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Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Greetings -

The Lord has led me to pray more often for Mexico....

Can anyone please help me to understand the spiritual situation in Mexico?  I know that witchcraft, the demonic, deception etc., exists in all of the earth.  What I cannot spiritually understand is why in Mexico is it  extremely intense in the demonic activities?  They have vicious murderous drug cartels that cause people to live in constant terror.  For years, Mexico has had and continues to have frequent murders, kidnappings, major corruption in law enforcement, and bold murders of lawyers, mayors, police etc.  A lot of this is done by the drug cartel people.  I have prayed for GOD to save those in the drug cartels and believe that He will...

I request some help, please people, on understanding why the demonic strongholds are so vicious in Mexico. 

Certainly, there are spirit-filled churches in Mexico with loyal saints of GOD.  Also, I know that prayers are going forth for what is going on there but what makes it so much more demonically intense in Mexico?  My understanding is that there was more witchcraft/voodoo practiced in Haiti but never have they had such viciousness as Mexico.  What's up in Mexico that differs?  

Thank you for any revelations.


  1. They haven't cleaned up the demons that have been left behind by the Mayans and Toltecs. The Catholic church can't do it; they are bringing some of their own occult practices and are persecuting the protestants. The protestant Christians don't know how to bring deliverance, prayer and blessing to neighborhoods, regions, states and the whole nation.

    Santa Muerte is a new religion that has been adopted by the drug traffickers. It is spreading like wildfire through the communities. As a religion, it gets regular worship & sacrifices to empower it. It needs regular deliverance of all followers, idols, properties and neighborhoods until the worshippers give up.

  2. I added myself to follow your blog. You are more than welcome to visit mine and become a follower if you want to.

    God Bless You ~Ron

  3. I think that the demonic strongholds are stronger, and more concentrated in certain areas in Mexico than in any other country, and there aren't as many Spirit Filled churches in Mexico as you think there are. What Tim says is right. Catholic churches can't do it, because a lot of their practices are synonymous with idol worshiping, and such like that. In Mexico, Satan, and drugs are the ruling entity.

  4. Greetings -

    Welcome "THE OLD GEEZER." Thank you for joining.
    What, please, is your blog address?

    Julie and Timothy -
    Thank you for your comments. They certainly have helped in my understanding.

    Of recent days, The Lord has placed Mexico and its people on my heart. Please pray for them.... Thank you

  5. Please, people, more help requested...

    What about Columbia in South America? They are known for violent drug cartels that are involved in murders, kidnappings etc. Also, the region is about 90% Roman Catholic - YET - the violence, and law enforcement corruption there does not appear as ferocious in demonic activity as Mexico. Could Mexico's close proximity to the US have a bearing? ...just wildly guessing...

    Of course, we know, for the most part, only what the media reports but the reporting has amped up significantly about the crime in Mexico....

  6. Colombia was just as bad off. But the Christians learned what it took to bring a revival. One pastor brought the Christian pastors together to pray for revival. The drug lords shot him. His wife picked up the baton and brought the churches together for massive all night prayer meetings. Shortly thereafter the drug lords were caught, despite all their demonic efforts. This and many other revivals have been chronicled by George Otis for other Christians to use the same spiritual technologies.

    See You will find in there the ten steps for revival. They work. I can't give specific links lest this blogspot be shut down for spamming.

  7. Let's take a look at where at where a great deal of their supply goes. Who do you think these drug cartels are providing drugs for? I would bet that a good deal of it comes here to the United States. I think that Satan is just as much at work here in the United States as he is in Columbia, or Mexico. Roman Catholic doesn't necessarily mean Christian.

  8. Julie -

    You are right...

    It was not my intent to indicate that Roman Catholic means Christian. My belief is that more times than not, it does not mean Christian. As I went back and read my comment, I noticed that I did NOT express it clearly (the Roman Catholic part).

    Yes, the US is getting huge amounts of drug deliveries...from Mexico and other foreign regions.

    I just do not understand with all of these ministries that preach gospel with
    spirit-filled people and anointed vessels of GOD, why these demonic strongholds persist so prevalantly.... Granted, I expect some demonic activity because Satan is the god of this world but it just befuddles me why more demonic activity cannot be cast out with all the numbers of spirit-filled Christians all over the world. And I know that all that are
    spirit-filled are not those who cast out demons. But surely, we have more anointed, appointed and assigned who can destroy demonic yokes. What about greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world? That I know is true because it is in the Bible but where is the manifestion for those who suffer constant horrors in Mexico? One thing that I do know is that there is nothing wrong with GOD or His power. Is it His people that have failed to be fit to destroy the major yokes in Mexico....?

    This one has really got me puzzled....

    I am not worried...puzzled...will continue to be in prayer about it...

  9. Sandra said, "it just befuddles me why more demonic activity cannot be cast out with all the numbers of spirit-filled Christians all over the world."

    This is one of my main areas of expertise. "Ye have not because ye ask not." We need to address the people, their friends & families, their organizations, the backup organizations, their properties, their environments, the charms they use or worship, those who are empowering the demons being used, etc. Once you offer deliverance, prayer and blessing to these on a regular basis, the whole demonic effort is broken.

    Now there is a limit as to how far a single Christian can affect, but I don't know what it is. The more Christians involved the greater range we can affect. "One will put a thousand to flight; two will put ten thousand to flight."

    A stadium full of Christians simply praying all night for several nights radically changed Colombia.

  10. One thing you've got to remember, when people are all about, and into their evil desires, then God gives them over to their evil desires. He gave us a free will, and he will not do something that we don't want him to do. There are many people out there who are demon possessed that will never be saved, because they are quite happy being the way they are.

  11. Hi again -

    As you two were commenting here, I created a new post that I entered minutes ago, called, "Standing in the Gap For Mexico."

    When I was into my evil desires, some people prayed to our Lord for my deliverance. Thank GOD that they did....

    There are scores of testimonies of holy mothers, and other holy loved ones, and holy others who cared...who prayed...and our Lord heard and delivered those who were so earnestly prayed for.

    Yes, it is true that all will NOT be saved...His sheep know His voice and a stranger they will not follow....

    We pray and GOD knows..."whosoever will, let him come."

  12. Timothy, thank you for glowtorch website information. Those stories gave more vivid proof of how our Lord is above it all and that there is nothing too hard for Him ! After I read a number of stories on glowtorch, that is when the Lord fueled me to post the "Standing in the Gap for Mexico" post tonight.

    Those stories helped to boost my faith to rise above and write what "Thus saith the Lord!"


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