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Friday, June 3, 2011


Greetings -

Scriptures from the King James Bible.  

James 5:16
Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed.  The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.

This week a man of authority (I'll call him Jeremiah) gave me words from our Lord.  How do I know that the words came from our Lord?   My spirit strongly bore witness, and also Jeremiah's words confirmed some of what our Lord had already told me.  I received what was told me by this man of authority but I don't, in earnest, want to do what it takes.  I am hesitant to put in the work in the instructed area.

As some of you know, our Lord had me to become licensed last year as a writer, editor, and consultant.  For those who are so inclined, the websites are and  Well, I have, more eagerly, for compensation, pursued the editing more than I have the writing aspect of my business.  I have been a published writer for more than 25 years.  It is a love and passion of mine and has been for many years so it doesn't concern me much that I rarely get paid to do it. 

For the most part, since I have become a licensed professional, I have been satisfied to do editing and have had paying clients for that work.   Praise be to our Lord for providing further proof that He is in this work.  He allowed me to receive glowing reference letters, viewable on, from clients who hired me to edit their writing.  Also, for many years, numerous people have complimented and commended my writing style.  To GOD be the glory.  

Also, as some of you know, I worked for 17 years in the federal government, as well as some years in the private sector.  My last job, "in the system," was for more than five years in the D.C. government where the Mayor presented me with a Customer Service Excellence Award.  In spite of that, one day I received a letter that informed me that my services were appreciated but no longer "necessary."  All of my working life, I received commendations, monetary and otherwise, for my strong work ethic and performance excellence.  The absence of a job was initially traumatic but now I feel deeply rewarded for what happened.  It was a process to get through the pain.  But Oh! Hallelujah, GOD proved that He bountifully rewards His faithful.  Financially, I am poor, but so rich in our Lord.  That is priceless and thrilling to the core of my sanctified soul! 

In my heart, I don't believe that I would have walked away from my good government job to become licensed as a small business owner.  Presently, the profits are very slim.  At one point, after various predicaments, and inability to obtain employment elsewhere, I went to live in a homeless shelter.  Our Lord allowed me to leave there with the government subsidized housing in which I now reside.  Our Lord told me that, for years, I put in to the "system," and now it was time for the system to put in to me.  The Word of  our Lord says that the government is on His shoulder - Isaiah 9:6.  He is using the government as a resource to help me.

I moved to Tampa, Florida before I came back to D.C. to live in the shelter.  While I was there, I met this backslidden Christian man who I had only been engaged with for about a week.  I shared with him how I had not been able, after earnest efforts, to find employment.  He said to me with authority in his voice, "The Lord wants you in full time ministry."  My response to him was that I needed to support myself.  His answer, again with authority, "The Lord wants you in full time ministry."  Now some of you may think that because he was backslidden he was not to be recognized as an authoritative voice.  I have learned that GOD can choose whoever He pleases to give us words.  When the man spoke to me, my spirit bore witness that he spoke words from our Lord.  I didn't understand how I was going to support myself nor did I have sufficient understanding that ministry doesn't necessarily mean in a religious sense, such as ministry as a pastor, teacher, or evangelist, etc.  I have since learned that ministry is whatever our Lord has created/designed us to do for His glory.  It is our work or vocation designated by our Lord.  We are all uniquely called to some form of ministry.  Our Lord stressed to me this week that one of my primary ministries is writing.  He further stressed to me that, in my business, in order of importance, writing comes before editing. 

Another day in Florida, I shared with a fellow Christian that Satan was keeping me from getting a job.  She responded that it was possible that the Lord was keeping me from getting a job.  I had never considered that it was our Lord.

Anyhow, back to D.C.  Jeremiah firmly told me that, in my business, I was placing emphasis on editing the writing of others when I should be placing emphasis on my own writing.  He sat before me and stated that our Lord desired that I somehow use my Tampa, Florida experience.  He stated that he didn't know what that meant.  When Jeremiah said that, our Lord spoke and told me that I needed to continue my The Tampa Times story (began on this blog).  I mentioned that to Jeremiah.  He stated that it should be done as a fiction novel.  That is the part that I don't like because my writing has mainly been nonfiction.  Years ago, when I was in the world, I read lots of fiction but it has been many years since I have read much fiction.  My strong inclination is to nonfiction.  I said out loud to our Lord and to Jeremiah something like "Why can't I write a nonfiction book about my Tampa experiences?"  Jeremiah was firm that it be a fiction novel.  He offered some meaningful and helpful tips.  I knew from his tone, words, and body language that Jeremiah spoke our Lord's words - most of all, my spirit continued to bear witness.  But I don't want to do a fiction book, people.  That is my other sin.  After Jeremiah left, I was generally reading some news items on the Internet.  The word "novel" appeared on the screen at least twice.  I knew it was our Lord providing confirmation.  He also shared with me this a.m., that I had been sabotaging my ministry.  Further, our Lord used Jeremiah to tell me that I had become comfortable with the government assistance and was not focused about pursuing the means to move to new dimensions.  It reminds me of how the Israelites, at some points, yearned to go back to Egypt.  Freedom was ahead but they didn't want to pursue it.  That is my sin.  I am in route out of it but am not completely there yet.  This weekend, I purpose to go deeper in the Lord about it.        

