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Friday, June 17, 2011


Greetings -

Last Sunday morning I sat in a public area that has benches and tables.  For about an hour, I sat there and read my Bible and complimented people on their appearance, as our Lord led.  For the most part, people were receptive.  I didn't do any "preaching" - just complimenting people, and reading my Bible silently.

Recently, I read on Ken's blog
about a visit that he received from Jehovah's Witnesses. This is a portion of what I commented there:

One thing that I will give them props about is that they DO habitual witnessing about their beliefs.  I notice them outside the boundaries of houses of worship witnessing, whereas I don't notice many Christians out in communities knocking on doors...

We have mega churches but I sometimes question, "Where is the mega witnessing to unbelievers."  A lot of people don't come to church.  It could be immensely helpful if more Christians knocked on doors and/or stood outside of establishments to witness about JESUS.

I have been a Christian for many years and cannot recall but a couple of instances when Christians knocked on my door.  And I don't know of any other Christians who have had Christians to knock on their doors to witness of the gospel of the kingdom of GOD.


In the times that we live in, I believe that it's wise to knock on doors in pairs or groups.  That is typically how JW's show up to witness.  In public places, I believe that solo witnessing is reasonable.

Noted below are two other ways that our Lord led me to witness.  Twice this year, due to storm conditions, our power went out for more than a few hours.

Incident #1
During the outage, for more than a half hour, I prayed out loud and praised the Lord.  Later that week, my downstairs neighbor, a Christian, told me that she heard me praising the Lord during our power outage.  It is likely that my other neighbors heard me, as well.  Praise the Lord.

Incident #2
During the outage, I praised the Lord and loudly sang with the gospel songs that I played on my battery operated CD player.  And during the outage, I talked on the phone to two of my Christian friends.  We had lengthy conversations.  I didn't tell either one of them that I was without power and sweltering in the heat.  I fanned with my hand fan and conversed joyfully about our Lord.  

Later I continued to sing.  Some people started setting off firecrackers directly outside my open window.  The noise was very loud - booming.  It is likely that they heard me loudly singing and praising our Lord.  My guess is that they weren't fond of my giving glory to GOD.  The neighborhood was in the dark but my singing wasn't embraced.  I wonder why - smiles.  The firecracker noise continued.  I sang louder.  The firecracker noise stopped before my singing did.  

As the hours went on, I said out loud to our Lord something like, "Lord, I pray in the name of JESUS that You will have this power to come on when You are ready."  The desire of our hearts needs to be, Lord, thy will be done.  I knew that GOD was in charge... He ALWAYS prevails.    

Please share here some of the ways that you witness to unbelievers.  Also, please share if you know of Christians who knock on doors to witness of our Lord and/or who stand outside of establishments or in other public places to witness about GOD.  Thank you.


Below is a continuation of what I wrote about fashion.

Someone criticized me for pattern mixing, polka dots with stripes, as shown in the photo below. Some folks don't like pattern mixing but it CAN work if done with fashion flavor appeal. Ok, so some folks don't like it, regardless. As the saying goes, "Different strokes for different folks."

Years, ago, my then boyfriend objected to my pattern mixing tastes. I said to him something like, "I like it. I won't wear such when we are together but otherwise, I'll continue to wear pattern mixing fashions." He wasn't fond of the alternative offered. It continued because my offer was fair and reasonable.

I heard a pastor say that he notices Christian women who wear no makeup and Christian women who wear too much makeup.

Then there are the stories of Christian women and others of course, who look drab with no fashion flavor and at the other extreme, those who are flamboyant and as such, the clothes are wearing them rather than them wearing the clothes. Both extremes can be unappealing. Drab or excess - neither is attractive fashion flavor.

Back in the day, I was a fashionista, and a fashion consultant of sorts. No, of course, my tastes don't appeal to all.

Here is what works well for me:

- I'm inclined to patterns that never go out of style.  Those patterns are pinstripes and regular stripes, polka dots, checks, plaids, houndstooth, tweed, and paisley.  Also, basic colors never go out of style unlike some other colors.  Flowers and fussy prints date and go out of style quickly. 

