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Come on fire, fall on us. Pour your liquid potency. Ignite our souls that we may be engulfed with magnified intensity.

Blow up our hearts. Dance with us....


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Sunday, June 12, 2011


Greetings -

Scriptures from the King James Bible

Confession added this a.m., Monday June 13, 2011, relative to post that was done last night as shown below in blue text:

I did this post last night.  Early this a.m. I considered deleting it because I didn't believe that it had much of value to express.  It mentions Holy Ghost revolution but I didn't believe that the post had enough substance...  When I wrote and posted it, it was clear to me that our Lord told me to do it, but after I read it there were doubts.  How dare me doubt GOD!  Lord, and people, please forgive me.  

Anyhow this a.m., when I thought to delete this post, I clearly heard our Lord tell me to leave it on here. 

Well, imagine my surprise when afterwards, this a.m., I got an e-mail from Dr. Michael Brown, PhD, with the topic, "THE REVOLUTION WON'T WAIT."  That is going to be the topic of discussion on his radio program today!  Dr. Brown doesn't know me and the reason that I received the e-mail from him is because some months ago, I went on his website and requested to be added to his e-mail newsletter listing. 

Dr. Brown is a born-again Messianic Jew.  His website says, "He is widely considered to be the world's foremost Messianic Jewish apologist."  I have read at least one of his books, What Do Jewish People Think about Jesus? and recommend his material.  If you are so inclined, you can listen to his REVOLUTION message on  It can be heard live or later, on demand, on the subject site.

Below is my post topic posted last night,
"THE DEVIL-UTION IS UNDER OUR FEET."  The subject post  gave me doubts until I read this a.m. that Dr. Brown's radio topic today is "THE REVOLUTION WON'T WAIT."  Thank You, Lord, that I obeyed You and didn't delete this post.


The devil-ution is on a mission to devour and to subdue the purposes of GOD.

But Ah! - There is a Holy Ghost revolution in the mix and it REPRESENTS...

What does it represent?  It represents GOD Almighty, the Father of lights, the Lord of hosts, the GOD of gods, the GOD of the armies of Israel, the ROCK of ages, the Ancient of days, the Master of all - He is GOD.   What's His name?  The great I AM - the same, yesterday, today and forever.  The ruler, the King of glory, the Strength of Israel, the Majesty on High, the Judge of all, the Greatest, the GOD of the holy prophets,  good GOD Almighty, and the invincible, indestructible, incorruptible, unstoppable Lord who is brilliant and incomparable in His glorious splendor.

Holy evolution and revolution versus the
devil-ution.  GOD wins!

Do you wish to engage?

Rocket power, flaming holy charges, glowing spectacular displays of righteousness, manifold blessings, abundant favor, showers from the fountain of living waters.  

Drink of the potent liquids that flow from the rivers of divine provisions, dwell in the secret place, praise from the highest heights, dance in fluid movements, sing with robust freedom, shout the victories, triumph gloriously, fight good fights of faith, sound the trumpets, and explode with bountiful gladness. 

This is holy revolution versus the devil-lution.  

GOD THE CHAMPION reigns.  The holy revolution has entered a new phase - a more powerful phase - for those who choose to engage.  

The devil-ution is trounced.  Defeated and under our feet - NOW  in this life.  Thy will be done, Lord, in earth as it is in heaven.

Let Your Holy Ghost fire go and glow in unprecedented ways with love, faith, boldness, and glorious manifestations of Your power through us Your vessels of honor for You, our magnificent KING!

Luke 9:1
...and gave them power and authority over all devils,...

Luke 12:35
Let your loins be girded about, and your lights burning;

2nd update

I received this e-mail this afternoon from a friend who doesn't usually read my blog content. Today I felt led by our Lord to share this particular post with her.  This is her response:

Monday, June 13, 2011 4:09 PM

"Hi -

"Thank you for sharing your blog.  I had to forward this to my pastor.  Part of his sermon was on Revolution."

Sandra's note:

Today, Tuesday June 14, 2011, I e-mailed my friend to ask her when her pastor preached on revolution.  At 2:29 p.m. today, this is what she e-mailed in response:

"It was this past Sunday.  He preached from Acts 2
vs 1-21.  He was saying that (we the church) need a revolution for Christ.

"There is a song by Arrested Development called Revolution.  He had us sing Revolution at the end of his sermon.  At least part of it. He was saying  Revolution and repeated it back to him.

"That’s why I was surprised when I saw your email."

I wonder what our Lord is doing, people, with His revolution matter?! 

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  2. Praise be to our Lord Jesus Who gave us our victory! Blessings.

  3. AMEN!!! Sandra... blessings in the Name of the Lord,

    THE DEVIL-UTION IS UNDER OUR FEET, Christ's AUTHORITY and HIS FEET and we, as the representation of God's army and body in the world are to march and trample the enemy in the power of the Holy Spirit, but too often we cower at the attack of the enemy, allowing the devil to get his foot hold in our lives or the church.
    We back down! We do not proclaim Jesus' victory and take up the battle in His authority. We fear what havoc the devil will cause in our life, and of course, we do not want to ruffle feathers unnecessarily. I will not say we surrender to the devil, or serve him when we choose not to fight or declare how inadequate we are to walk in the victory Christ laid down His very life for... but we give in, time and time again.

    I'm glad that somehow you were convinced not to delete this and I'm not sure why you would have except fear or thinking you may be out of line or step. Then you found out that indeed you were not.

