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Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Greetings -

After the Paul, Dee and me drama, some months later, Paul got seriously ill.  He was living elsewhere with a platonic female acquaintance in much less than ideal conditions.  I continued to reside at the apartment unit that Paul and I had moved into after our departure from the shelter.

Paul became so ill that by the time he went to the emergency room for treatment, his condition was dire and they kept him.  Only GOD kept Paul alive.  My heart went out to him.  We remained in deep care for one another.   After Dee, Paul didn't get another steady girlfriend, and to date, he still hasn't engaged in another committed relationship.  It has been more than five years.  That is unusual for him, but GOD...

Anyhow, I felt led of our Lord to invite Paul to move in with me as a roommate.  People would believe otherwise, but I knew that our Lord told me to do it, mainly because of Paul's health.  All of his family is in Connecticut. 

I have no romantic inclinations relative to Paul.  He is, in my heart, a family member.  We do not now live together nor do we communicate frequently because he is not walking with our Lord.  But when our Lord leads me, I phone him and on occasion, he phones me.  Paul is not particularly receptive to hearing about our Lord, and eventually the Lord told me to stop preaching to Paul.  The Lord told me that I can feed him on occasion so when I cook, he comes to get a plate sometimes.  Every now and then, the Lord will release me to discuss the gospel with Paul but only in brief comments.  There are "moments" when Paul is receptive.  

Over the years, on numerous occasions, the Lord has promised me that Paul shall enter into the kingdom of heaven.  The Lord also told me that Paul shall preach.  I don't get the sense that it will be in a pulpit setting.  I told Paul.  And imagine my surprise when PMQ commented here on February 9th under the post topic, "Part 4 - ...HE LEFT ME AND MOVED IN WITH THE WOMAN NEXT DOOR..."  PMQ commented, "...I surmise that Paul became a Pastor?"  PMQ had no idea that I had been told by our Lord more than a year ago that Paul would preach.  I later shared that with Paul and asked him if he remembered the time that I told him that he was going to preach.  He stated that he remembered.   

Paul even told me one day that he knows that GOD will get him in right relationship with HIM.  Paul shared with me some months ago that when he was about fourteen, he was in church on the regular and that he got "happy" in the Lord.  All the years that I was with Paul, I never knew about that.  I thought that he had had his first real church experiences when he attended church during my time with him when I was backslidden. 

I had a dream last year that Paul and I were in the same church service seated in different areas.  In the dream, Paul got happy in the Lord and was sincerely into the service.  I phoned and told Paul about the dream.  He didn't give much of a response, but we know that our Lord does things in hearts that we don't know.  I hold onto the promise that our Lord gave me that Paul shall enter into the kingdom of heaven.    

Back tracking...

Initially, Paul refused my offer to move in as my roommate.  Some weeks later he returned to the unit.  He lived in one room and I lived in another.  This went on for about two years.  We both continued in our government jobs - until, after more than five years,
my term was not renewed. 

I was out of a job - me, one of the employees who had received a "Customer Service Excellence Award" from Mayor Williams, written and verbal commendations from citizens, and numerous written commendations from management.  How could that be?!  I was in league with our Lord, and daily in His Word, and in prayer.

The situation rocked me hugely.  My depression was major.  For more in detail about that season, please click the link here  It tells of the love and power of our Lord in my deliverance from the pain of the transition.  Deep gratitude is what I now have for that journey.

Thanks be unto GOD for His gentle and tender care during that season of despair.  There were days that I was so pained that all I could do was whisper, "JESUS."  For weeks I went through motions in a detached frame of heart and mind.  

I clearly remember how our Lord told me that He was not expecting me to be strong in Him but to trust Him - day by day.  Our Lord didn't ask much of me except to hold on to Him and to trust Him.  GOD knew that I didn't have much to give Him.  He so lovingly understood, and assured me that He did.

Paul helped as he could but as one who was not walking with GOD, he was limited.  My grief was prolonged.  Paul expressed to me his inability to understand as he had always known me to be "strong" (for the most part) and driven.  He couldn't comprehend the deflated, shell of a person, Sandra.        

For awhile, I wouldn't even go outside.  Eventually, our Lord strengthened me.  He gave my "wind" back to me, people.  As I write this, I cry with gratitude because only GOD knows how He brought me back to life.  Glory to His awesome name!  NOBODY can convince me that GOD is not a soul restorer, a heart healer, a mind renewer, and a very present help in times of trouble.  Many of you have your stories that surely attest to what GOD can do!  Yes, indeed, His goodness and mercy follows... - Psalm 23:6.

After awhile, our Lord sent me to Charleston, South Carolina.  If you are inclined to read details about that, please click on this link Charleston, I was led to Tampa, Florida (I will write more about Florida on another post soon.)