- Sometimes, I'll get blouses and button down shirts that are outside the realm of the basic color/pattern realms, but hardly ever do I purchase pants and skirts that are other than black, navy, beige, red, or white or in patterns that also don't go out of style, such as plaid, pinstriped, houndstooth, and tweed. As for t-shirts, I'll go with them in just about any color.

- Bows, ruffles, and ornamental clothing also date and go out of style quickly. Let me pause here to state that I'm fifty-six years old and have developed some tastes that are age appropriate. For the most part, this fashion post is NOT for youth because, typically, they are on quests to find themselves and so more fashion exploration and edgy displays are understandable for them. By edgy, I don't mean revealing, and tight fitting attire. That isn't attractive on anyone.

- Sensible heels to me are about two inches or less. Rarely, do I go higher. Foot doctors strongly advise against unwise high heels. I believe that is three inches or higher. When I was young, I purchased tight shoes and wore them to break them in. At a certain stage, years ago, that ceased. Back then, a shoe salesman advised me that I could later break in some tight shoes that I had tried on. I told him that if they didn't break in while I was in the store that I would be breaking out of there without them. These many years later, I adhere to that. If shoes aren't comfortable on me in the store, they stay there.

- Relative to accessories, extreme isn't tasteful. And please forgive me but I must ask, who told women that those earrings larger than bracelets look good?!

- It's a big time saver to have a wardrobe where the majority of clothing/accessories match and color coordinate with one another. I'm not inclined anymore to expend energy on figuring out what may match and coordinate together. Fashion color coordination exercises no longer appeal to me. Years ago, I ceased because more meaningful things now have priority. I easily know what matches black and the other basic colors. That is why the bulk of my wardrobe is black with colors that match it. When it's too hot for black, I do white, off-white, tan, blue, etc. I easily know what matches them, as well. Wardrobe simplification is a big budget saver, as well.

Sandra at the Arboretum in Washington, D.C. 

Here is the link to a previous fashion themed post

Below the focus is on accessories. 

Scarf around neck of dress

Same scarf as a "flower"
that can be pinned to a lapel

Scarf tied in knot
and placed around
neck of dress

Same scarf tied around a hat

some in patent leather
with patent leather shoes
One reason that I love
patent leather is because it 
is low maintenance
It doesn't need to be shined 
Striped top
orange capri pants
Me from back in the day

Back in the day 

Back in the day
Back in the day
Black hat, belt
orange top
army capri pants

Bandana around neck
of jean dress
Lacy top

NOTE: My excerpted comment below is a response to a comment on my Wednesday June 15, 2011, post titled, "FLAVOR IN FASHION."  I replied to Mining for Diamonds who mentioned that she sought the Lord about whether she could wear makeup.  My excerpted response, plus some words that I added here:

Also, I'm glad that you sought the Lord and that He allows you to wear makeup - smiles.  I get to wear some, too.  My belief is that makeup should be applied to accent and to complement. Too much of it is NOT at all appealing.  Praise the Lord for makeup permission, and for His permission to dress modestly - with flavor.

A lot of the so-called Christian don't's are more religion and bondage than Spirit of GOD led.  I say this in love - I've met "Christians" who dress and look dry, and who also have dry attitudes.  Translation = not flowing in love. They "embrace" their dry appearances as holiness.  In that regard, holiness can be a title but NOT a lifestyle.  Love and TRUE holiness are the most important to our Lord. WITHOUT LOVE, WE ARE NOTHING - DRY OR WET.... 

You were so on point to seek the Lord about the makeup matter.  He leads us all uniquely...


- FYI - You're invited to obtain my e-books. Also, I invite you to read my free offerings. Here is the link for additional information.


  1. Thank you Sandra for referencing my blog post. What you said is very sad, but true.

    Me and a friend has gone out knocking on doors many times over the years witnessing the Lord Jesus Christ to all who will listen. We also have gone to a busy bus stop and told all who would listen about Jesus. You would be surprised at the number of people who are open to hearing the gospel. Many people were very thankful we took time to come to them sharing Jesus.