I have written some fiction short stories, but a whole fiction book?  I don't know how to begin.  Truth be told, I don't want to begin.  That is a lot of pages.  Anyhow, our Lord doesn't want to hear my excuses.  He commands that I obey.  I will most certainly obey but I desire that my attitude be adjusted to desire to do it.  Our Lord has told me that I am to begin to write the novel this Monday June 6, 2011.   

I publicly repent for not being willing.  Lord, please forgive me and help me to line up the desires of my heart to be in accord with Your will.   Thank you, Lord - Amen.

Please pray for me, saints.  Thank you.


Written Friday June 3, 2011       

Note: For those who desire to read about my job episodes, please click on this link and read the piece below.  Thank you.


Sandra was a Customer Service Specialist where she received from D.C. Mayor Anthony Williams, a “Customer Service Excellence Award.”  Sandra was “released” from that job because she elected to report managerial malfeasance.  They “killed” the messenger (Sandra) rather than deal with the managerial misconduct.  A couple of years later, the subject manager was publicly exposed on cable TV by employees who reported to the D.C. Council about some of the very same things that Sandra had reported.  Other incidents occurred to publicly expose the character of that manager.

Prior to her release from the subject job, the Lord told Sandra to go to the subject manager to seek forgiveness for anything that she may have done wrong relative to the manager.  The Lord did not reveal to Sandra anything specific that she (Sandra) had done.  He simply told her to go to seek forgiveness for anything that she may have done.  The manager did not respond to Sandra’s request for forgiveness.  The Lord assured Sandra that she was not responsible for how the manager responded.  Sandra’s role was to seek forgiveness, which she did.

Initially, Sandra was hurt, angry and fearful about her job loss.  She was even angry at the Lord for allowing it to occur – He knew that she was not justifiably dismissed from her job.  She had worked there for more than five years and except for her first year there ("Satisfactory" performance evaluation), she received “Excellent” performance evaluations as well as numerous commendations from management, and from some citizens.  Even the mayor gave her recognition for her work ethic.  In spite of all that, Sandra was given a “form” letter that said, in essence, that her services were no longer needed.

It was months before Sandra could muster forgiveness for those who had dismissed her.  Day by day, the Lord helped Sandra to heal.  It was a long painful process but GOD is faithful.  He restored her joy, peace and confidence.  GOD taught Sandra how to be in love with Him.  Before the job difficulty, Sandra loved the Lord but afterwards, she learned to be in love with Him.  That happened because He healed her wounds and proved that He is a promise keeper.  Yes, the process was deeply painful.  Hallelujah that GOD kept Sandra in His awesome embrace.



  2. Going through a battle at work where those in higher positions wanted me out, I, too am not sure where the Lord is leading me at this time. But I remain trusting in Him for He alone knows everything.

    May His guidance and discernment cover you and no doubt!...many are called but the question is..."Who is willing to obey?" May our hearts always be willing to go where He wants us to go. Praying and will pray for you sister. God is awesome! God bless.

  3. Sandra, I can relate a lot to your journey. I've been wrestling between doing the "responsible" thing and getting a job to support my family since my hubby is not able to at this time, and torn between that and my "true hearts desire" to pursue the ministry that the Lord has put on my heart, that includes writing.

    I just want to encourage you to follow the Lord's leading. I also want to tell you about my friend, Jovan Jones. Like you, she had an amazing life story that she turned into not one fiction novel, but it has expanded into a series. The first two have been released and she is now working on the third. The name of the series is "Descent Series" and the first book is called "Chasing the Avatar". It is her years in an ashram in India turned into fiction. I'm about halfway through the 1st book and will be reviewing it later hopefully this month on my blog. She published it with Destiny Image publishing. They publish people like TD Jakes and Myles Munroe. I'll look up the links and send them to you. I thought of her when you were talking about turning your story into fiction. You know you can do this! You can do ALL things through Christ, who strengthens you! I just want to encourage you to pursue that which God has given into your hand to do, and thank you because you've also given me some encouragement today with your testimony.


  4. Sandra, your transparency is very admirable and encouraging for other believers to see that at times we do struggle with God's will. I pray in agreement with your request that you not only be obedient but willing my sister. I can't begin to speak for God on the reason He would have you do a fictional book but I believe a fictional book could expose it to a wider variety of people. Jesus used stories as means of sharing the gospel and helping people to see themselves.

  5. Greetings -

    Thank you for visiting and commenting.

    Your information and encouragement is so helpful. I would very much appreciate it if you would send me the links. It helps to know the faith journeys of others. We so need each other for fellowship. Thank you, dear lady of GOD!

    Wow! Minutes ago, I just got off the phone with one of my other Christian friends and she, in essence, said the same thing that you wrote here. She expressed about JESUS teaching in parables and how fiction can reach a broader audience in the secular and Christian arenas.
    I was struck so strong when I came here and read what you wrote that so closely expressed what she said minutes ago. That occurrence bolstered my faith more than a few levels indeed!

