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Thursday, September 23, 2010


Greetings -

Would there be so much need for church vans for attendee pickups if more people would stop driving to church solo or with space in their vehicles to transport other attendees?  Some churches do not have church vans.

Years ago, when I first became I Christian, I was mentored by a Christian man and his wife.  They had a van and every Sunday they  would pick up people and transport them to church.  This was their personal van - not a church van.

My sister told me about her pastor, who every Sunday before ending services, tells people that if they can  get to church, he will get them rides home.  Before close of sevice he calls upon attendees who have vehicles to transport people home.  This is a regular Sunday call for rides for those without vehicles.  I love that!

When I lived in Tampa, FL, a pastor's wife told of an eldery widow in another state.  The widow could no longer attend church because she could not get a ride.  The pastor of said church stated that he could not get anyone to pick her up.  I was appalled!

What are your thoughts about people who drive to church Sunday after Sunday solo or with plenty of room to transport others to worship GOD but never make efforts to give rides to those who do not have vehicles?  Please comment.  Thank you.


  1. Unfortunately so many Christians are trying to live on a starvation diet of koinonia. What they are getting is leaving them hungry. Would you want to share what leaves you hungry?

    I've seen parishioners sitting in the same spot in the pew and quietly talking with the regulars who sit near there before the service.

    Some churches have a "passing of the peace" or a greeting one another during the service. The pastor has to repeatedly tell everyone to stop and sit back down because this is the moment when the parishioners get some fellowship.

    Small house groups are the answer. In them the people have all sorts of opportunities to get to know one another, get to trust one another and get to share their problems. They get the opportunity to help one another because they are getting the fellowship they need. From there, they can go out as a group and do something significant and Christian.

    Sunday School classes don't meet this need because everyone is supposed to be taught something. After all, it's a "class," right? If someone's big problems come up, they will have to cut him off for the sake of time. Come back next week (if you don't commit suicide) and maybe we'll give it some more time after the teaching time.

    During church you need to watch your witness by putting on a big smile like you're happy, wear good clothes and carry a Bible. Maybe visitors won't notice your hypocrasy....

  2. Thank you, Timothy...

    Again, I lack some understanding. What is koinonia? What do your paragraphs 1 and 2 mean?

    Did I miss your comment relative to what you think about those who do not offer rides?

  3. Our church doesn't use church vans for that purpose. If someone needs a ride they are given a ride by a friend in the church. For many years our family has given a ride to a lady who doesn't have a drivers license. She is developmentally disabled. She calls us every Saturday night to verify time and such like that. We take her to church, and we take her home.

  4. Hi Julie -

    THANK YOU! Glory - Hallelujah.

    Your report does my soul good. Praise the Lord for your love gestures....

  5. Hi Sandra,

    I think volunteering to give others a ride to/from church is a great way to get to know people, establish fellowship and be part of a ministry that helps.

    I've given my name to volunteer but as of yet, I have not been called upon.

    Blessings and peace.


  6. Hi MTJ -

    Thank you that you put forth an effort. Praise the Lord for your care for others!


Greetings -

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