    Many, many people right now are hurting and searching for answers. We have been blessed to witness to Muslims, atheists, backslidden Christians and people who are down and out looking at life with no hope.

    All Christians are called to share their faith, lets get out there and do it.

    Great idea Sandra with the Vista Print.

    God bless,

  2. I haven't had any good "tracts" in years - might have to check into this too as they are good to leave with people... One guy at our church manages a gas/convenience store and is quite vocal about the Lord and where his (John's) source of life is (in Jesus). During all the "weather" related disasters many came to him and asked his take on this and what the Bible said - and they became more open to what John had to say.

  3. Greetings -


    Thank you...

    Oh! How I love that you do public witnessing and have learned that people are receptive.
    It blesses my soul, Ken, to know that you do that for our Lord. I agree that more Christians should be about our assignments to go into all the world to teach/preach the gospel. The Holy Bible commands that we lovingly and boldly share the Word of our Lord.

    I also use Bible tracts but our Lord told me to do the invitations, particularly, for the prayer line phone number. A lot of people get desperate and distressed and are inclined to phone to speak to a human for prayer.

    Note: I added my tract comment here to the subject post.

    I am blessed by what you expressed about John and how people have come to him. Praise our Lord.

  4. Hi Sandra,

    What a wonderful post! I have never had a Christian come to my door to witness to me, only JW's which, by the way, we had a visit 2 weeks ago. My husband and I invited them in and we had a very good conversation until my husband said, "let's pray before we part". They didn't seem pleased as the never bowed their heads or said amen.

    The kids and I have given out tracks and gone on treasure hunts...
    This is where you get together with a small group of people and have intercessory prayer asking God who it is that He wants to touch. Then you spend a bit of time, not much, writing down the first things that come into your mind. Usually you have a list with headings for: Location, Names, Appearance, Prayer Needs, The Unusual. Then you write down the very first 5-10 words that come into your mind under the separate headings. Your team then heads out to the place or places that were given and you look for people that follow the descriptions that you have on the paper. You approach the person or persons and tell them what you are doing and ask if they are interested in finding out if they are the person God has pointed you to. If they agree then you continue with prophetic prayer and God leads you into praying for these people and healing them from ailments. It really is an awesome experience to see God touch a total stranger through your obedience to a calling God places on you.

    This is a cool witnessing tool, fun for kids and it blesses on both ends as we get to see the power of God at hand.

    Thanks for sharing your experience on witnessing. I love hearing these stories, it encourages me.

    Blessings sister,

  5. Blessings Sandra... Wonderful outreach and post!
    Beautiful feedback above and interesting ideas!

    I agree completing with the fact that JWs have that going for them. I've not experienced Christians knocking on my door. JWs find me wherever I am, a park, on the road, her in Mexico (increasing numbers here), back home, everywhere, they are diligent and persistent.
    They have good knowledge of their Bible and their literature. They even know very well what is said about them and are ready.

    My home church has many events often reaching out to the community. We go out often and participate in all kinds of outreaches including parades; community park cleaning and witnessing; children's ministries in the parks and projects with puppets and FUN; here in MX, the outreach is different from children feeding centers to dumpsite handing out of lunch and water; then at Carnaval (YWAM) and some churches witness during carnaval... YWAM even does haircuts, manicures,
    skate boarding events, building homes, walking the streets inviting and reaching people, praying with them. Even clown ministry!!!

    When I was back home (90s), I worked in a PRAYER LINE counseling center with a center called Lovelines , which still functions and has gone worldwide teaching and training how to open up phone lines to have people pray with callers for salvation to their problems. This is the only email I have for them (
    for Damaris Faulkner, Managing Director of Love Lines Intenternational but I do not know her, only the codiretors Dan and Diane Morstad.
    (Sorry for carrying on)...the main thing is that ACTS calls us to act and witness... so what are we waiting for?