    That is so GOD!!

    Thank you so much, Wanda, for your encouragment and obedience to our Lord.

  6. Hi RCUBES -

    Thank you for your prayers, love and concern. It is much appreciated that you offered encouragement and the reminder that our Lord is leading, and that He is awesome.

    Yes - Amen - indeed!

  7. Sandra,
    Thank you for being so honest.

    I encourage you to write that book, fiction but based on a true story... and you even if it is a novel, it can have factual details, right?

    Will be praying for you for the full operation of the gifts and abilities that God has given you to promote His kingdom.

    Blessings on this endeavor. I will mark 6-6-2011 as the day you begin to write your life story. Never forget, God alone is the author of your life story. He will guide you.


  8. Hi Lidj -

    Your encouragement means bunches to me. All of the encouraging words here have so helped.

    Thank you, dear lady of GOD, for your prayers and confidence in what our Lord can do.

    I loved that you reminded me that "God alone is the author..."

    That is a huge help, Lidj.

    Thanks be unto our Lord for His guidance.

  9. Thank you Sandra, I will be praying for you. God has a plan, and He knows where He is going with this. Trust Him. Just like the song goes. Trust and Obey, for there's no other way, to be happy in Jesus, but to trust and obey. May God bless your writing of this book.

  10. Hi Sandra,
    I will be praying for you and your book.

    As far as the job thing two times I have been given an award for length of service as a token of appreciation then laid off within a short time. It took me a while to forgive my boss the second time because he kept new hires who were close friends of his son and they were not serious about their jobs. But everything is in God's hands. Work or no work I am richer that the whole world because I have eternal life through Jesus Christ. All the wealth of the world will one day be destroyed but our salvation will last forever.


  11. Greetings -

    Thank you for visiting and commenting.

    I appreciate your prayers and words of hope and encouragement.

    Interesting, Julie, that I was recently singing that song. Glory to GOD that He had you to post those words from it here!

    Thank you for your prayers, Ken.

    Yes, those job injustices can be quite traumatic... How thankful we are that GOD can heal all wounds.

    I agree, Ken, that you are richer because to be on GOD'S side is always the best and most secure placement. HE is the BOSS of all!!!

    Truly, When we draw nigh to GOD, He draws nigh to us, so says His Word. He provides ALL that we need AND gives us the desires of our hearts -in due seasons.

  12. God bless you Sandra. If you are anything like me, you WILL always ultimately submit to God's will for your life and your mission/purpose. Keep praying, God is with you!

  13. You can do this Sandra! You are an amazing writer and our kids need really good Christian fiction books to read. Most of the books in the school system are garbage.

    You know it just hit me that while I was reading this post I was thinking fiction for kids, you know teens and young adults but then while writing my reply it came to me school readers. Good underlying Christian principles put into readers for grade school, filtered into the secular school system. What do you think about that for a big chunk?

    Praying for you, direction, courage and lots of ideas.


  14. One of the things I love the most about you, Sandra, is your dedication to honesty. This was a vulnerable post, and I so appreciate your humility in sharing a struggle we can all relate to...

    All I can say is to be open to the Lord's leading - sometimes His path just doesn't look like what we expect. I will be praying for guidance for you. I know that He'll show you His confirmation on what to do.

    There are several wonderful books I've read that I would call historical fiction. They are stories based on actual events, but then the author weaves in threads of fiction to *flesh out* the story.

    Maybe God just wants you to leave room for the things He wants to say in between the lines, so to speak.

    You'll be fine - and God will inspire you. Please keep in touch, and let me know how it's going.

    Love to you,

  15. Greetings -

    Thank you for visiting and commenting.

    I so appreciate all of your advice and helpful tips. Most of all, I appreciate your prayers.

    You're right. Thank you for the reminder that
    GOD is with me. We tend, at times, to get out of focus, and need to be reminded....

    @Child of GOD
    I had never thought about doing fiction for children. You made some excellent points to ponder. Thank you.

    You expressed, "There are several wonderful books I've read that I would call historical fiction. They are stories based on actual events, but then the author weaves in threads of fiction to *flesh out* the story."

    I agree, Sharon. That is what I will write - the truth with fiction mixed in...but it will be "officially" placed in the fiction category.

    You're right. Our Lord will inspire. I feel much better about the pursuit than I did when I wrote the subject post. GOD met me. He meets us all when we submit and walk with Him by
    faith. May He help us all to pursue our talents for His awesome and rich glory.

  16. Praising God with you and He will give you revelation and plot and plan and use the work as His teaching tool too I believe! Let us help and keep us posted!

  17. Hi Marijo -

    Thank you so much for your encouragement and confidence.

    Your help is certainly appreciated.

    It is GOD'S project. You are right, He will provide revelation, plot and plan. Thank you, dear friend.


Greetings -

Thank you for visiting and commenting. It is my pleasure to read from your heart places. We are all students and teachers and I so enjoy, precious people, the beneficial engagements with you.