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Thursday, September 16, 2010


Greetings -

JESUS was a carpenter.  Do you ever wonder who He did carpentry work for?  Surely those handcrafted pieces by JESUS were anointed...  

These scriptures cause me inner chuckles:

Matthew 27:52, 53
And the graves were opened; and many bodies of the saints which slept arose.

And came out of the graves after his resurrection, and went into the holy city, and appeared unto many.

Can you imagine that?  We are here doing our usual routine tasks, and here come all these people out of graves into the city.  I mean, what do you say to them?  And what do they say to us?  What's up?  Obviously, they are up from their graves.  Do you feed them or do they even eat anymore?  Are they staying or are they going back in their graves or up to heaven in clouds?

Please weigh in with your comments on this as I am quite interested in what others are inclined to say.

Thank you.


  1. Derek & Karen Gross to me
    show details 5:55 PM (27 minutes ago)


    I must confess that it never occurred to me that Jesus would have made things, I just thought of him helping Joseph. Can you imagine someone coming up with a chair or table and claiming that Jesus made it? People take toast that has what looks like an image of Jesus' face and sell it on Ebay. In the Middle Ages, clergy would sell indulgences like pieces of wood from the cross or a bone from a saint. People would always rather worship things instead of God.

    And people coming out of their graves? Just a small preview of the Rapture, when all the dead in Christ will rise and we will all meet Him in the air! I can hardly imagine. Hey - I'll get to see you!

    From Karen

  2. Hi Karen -

    Thank you for your helpful comments...

    I laughed at the part where you stated, "Can you imagine someone coming up with a chair or table and claiming that Jesus made it?"

  3. You know... I often wondered who he might have made things for, and how close he was to his dad, and what kind of relationship Jesus, and Joseph had.

    We never hear anything about Joseph after Jesus stayed behind in Jerusalem when Mary and Joseph had gone a whole day and didn't know he was missing. I often wondered about that. How big was the company they were traveling with that made things turn out that way.

    I've often wondered what the people who came out of their graves, after Jesus' resurrection looked like. Were they wearing grave clothes, or regular clothes? Were they people who had recently died, or did God put skin, and muscle back on the bones of the people who were raised?

  4. Hi Sandra,

    Thank you for inviting me to your blog. I love meeting and talking to new people. I just started blogging about 3 weeks ago, and I love it. It seems as though the Lord is giving me more to write about now that I've launched my blog. More than ever before. Probably because I have a real forum now that demands new material on a regular basis.

    Anyway, boy, I never thought about your questions concerning the people who came out of the graves shortly after Jesus' resurrection. Those are great questions. I can only imagine how shocked people must have been to have seen those who were buried walking around and talking as if they were never dead. I know I would be shocked to no end! lol

    Another time is coming when the dead in christ shall rise. Can't wait for that day to come! Jesus is just awesome and his power is unfathomable.

    I invite you to come visit my blog and read my latest two posts: one on how God can move mountains; the other on the emotional aftermath of Tiger Woods divorce from a spiritual perspective. Great meeting you! I'm sure we'll talk again soon!

  5. Hi Julie and Judith -

    Good points, Julie, about the relationship between Jesus and Joseph.

    Also, the mysteries about the risen people...
    we will probably not know until we arrive in the kingdom of heaven....I thought it was some light involvement to ask the questions....

    Judith, pleased to have you on board.

    Most people would be shocked as you mentioned relative to those who rose from the graves.

    I will indeed visit your blog....


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