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Friday, September 24, 2010



This is fiction but could actually be true:

Edward is an outgoing 15 year old high school
student - lanky with vivid blue eyes and shoulder length red hair.  He is a Christian, who is a Sunday school aide at Grace and Mercy Full Gospel Church.  Edward attends Truman High School.  Bullying is a major cause of concern at Truman as there has been an increase in abusive actions.

For the entire school year, Edward has witnessed bullying of fellow students, and some days he joins in the taunting and ridicule.  More and more Edward notices a group of students he calls, "GOD fanatics."  He especially observes them in the school cafeteria.  Daily, the group discusses the gospel, and reads their Bibles as they eat lunch.  What most affects Edward is that those in the GOD group never participate in the bullying.  In fact, they exhibit care and concern for those who are bullied, and for the bullies. The GOD group has no fear of going against the flow of the bullies.  They often invite the victims and the bullies to join them to eat their meals together.  Some victims do - some victims don't.  None of the bullies join them - yet. Several of the bullied students joined the GOD group and now regularly discuss the gospel, and read their Bibles together at lunch. 

Particularly striking to Edward is that all in the group have this constant glow.  What is that?, Edward wonders.  Strangely to him, Edward feels drawn to the GOD group but he does not act on the pull.  His worry is his taunter peers.  He longs to remain in the "loop" with them, but the GOD group is wearing on his heart.  

Sunday at Sunday school, the lesson is from Exodus 32:26, "...Who is on the Lord's side?"  The teacher lovingly but firmly drives home the point that people cannot serve GOD and the Devil.  He broke down the lesson in absolute clear certainty.  Edward was deeply convicted.  He looked around and became aware that some of the other attendees were convicted, as well.  Edward realized that he needed to steadfastly live of the gospel.  He also realized that it took no courage to bully but that it did take courage to forsake and resist it.  Edward decided to speak up.  He confessed his double life style, repented, and asked for prayer.  Others followed suit.  It was the best Sunday school engagement in the three years that Edward had attended.

On Monday afternoon, Edward went to the "GOD fanatics" lunch table and asked whether he could join them.  They heartily welcomed him.  His taunter peers registered major surprise.  They went to him with robust comments of displeasure.  Edward was polite but firm.  He made it clear that he was where he belonged; he invited his taunter peers to join them.  They refused, sneered, made jokes, and moved on to their preying habits.  One of them, though, looked back longingly.   Later he would join the "GOD fanatics"
as a regular, too.

Edward learns much from the "GOD fanatics" group.  He smiles at the truth that he is now one of them.  Months later, the united group went to school officials to ask to form an after school program. The administration granted permission.  The program is called, "Change Cadets."  The goal is to provide refuge, discussions, and solutions about the matter of bullying.  GOD indeed is a fan of the "Change Cadets."  He shall produce remarkable results!

Copyright 2010


  1. Hi Sandra,

    I enjoyed reading this short story. I think we all face some measure of peer pressure to conform; whether we're in high school or the work place.

    Often this is a kind of comfort zone which I believe the Lord would have us step away from into the place of faithfully trusting the Lord.

    Blessings and peace.


    BTW: Thanks for the email. I read those scriptures and was both blessed and encouraged.

  2. Hi MTJ -

    Thank you for your truthful comments...

    You are right about the matter going beyond school.

    You are certainly welcome for the e-mail.

  3. This was sent to me via e-mail from Karen:

    11:15 AM (6 minutes ago)

    There was a group like this in my high school, and I wish that I had joined them. They were inviting, but I didn't feel worthy of their group - they were confident and talented, but they also dressed well and seemed financially well-off. I didn't get bullied in high school, but the group I hung around with were the ones who brown bagged their lunch, and didn't have trendy clothes or spending money. Most of us had been bullied in junior high (middle school).I felt loyal to this group and comfortable with them.

    I guess my story isn't quite as much about bullying as about how the Christian groups have the opportunity to reach out to kids and find out how to help kids in need.


  4. Hi Karen -

    Thank you.

    Your comments encouraged me. What you expressed helps me to understand...


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