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Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Greetings -

This isn't my typical post type but our Lord told me to write tonight on fashion.  Back in the day, I was a fashion consultant of sorts.  Fashion is in my bloodline - smiles.  My father, in his day, was voted best dressed...

Anyhow, when I was in the world, I was considered one of the best dressed in my circle.  When I became a Christian more than thirty years ago, fashion continued to be a favorite "occupation" of mine.  Well, as I grew in our Lord, He informed me that I had allowed fashion to become a god in my life.  Ouch!  

It took years for me to be purged of that obsession.  About five or six years ago, our Lord told me to streamline and to simplify my wardrobe.  My three favorite colors, in order, are black, red and white with animal prints close in there.  Our Lord told me to streamline with those colors as my base with other colors used, sparingly, as accent pieces.  

Our Lord has given me permission to keep it real here so here goes.  It is due, I believe, to ignorance and lack of teaching, that some Christian women dress homely and unattractive.   They define modest as dry in appearance.  On the other hand, some Christian women are at the other extreme.  They dress flamboyantly with, in my opinion, too much going on.  There's a balance to be struck.

We can be holy and dress with flavor and appeal.  Recently, I saw a photo of Jane Fonda, who is in her seventies.  She was dressed in a stunning figure flattering gown and she rocked in it!  The gown wasn't revealing.  She looked gorgeous.  In contrast, I saw photos of younger celebrity women with thigh high slits in their gowns, breast exposure, etc.   Jane, in her seventies looked stunning, and they didn't.  My heart goes out to those who dress revealingly, because they obviously don't know...

I admire the fashion choices of older women who dress to complement the mature age ranges - no unappealing short garments, or youthful looking attire.  Instead our choices are pieces that are flattering for the mature in age - attractive, stylish, classic, and chic.

When I view some of the fashions worn by some of the celebrities, I wonder.  I wish for appealing fashion makeovers for most of them.  A few exceptions are Halle Barry,  Renee Zellweger, and Nicole Kidman though they have made their rare poor fashion choices - haven't we all? 

And what is up with all of these hair extensions?  When did real hair go out of style? - not for all but for a bunch of folks?  Understandably, some folks need to wear wigs and hair extensions.  What is up, though, with those who have healthy hair yet habitually wear artificial and human hair additions? 

Anyhow, I built a rather extensive wardrobe when I had my good government jobs.  Our Lord led me to shed a bunch of it.  What I still have are items that fit the base that our Lord led me to favor.  Nearly everything in my wardrobe matches or complements black. 

It is such that I can devote more time to our Lord, and time to more meaningful endeavors, as I no longer indulge in complex wardrobe decisions.  I know that black shoes go with almost everything in my wardrobe.  The same for black bags.  I use accessories such as scarves, hats, and jewelry to accent my base pieces.

After my black family of pieces, blue, and khaki pieces are close seconds.   I now firmly believe in flavorful no fuss dressing.

We all have our styles and it isn't expected that we all will like the same things.  I do believe, though, that each of us should have a signature style.  Wisely, fashion selections are good choices if the bulk of wardrobes consist of pieces that mix and match well with each other.  Less can be more.       

What is your signature style?

Here are some fashion photos from my "collection" and one from a stranger that I met who graciously allowed me to photograph her outfit.  She didn't want her face shown on my blog so I snapped her from the neck down.

Notes: In the U.S., flower patterns date quickly.  Classic patterns that don't go out of style are houndstooth, checks, paisley, polka dots, stripes, pinstripes...

Striped top

Skirt with scarf as belt

Hat with flower pinned to it

Flower pinned on blouse 

Bandana tied through jean belt loop


Accent color blouse
It stretches a lot

Denim skirt

Army pants

Denim jeans
Polka blouse
Polka pants

Accent color top

Animal print blouse
with pinstriped
capri pants

Top and black skirt


Polka blouse
black skirt

Red top
with capri pants

Paisley capri pants

Animal print skirt



  1. Personally, Sandra, I loved this post.

    I loved the message that you gave - that modesty doesn't have to be dull. Women should care about their appearances, they just shouldn't be obsessed with it.

    I love your wardrobe. Incidentally, black is also my favorite color, followed closely by red, and then blue. My signature style? Probably western. I have a lot of blouses that are kinda "cowgirl" with pearl snap buttons. I love wearing jeans. And though I don't wear them often, I absolutely love hats!

    Having said all that, I think you would agree that the most beautiful thing that a woman can wear is a smile on her face - the sincere smile of a woman in love with her Lord.


  2. I loved this post! It's a reminder that God cares about everything in our life, including the way we dress. I agree with you on dressing nicely - but still modestly.

  3. I love your wardrobe and I love the shots of you.

    My "signature wardrobe" consists of swimming trunks, golf shirt, white socks and dirty tennis shoes.

  4. I liked the post and I think it really highlights how dressing is important. But we don't have to overdue it. As for hair mine is natural now. Some people have too much weave going on. God Bless btw, I never knew your dad was voted best dresser!

  5. Greetings -

    You expressed, "Having said all that, I think you would agree that the most beautiful thing that a woman can wear is a smile on her face - the sincere smile of a woman in love with her Lord."

    That spoke volumes, Sharon - Amen

    Also, holiness is potently attractive and appealing...for those who are so inclined...

    Glad that you enjoyed the post.

    You expressed, "...God cares about everything in our life,..."

    How true that is, Mari - how true indeed.


    Thank you for the compliments.

    You are so funny. Your signature wardrobe certainly meets the definition of streamlined...smiles

    Glad you liked the post. You are so right - we don't have to overdo it. I didn't know that you went natural. How about e-mailing me a photo of the new natural you?!