    Preach on my dear sister...God bless you Sandra!

  6. The JW witness to everyone who will hear. In Matthew 24:14. And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come. That is why they witness in 188 languages, to communicate with all nations.

    My friend who is seven day adventist told me that they do go to peoples homes. She told me she was taking spanish, so that she could teach people the bible in spanish. God has spoken to you to teach so keep teaching!

  7. He does lead us all uniquely!! And what a wonder that is, isn't it?

    Our church does door knocking, though I haven't myself lately. Beloved Husband and I did when he had a bus route, but at 70 -- that's best left to younger men, especially driving at night! We live in a rural, farm area. We don't walk to neighbors, as there may be two such homes within a mile. Frankly, I could sing aloud and only BH, dogs, cats, cows, goat and donkey would hear me! No firecrackers to punctuate our making a joyful noise.

    God bless your ministry, Sandra.

  8. You are such a joy to me, Sandra. I love your heart for unbelievers and you are right about so many hurting people who need direction and support right now. The harvest is ripe. 700 club is a right on number. The invite is so classy. I will follow your example the next time we lose power which happens more than I like out here in the country. The fashion photos are inspirational.

    Bless you!

  9. Blessings, Sandra. I loved this post on so many levels. I agree, we need to work harder to get the Good News out to this dark and lonely world. May the Lord make us ever more bold and open to the opportunities that He brings our way.

    One thing I try to do when I'm out, is to always notice a person's name tag, and then call them by their names. It makes a more personal contact, and conversations are often opened up in this way.

    I loved your idea about the invitations - that was a God-ordained thought for sure. Sandra, there are few people whom I admire more than you - the way that you live your faith, and sing out your praises to the Lord.

    Pray for me to be more bold in reaching out to others.

    And by the way, YOU are quite the fashion plate!


  10. Greetings -

    @Child of God -
    It is a pleasure to know that you and your husband invited in the Jehovah's Witnesses.

    I too, am encouraged by the witnessing experiences of others in the body of Christ.

    You expressed, "JWs find me wherever I am, a park, on the road, her in Mexico (increasing numbers here), back home, everywhere, they are diligent and persistent."

    Let us agree, please, to pray that more Christians will be diligent and persistent about witnessing of our Lord - from pure hearts.

    Great to know that your home church has a strong ministry to witness. That is so encouraging, Peggy, as are the other accounts that you mentioned.

    You expressed, "My friend who is seven day adventist told me that they do go to peoples homes. She told me she was taking spanish, so that she could teach people the bible in spanish."

    I salute your friend for her zeal to witness of GOD, and to learn Spanish. That is great encouragement!

    @Grammy Blick
    Great to know that about your church. I understand that at 70 you aren't inclined to do the door knocking...

    Of course, you have other ways that you witness...our Lord has witnessing methods for us all. Bless His holy name.

    Thank you - you are a joy, as well, precious lady.

    You expressed, "The harvest is ripe." How true
    that is. More laborers are needed for sure - holy laborers....

    May we steadfastly draw nigh to our Lord so that we can be profitable for the advancement of His glorious kingdom.

  11. Hi Sharon -

    You expressed, "May the Lord make us ever more bold and open to the opportunities that He brings our way."

    I so love that, Sharon. A hearty Amen.

    Yes, it is so GOD to do that invitation in that "not the usual" way. Who knows it may start a new witnessing trend - smiles.

    Of course, you are in my prayers,Sharon. I hope that I am in yours, as well. We all need to change to wax stronger and stronger in our Lord. NONE of us SON dwellers have arrived and we won't until we reach, and enter the pearly gates of heaven.

  12. Hi Sandra,
    I just referenced this post on my blog while sharing about witnessing today after church.
    God bless,

  13. First, I loved this comment "...holiness can be a title but NOT a lifestyle. Love and TRUE holiness are the most important to our Lord. WITHOUT LOVE, WE ARE NOTHING - DRY OR WET.... " I actually laughed at this 'wet or dry'. Seriously, you make me smile :)

    Loved the idea of prayer cards - may adopt that myself in my next season. It was soooo special that you put "hosted by God"...amen to that! Pray over your prayer cards, if you haven/t already and dedicate each one to the very person He has prepared to receive it.

