allude to Aspergers about him. When he feels safe enough to get out of denial, he will come.

    After I got evidence that I probably had Aspergers, I wouldn't even look at it for several months. It was a death sentence to all my hopes of ever being normal. Gradually my grief work passed that point and I could look into it.

    I've got another fellow who I kick started this idea with, who is in the same temporary denial I had been in. Eventually he will start pursuing it.

    One of the books I shared was about Rev. John Wesley who had evidence of being Aspergers -- and he turned the English speaking world Christian. He almost ended up in jail in Georgia for a social goof, which we are famous for doing.

  13. Hi Timothy -

    Ref: Your statement, "Another pastor snickered to the other man about me in the middle of a men's group."

    FOR YOU:

    Numbers 12:1
    And Miriam and Aaron spake against Moses...

    Numbers 12:2
    ...And the Lord heard it.

    Numbers 12:7
    My servant Moses is not so, who is faithful...

    Numbers 12:8
    With him will I speak mouth to mouth, even apparently, and not in dark speeches; and the similitude of the Lord shall he behold: wherefore then were ye not afraid to speak against my servant Moses?

    Also, Timothy, please go back and read on this blog the topic "PROPHETIC WORD" dated Tuesday August 10th.

    Thank you

  14. Timothy, I don't think I can quite get you to understand how things really are with my husband, without airing a bunch of dirty laundry that I don't want every one on the blog to read. I will email you on Monday, and try to explain a little bit better.


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