After Florida, I detoured again to the house of one of my sisters.  Again, suffice it to say that her husband and I did not "gel."  My job searches didn't result in work.  Unemployment compensation was my source of income.  It wasn't enough for independent living so off I went again to shelter dwelling.  I wasn't depressed, as our Lord had strengthened me and given me firm confidence in Him.  He always has a MASTER plan. 

I made calls to various shelters and they stated that they didn't have vacancies.  The last shelter that I contacted, named Harriet Tubman, was the one that our Lord had for me.  What I found out later about the Harriet Tubman building made me laugh then, and causes me to smile now.  Harriet Tubman is on the campus of a former full service hospital.  I knew that, and I also knew that I was born in the subject hospital.  What I discovered one day as I sat in the hallway of the shelter was that that precise building was the OB-GYN the many years ago when I was born there!  I cracked up in laughter when another shelter resident shared the OB-GYN information with me.  Later I observed the OB-GYN signage that was still on the wall in the building.  

I know that our Lord didn't allow vacancies for me at the other shelters because He specifically wanted me back where I began.  The last shelter I contacted, Harriet Tubman, was a return to my "roots!"  The full spiritual implications are not clear to me.    

To be continued...


Written Wednesday February 16, 2011

Copyright 2011

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  2. I think the way you treated Paul and the way you live your life has been a huge testimony to him - and someday that word you heard from God in regard to Paul will happen!

  3. You are an amazing stander when it comes to what has been revealed to you. Wow, the lessons you have learned. Your story is captivating and I have to pursue the other links soon!

  4. Greetings -

    Thank you for visiting and commenting.

    By the grace of GOD, we do goodness. Thank you for the belief that GOD's Word about Paul shall come to pass. Yes, indeed, the just shall live by faith!

    We serve an amazing GOD who uses ordinary people to do HIS extraordinary things. Praise His awesome name!

    Yes, lessons we learn...

    When I began this recent story-telling venture, one focus that our Lord placed on my heart is that many people get access to the glory aspects of other Christians but not as often do they get the stories that led to the glory realms.

    There is a price to pay for the glory but it IS so worth it!

    Romans 8:18 - KJV
    For I reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us.

  5. I applaud your devotion to the Lord - and your single-minded determination to listen to His Voice.

    I have gone through seasons of depression myself - they are quite debilitating. I love how you said, though, that sometimes God doesn't expect us to be strong, He just wants us to trust Him.

    Love how you ended up where you "first started!" God works wonders, doesn't He?

    Thanks, Sandra - I am always captivated by your writing...


  6. Colossians3:23-24
    Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters, since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving.

    As humans we are used to worrying about what other people think. I still struggle with this issue. It is marvelous that you knew what God had asked of you and you were steadfast to be in obediance,no matter what "People" thought. It takes conviction and courage. "Well Done , my good and faithful servant" is what I know we both want to hear on that judgement day.
    Love and peace ,my dear sister. See you round the blog!

  7. Once again, thank you for sharing your story! And thanks for all your encouraging comments on my blog! One of these days I will have the time to read the links you left regarding the Bible. In the meantime, I SO appreciate this:

    "When I began this recent story-telling venture, one focus that our Lord placed on my heart is that many people get access to the glory aspects of other Christians but not as often do they get the stories that led to the glory realms.

    There is a price to pay for the glory but it IS so worth it!"

    You are SO right! We don't hear much about what all it took to get to the "mountaintop" with the Lord. Thank you for sharing "the backstory"!

  8. Greetings -

    Thank you for visiting and commenting.

    Yes, our Lord does work wonders. HE is indeed our ROCK.

    Thank you for the compliment. We serve a captivating GOD, don't we Sharon?!

    That scripture you cited indeed reminds WHO we serve FIRST.

    My many trials, Cyndi, taught me to focus on what GOD says regardless of what people think, say or do. On judgment day, we all answer to GOD - not people. We are mandated to love and forgive people - not to obey them if it conflicts with what our Lord commands. May GOD help us all to readily and steadfastly obey HIM firm unto the end.

    Remember GOD told Hosea to marry a whore - Hosea 1:2 - KJV. I wonder how that "went over" with the people. We know from GOD's Word that it went over well with the Lord... Hey! it just dawned on me - maybe I'll do a post on the "people" matter.

    Love and peace to you too, Cyndi. Thank you

    @Mining for Diamonds
    You are certainly welcome.

    I believe that more back stories need to be told but only as led by our Lord. For some people back story exposure is not reasonable for various reasons, some of which concern employment matters. But when our Lord gives the green lights - GO AND GLOW all for the glory of GOD!!!


Greetings -

Thank you for visiting and commenting. It is my pleasure to read from your heart places. We are all students and teachers and I so enjoy, precious people, the beneficial engagements with you.