    Sadly, we choose safe places - like blogging or any of the social networks to share or witness about God. When I was in the work world - in the world period...ha, I only get out once a month to buy groceries... I never kept my belief in God quiet. Every one that knew me or worked with me - knew beyond a shadow of doubt, that I was a Full blooded Christian. I could not separate my personal life with Jesus from the world's non-acceptance of Him. I did not change my talk - or keep my opinions or beliefs hidden. I was a walking witness. Jesus was (is) a real part of me, it was a known fact. For the most part. I was accepted - just the way I was. A small percentage set their faces like flint - against me.

    In some positions, like in social services - when I was a Resident Assistant in the homeless shelter - we were not allowed to witness - we had to remain 'neutral' - so as to not offend or be be charged with spiritual harassment. This was the hardest place to work because I could not be myself. I could not offer hope. I could not offer a lasting solution to their emptiness.

    Once - I was sitting on the steps outside the sleeping quarters reading my Bible. A young woman came up to me and sat down beside me and started a conversation about God and the Bible. This became a witnessing moment - because she came to me - I did not approach her. The whole time I was sharing with her and reading scripture to her, I was being watched by my co-worker. I was aware of this and found myself not totally relaxed as I was not sure if this was acceptable in my position. It had never occurred or came up before in my presence.

    When I think back on this, there was one Bible that was on the shelf for the girls to read. One Bible in a room of 30 girls. I witnessed it being used from time to time. But one thing I would do now, is donate 10 Bibles to every homeless shelter within my area. And offer them as free - for the taking - not just as a part of the reading shelf. If they needed more - I would ( God would - it's all His money anyway) supply them with more. In fact this is a God moment! This was a God idea. Never had this idea before. It just came to me as I was responding to your post. This is what I will do - if they are received in the shelters. It might be looked at as propaganda, I don't know. But if God puts His signature on the project - it will be received.

    In fact, in my next season - the Lord willing, I can see myself sharing God and scripture as a study in a homeless shelter. I know that would be acceptable - because No one would be forced to attend. This would only be possible if the shelter was large enough for a small room - so as not to interfere with the 'rest of the house'. Bibles could be given out to everyone attendee who desired one.

    Oh the possibilities! Should have made this a post :) But it fits here!

    Thanks for sharing, Sandra and for sparking the fire in me. The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. I will be submitting this to prayer!

    Patrina <")>><

  14. Greetings -

    Thank you for the mention. I appreciate it.

    I will comment on your post soon.

    Great idea to pray over the invitation cards...will certainly do that.

    You expressed, "I never kept my belief in God quiet. Every one that knew me or worked with me - knew beyond a shadow of doubt, that I was a Full blooded Christian. I could not separate my personal life with Jesus from the world's non-acceptance of Him. I did not change my talk - or keep my opinions or beliefs hidden. I was a walking witness."

    That strongly stirred my spirit juices, Patrina. Yes, indeed, Amen to bold declarations of our Lord JESUS Christ and for holy living for Him!

    I love your Bible idea. When I lived in a shelter, they allowed an outside pastor and his wife to hold Bible studies there on Wednesdays.
    Some women did elect to attend.

    It would be great if you were led of our Lord to minister in homeless shelters. Certainly, they are hungry for real gospel demonstrations as opposed to dry messages due to unholy vessels delivering the Words of GOD. Yokes are destroyed because of the anointing - Isaiah 10:27 - KJV. GOD'S anointed power abides in holy vessels.

    Soldier on, warrior bride of Christ. May the power of Almighty GOD surround you as you go and glow in the name of JESUS.

    Lord, please show us Your glory and let it abide in we choose to steadfastly live holy. Thank you, Lord, Amen.