    First off, YOU exalted God in your glorious praises to His Name and Him! Praise the Lord Most High! However you started out with this great truth statement:
    "The devil-ution is on a mission to devour and to subdue the purposes of GOD."

    Definitely true!

    You chose not to dwell on the devil (and we should not) but then you showed us that the Holy Ghost wants to evolve and start a Holy Ghost revolution. I believe that this was just the beginning of what God wants to say about this! I think it may be a call to war. Especially with your scriptures! Yet we must do all for Jesus in the power of the Holy Spirit and direction as well as with God's anointing. Wait on what else may pour forth.

    Thank you for not deleting it.

    Perhaps I should have listened to Dr. Brown's radio message before I commented. Yet I am looking to what the Spirit is calling forth in your words. God needs to raise up an army in the last days and a revolution is much more than a renewal or revival, it causes a stir that changes how we progress.

    All revolution has a mission and purpose. God has a mission and purpose to accomplish. Justice must reign as God's Kingdom!

    We, as His Body have stood by for far too many injustices (my personal project is the trafficking as an abolitionist) and have NOT stopped the uncontrollable destruction of the devil on the family and on women and children in particular! We have grown lukewarm. The Holy Spirit wants to kindle a fire within us to make a stand (but not as some Christians have mistakenly been doing protests)! God wants repentant spirits, He desires that we repent even for sins of our nation that we are not guilty of, but witnesses that stood by and watched happen, the moral decadence(?) the economic plunder and on and on... where multi million dollar illicit rings of sex have more power than a church without the strength of the Holy Spirit. Perhaps it is I, who should not be speaking or delete but this is where your words led my thoughts. REPENTENCE>>> RECOMMITMENT > RESURGENCE> REVOLUTION> REVIVAL... all calling us to allow the power of the Holy Spirit to REGENERATE a church that is more concerned with numbers and entertainment than SERVOLUTION! (Did you read D. Rizzo's book on this?) We serve a MIGHTY KING and we need to trample the devil as Jesus did and continue to march in HIS VICTORY and POWER of HIS HOLY SPIRIT!!!

    Yes, Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done! We bow and serve a magnificent and glorious King! Deserving of all our praise and thanks! Yet He still is calling us to just DO... OBEY... LISTEN

    In Jesus Name...
    Peace and love in Christ, Peggy

  4. "The enemy desires to “take out” many great men and women of God, but we must learn to remain watchmen on the walls, watching and praying for God’s divine protection and intervention in our lives.

    Revival comes with a price tag. Are we willing to pay the price to have real revival?"
    ~ Donna J. Kazenske

  5. Greetings -

    Yes, Amen - we have victories in JESUS. All praise to His glorious, powerful and holy name!
    Thank you so much, precious lady, for believing in our Lord - through it all. He is worthy indeed!

    You said so much that came from the leading of our Lord, - no doubt. Indeed the anointing
    of the Holy Spirit is in your words! Thank you, dear sister! And mostly, thanks be unto GOD for His anointing upon you.

    Especially, I love this that you expressed,
    "Oh God needs to raise up an army in the last days and a revolution is much more than a renewal or revival, it causes a stir that changes how we progress.

    "...all calling us to allow the power of the Holy Spirit to REGENERATE a church that is more concerned with numbers and entertainment than SERVOLUTION!"

    And I love that word SERVOLUTION!

  6. I love this quote best - what a word picture! "Rocket power, flaming holy charges, glowing spectacular displays of righteousness, manifold blessings, abundant favor, showers from the fountain of living waters."

  7. Hi Marijo -

    Glad you love that quote. GOD is so amazing.
    Isn't it glorious that He ALWAYS PREVAILS, AND that whatever it is, it is NOT bigger THAN GOD!

  8. Amen! I felt the power in this post! I, too, am glad of your obedience in not deleting this...and the subsequent affirmations of God's leading in this subject are amazing!

  9. Hi Karen -

    Isn't it so exciting and comforting to get those affirmations from our Lord?! Truly, there is none greater than HIM.

    Oh! How awesome, amazing and powerful is our Lord. All praise to His glorious name!

  10. Sandra - I think the devil-ution was doing a little "trash-talking" - trying to get you not to post these potent words! Love that you got confirmation from the Lord to speak out - and to inflame us with revolutionary thoughts!

    What is the Lord doing? I think He's firing up His people, lighting our hearts ablaze with a new fervor for His Word. He's igniting a desire to speak out His Good News. He's on the move - and we're the front line of a new battle against the enemy...


  11. Hi Sharon -

    You know that is likely the truth that Satan's desire was that the post not remain. Well, our Lord foiled that diabolical scheme. Praise to JESUS!

    In particular, I love that you expressed, " our hearts ablaze with a new fervor for His Word."

    Oh! Glory

    May we serve, FIRM unto the end, our most majestic Father GOD, and Savior JESUS Christ, through the power of the Holy Spirit.

  12. He is working in you! To God be the Glory.

  13. Hi Sandra,
    Praise God, you did not delete this post.

    Great post and God bless,

  14. The Apostle Paul equipped the believers at Ephesus with spiritual weapons to victoriously battle the forces raging against the government of God on Earth. We are equipped through Jesus Christ to take the battle to the Devil and those who oppose the Gospel. Great Post be bold in the Lord.

  15. Greetings -

    Yes, indeed - To GOD be the glory!

    Yes, Praise GOD. He always knows...

    Indeed we need to cleave to our Lord to be wholly armored and ready. Yes, love and faith with boldness is a winning combination.


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