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Thursday, September 16, 2010


Greetings -

Please advise -

Is there such a thing as being unequally yoked with other Christians?  If so, how?


  1. One is aspiring to grow in faith, and become more like Jesus, and the other is stagnating, and just going through the motions, and becomes judgmental, and more interested in following all the rules than working on their relationship with Christ.

  2. Thanks Julie -

    What you expressed is interesting...

    I need to learn more about that issue...

  3. It's possible. One person can be a babe in Christ and the other very mature. Or, one might be really following Christ, and the other only half-heartedly following Christ.

  4. 2 Corinthians 6:14 "Do not be unequally yoked together with unbelievers. For what fellowship has righteousness with lawlessness? And what communion has light with darkness?" The term unequally yoked refers to Belivers (Those who see their sin state, regret their sins against their just & holy Cretor God, recognize that they can not earn, purchase or deserve forgiveness & salvation on their own, repent from their heart and accept the free gift of atoning propitiation and eternal life through God's only Plan of Salvation Followers through His Son Jesus Christ, surrendering our sinful life to the Savior and Lord, as a student, a Follower, a desciple ... a Believer equipped with the light of truth in a world of unbelief and darkness) and unBelievers. The metaphor depicts two oxens of unequal size, yoked together pulling a plow through a dirt field. The larger, stronger ox will pull the smaller ox around in circles, and basically they get nowhere. A Christian knowingly yoking themselves to a unBeliever is asking for a tough situation. Not to say that the unBeliever couldn't become a Believer too. There is always that hope and opportuntity, which we pray for. Can two Believers be "unequally yoked"? No.

  5. Brian, I see what you are saying, but I just can't believe that my husband never was a Christian from the start. If he wasn't, he put on a very convincing show for me.

  6. Greetings -

    Thank you all for your comments.

    I can certainly appreciate that we have different viewpoints and also that we will sometimes disagree. Hey, the twelve disciples who were selected by JESUS did not always agree. But I believe that they did love one another in spite of their disagreements. We are unique with the same Lord. I believe that we believe in the foundational aspects of the gospel of the kingdom of GOD...

    That said....

    I agree that Christians can be unequally yoked with other Christians.

    Julie and Judith made some valid truthful points. Brian weighed in with truth, as well...

    I disagree though, Brian, that two believers cannot be unequally yoked.

    Cases in point:

    What? when some marry Christians who do not believe in healing?

    What? when some Christians in social spaces do not believe in the full gospel?

    What? when some date those who do not have a practice of reading the Word of GOD and spending daily quality time with our Lord in private devotions?

    Are those not instances of being unequally yoked with those who profess GOD as Father and Christ as Lord...?

    I would not desire to date someone who professes Christianity but does not believe in healing nor would I be interested in dating someone who does not regularly read and do the Word of GOD. GOD could have other plans for me though...He told Hosea to marry a whore (Hosea 1:2). GOD is uniquely qualified to alter our inclinations and He certainly does....

    Also, I have associations with carnal Christians but am not inclined to frequently be in their presence or in frequent communications with them. I love them but we have different applications relative to our service unto our Lord. Prayer is in earnest for them to become fervent, among the other prayers that I pray. I believe that there is an unequal yoking there.

    As for those who are married, that is another dynamic. The Bible has specialized mandates for the union of matrimony. I have relatives who are married to unbelievers. One of those relatives is fervent for GOD in spite of her husband's heathen status. The other relative loves the Lord but I question whether she is in love with our Lord. I was once married to an unbeliever (deceased) and understand the challenges. As for those who are married to dim lit Christians, I am not so aware of what that challenge is like.

    And what about this:
    There are Christians who are not formally educated but fervently love the Lord. Would they be unequally yoked if they married fervent Christians with PhD educations? I believe so. Could it work? I believe so. With GOD, all things are possible. Is it wise? Hmmm...
    And what about fervent Christians who do not want kids but date fervent Christians who do desire kids? Are those not instances of Christians who would be unequally yoked? I believe so. Again, could it work? I believe so. Is it reasonable? Hmmm

    This has motivated me to do a separate posting that will touch on this topic, as well as another angle. Stay tuned for that later today.

    Thank you all for your indulgence.

  7. Greetings -

    Please forgive me that I did not post on the subject topic as stated in comments above.

    It will get done very soon...

  8. Timothy and others...please weigh in on this post.

    Thank you..

  9. Greetings -

    For those who are new to this blog, there is a follow up to this post that was posted on Monday September 20, 2010. The title topic is "STRATEGIC PLACEMENT IN THE ARMY OF GOD."

  10. I believe that it's not enough for two people to be Christians, if they want to have a successful relationship. There also needs to be broad- based compatibility in the things of God.


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