  15. Hi Sandra,

    Not only in this post, but in several others, I sense your passion for the Lord and the lost. May God continue to use you in this regard. I agree that Christians generally do not actively share their faith in their communities and in public. The last church I pastored, we went out once a month witnessing in the communities, knocking on doors. I saw the muslims, the JW, and the Mormons out there but never another Christian body.

    Also, as we go through our normal day, we should not fail to look out for opportunities to reach the lost. They are everywhere we go. Again, thanks for sharing this very relevant post with us.


  16. Hi Pastor Frank -

    Yes, we must do as our Lord commands, spread His gospel but most of all we must strive, in earnest, to be steadfastly holy. There is power in holiness - the anointing of GOD flows hugely in anointed vessels of honor - the pure in heart...

  17. Sandra,
    You are a witness to all of us-believers and unbelievers. Your words are from the heart, given to you by the Comforter, which makes them so beautiful and heartwarming. We may not go door to door, but we should be the door for everyone we come in contact with. We should be steeped in His Word and ready to speak and live, accordingly, while shopping, working, playing.... In order for our lives to be full and to be radiant with His love, we must stay steeped in Him. Please, keep teaching, as you have been given a unique gift for reaching out. Many blessings!

  18. Hi Cynthia -

    Yes, our Lord commands us to be His witnesses.
    We serve an awesome GOD. He is amazing in all of His ways. Glory to His holy name!

    I love how you express that we should be "steeped in His Word." I wholly agree, Cynthia.

    Many blessings from our Lord to you, as well.

  19. Greetings -

    This was sent, via e-mail, from Beverly:

    Hi Sandra,

    The witnessing/invitation postcards is a great idea! I think I'll start calling you Ambassador. :-)

    It's been a while since I've gone door knocking or out by the metro stations witnessing. I used to feel driven to do so. I don't at this time, there are other ways in which I believe the Lord is leading me, but that doesn't mean he won't push me to get out there and knock on doors or do public witnessing at any given time. I have to be led. I used to coerce friends to go witnessing with me as a birthday present but haven’t done it in years.:-)

    I believe the key is to pray for a burden for the lost and for courage. Then we have to live expectantly and obediently to the Holy Spirit's guidance.

    As much as I believe in what is typically referred to as "public witnessing," I believe even more in being a living witness or as one of the above bloggers said, “open doors” through whom God witnesses-daily. We are living epistles that people read everyday whether we're "on" it, i.e., deliberately engaging in public witnessing or not. I believe the out-going public witnessing is necessary and can be easier sometimes than being a living witness everyday before family, friends and co-workers.

    Yes, we definitely need to go out more and share the good news of Jesus Christ and live openly for Christ before all. However, though some are lazy, scared or untaught about going out and sharing the gospel, others are used to witness differently. You talked about sitting in a public arena reading your Bible or singing God’s praise out loud. Those are great examples. Some invite unbelieving neighbors over for dinner or lunch and share Christ with them that way. There are innumerable ways to witness for Christ and we should all be doing so daily as God leads. But Matt. 28:19 says to go and make disciples, not converts to Christ. That takes much more effort. It takes befriending, walking alongside, follow-up, and teaching. The JWs and Mormons have a system in place to do all of the above. Unfortunately, many of our churches do not have a system, nor do many Christians want to make the time required to do the follow up. That is where we are falling short. The enemy’s ploy is to keep us too busy with our families or good church work to do the real work of reaching the lost and making true disciples of Christ.

    Thank you for your commitment to exhorting, encouraging and challenging us.

    Onward Christian Soldiers!

  20. Hi Beverly -

    You made some excellent and helpful points. In particular, I was struck by the comments that you made about the need to disciple.

    Also, you expressed, "I believe the key is to pray for a burden for the lost and for courage. Then we have to live expectantly and obediently to the Holy Spirit's guidance."

    Hearty Amens to that, Beverly.

    Thank you for your wise counsel, lady of GOD!


Greetings -

Thank you for visiting and commenting. It is my pleasure to read from your heart places. We are all students and teachers and I so enjoy, precious people, the beneficial engagements with you.