  6. You are a hoot! Your black and white buffalo checked blouse with tucks is just like my red and black one! My favorite winter dress is a turtle neck with a flannel (plaid) shirt over it - I started this signature "me" outfit in grade school - I love plaids and "kicky" but sporty and comfy things. If I can get it for a super bargain I like it even better. Greens are my mainstay but love anything with COLOR (red, purple etc) I am an autumn (remember back to when we did that color me beautiful stuff?) Enjoyed this one a bunch! I layer to avoid showing any and all low necks or cleveage. I don't like to need to be conscious of not bending over.... and I can't spell...

  7. Hi Marijo -

    Yes, plaids are classic.

    What, please, is "kicky"?

    Yes, I do remember those color analysis days. I was never a fan of that practice.

    Glad you enjoyed this "a bunch."

    Thank you, Marijo....

  8. I love black and khaki colors, too. It's true, true beauty is not from the outside but from what glows from within. God bless.

  9. Sandra, I loved this post! I love your wardrobe choices. My wardrobe consists of whatever I can find one sale, ha ha! But you have given me some good ideas and affirmed some of my choices. You can't go wrong with black! I wear a lot of black when I'm performing. I try to keep my bottoms basic/solid and my tops colorful and mix and match. I have a big conference coming up and your post gave me some ideas!

    I remember in college, I was really struggling about whether or not to wear makeup. There was a faction of believers who believed makeup was sinful, but there were other believers who wore makeup with no conviction. In my heart, I really wanted to wear makeup...but I also really wanted to glorify God and not sin against Him. I wrestled with whether or not to wear makeup and one day just told the Lord "but I really want to wear makeup!" And He spoke clearly to my heart...I remember because I was young in my walk with the Lord and this was one of the first times He spoke to my heart...and He said "Whatever you do, glorify Me." So I prayed and asked Him to help me wear makeup in a way that glorifies Him. To this day, I get compliments on my makeup! I keep it very simple, nothing garish or over the top, and He has honored that prayer for 20 years. Isn't God good? He can do the same with our wardrobes!

    Bless you, Sandra!

  10. Hi Mining for Diamonds -

    Glad that you loved the post and got some good ideas and affirmations.

    I applaud that you sought our Lord as to whether you could wear makeup. It is a blessing that He said yes. It is heartwarming that you get compliments on your makeup after you received a seal of approval from our Lord!

    My belief about makeup is similar to yours. It should be applied to accent and to complement. Too much of it is NOT at all appealing. Praise the Lord for makeup permission, and for His permission to dress modestly - with flavor.

    A lot of the so-called Christian don't's are more religion and bondage than Spirit of GOD led. I say this in love - I've met "Christians" who dress and look dry, and who also have dry attitudes. Translation = not flowing in love. They "embrace" their dry appearances as holiness. In that regard, holiness can be a title but NOT a lifestyle. Love and TRUE holiness are the most important to our Lord. WITHOUT LOVE, WE ARE NOTHING - DRY OR WET....

    You were so on point to seek the Lord about the makeup matter. He leads us all uniquely...

  11. Hi Sandra,
    I'm not much into fashion, I love my jeans, t-shirt and sweater. If I have to wear a dress, it usually come with pulling some teeth..joking.

    The rule in our house is modest makeup and not on a regular basis, modest clothes, not revealing but decent. My daughter is a blessing from God with His Spirit instilled into her. If I find she is wearing something that I don't approve of she changes usually without much complaint. Note: she will be 19 in August. :)

    I agree with you on seeking the Lord, He will guide us and lay on our heart His opinion.


  12. Hi Child of GOD -

    You sound secure in your preferences. That is so important. Praise be to GOD!

  13. Oh Sandra you are too funny. I smiled through a lot of this. You comments were just perfect. Light and real. Just like you. I loved the post. You should leave it up! Those pictures of 'back in the day' were gorgeous! Very stylish. Loved see you in all those outfits. So much fun.

    I am a true 'cowgirl'... therefore - when I was out in the world and in employed by corporate America, I dressed completely western. Yes, I stood alone. Yes, it took courage. yes, I loved being different. Yes, I loved not changing my wardrobe to suit the latest fad! Yes, I saved lots and lots of money dressing this way. I loved it! At one point - I had 9 pairs of cowgirl boots - real boots not 'wantabes'. :)They cost more - but every pair was bought on sale and they last so many more years than regular shoes. I have 4 cowgirl hats - but they mess up my hair :0

    The last 8 years of my corporate America employment found me in Senior Living. The seniors loved my 'signature' look. I found myself dressing for them :) they were always so eager to see what I was wearing each day. It was like bringing a bit of sunshine into their otherwise pretty stale and drab world.

    Life changes - things are different now. But I haven't hung up my hat or my boots. The 'Rockie Mountain Jeans' had to go, with the extra lbs this present position has somehow accumulated in places that would never fit into a pair of those - ever again. Haha.

    When life opens wide the door again - to the outside world - you can bet I'll have my boots on! When I say I am His warrior bride in boots, I mean it!

    This was a fun post, Sandra. I loved the ending :

    Hugs, Patrina <")>><
    warrior bride in boots!

  14. Hi Cowgirl Patrina -


    Glad you enjoyed the post.

    You expressed, "The seniors loved my 'signature' look.

    "It was like bringing a bit of sunshine into their otherwise pretty stale and drab world."

    That is so precious, Patrina. Yes, the golden citizens need zest added to their lives. Thank you for accommodating that need.

    Hugs to you, too, warrior bride.


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