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Blow up our hearts. Dance with us....


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Friday, December 3, 2010


Greetings -

This is fiction but it could be true.


Mary awoke and readied herself to go to purchase CHRISTmas lights for the large tree that sat in the living room of her home on Chief Street.  The tree had been decorated except for the lights.

This year, Mary desires new CHRISTmas lights to represent some newness in her life.  The Lord delivered her from apprehension of speaking boldly about His gospel, and His saving grace.  She is elated that now, without hesitation or fears, she freely goes out and about to share GOD’S holy Word.

She exclaims, “Lord, I want new CHRISTmas lights to symbolize what has been birthed in my soul.  You illuminated, and delivered me, and I am so aglow!”

The Lord said, “Mary, my child, it is my pleasure to give you such joy.  Spread your Sonshine, My precious one.”

Mary goes off to get her new CHRISTmas lights.  In route, while stopped at the traffic signal, she looks over and sees a woman with an expression of concern.

Mary shouts over to her, “Are you ok?”

The woman, Jessica, responds, “No, I am lost and near late for the wedding of a very dear friend.”

Mary motions, and tells her to please pull over at the next safe area just up ahead.

Jessica does as Mary requests. 

The two greet one another, and Mary shares with Jessica that she is a Christian.

Jessica responds that she is backslidden.

Mary reminds Jessica that JESUS is a Friend who is closer than any other.  Mary glimpes a longing response in the eyes of Jessica.  She knows that she is remembering JESUS as her Savior.

Mary cheerfully tells Jessica to follow her and she will drive to the church where the wedding is being held.  

Thanks to Mary, Jessica arrives at the church with just minutes to spare.

Mary hurriedly gives Jessica her number and says, “I believe you will call because you will come back to JESUS.”

Jessica smiles and hurries inside to the wedding.

A light interruption

Mary arrives at the parking lot of the Wholesome Host store where she will select her new CHRISTmas lights. She notices a small crowd gathered.  She curiously approaches, and discovers a woman, Anna, in labor with her male companion, Fredo, in a fretful state.

Mary inquires, and finds that Fredo is the father of the soon to arrive little one.  An ambulance has been summoned but it is obvious that the baby will not wait.  Mary comforts Anna and Fredo  and speaks to them of GOD’S love.  She assures that all will be well.

Mary prays, “Lord, help us, please!”

Moments later, a woman, Stacy, steps through the crowd.  Stacy is a Doctor’s Assistant and knows exactly what to do. Whew!  She handles the blessed arrival of the newborn, and places the infant in his mother’s arms.  A boy is their new gift from GOD.   

The couple “melts” at the sight of their precious son.

Mary asks, “Do you have a name yet?”

Fredo answers, “Yes, his name is Aaron.”

Mary’s eyes well with tears.  She gives him a Christian tract, and wishes them all well.

A light interruption

Mary is happily exhausted from all that has happened.  She decides to come back for the lights on another day.

The next week, Mary once again sets out to get her CHRISTmas lights.  In route, she comes upon a horrific single vehicle car accident.  She and two others are first at the scene.

The sole occupant of the car is a man, Isaac.  While they wait for the ambulance, Mary asks the others to join with her in prayer.

Isaac is conscience but barely holding on.

The Lord reveals to Mary that Isaac will not recover.

Mary whispers to Isaac, "What is your name?"

In a faint whisper, he responds, "Isaac."

"Isaac,"' Mary stresses, "JESUS loves you, and expects you with Him soon.  Do the best you can to pray for JESUS to save you, forgive you, and to bring you to Him.”

Isaac understands, and shuts his eyes.

Mary knows that he is praying to JESUS. 

When Isaac opens his eyes, Mary recognizes the presence of GOD’S peace.

Isaac breathes a few short breaths, and expires.

A light interruption

Mary is so grateful to have led someone to Christ before "death."  She keeps praising GOD for His profound love, and goodness.

In just days, the Lord led Mary to witness to various precious souls.  She is thrilled that she was involved for a wedding, the birth of Aaron, and the salvation of Isaac before he passed on.  

Mary arrives and walks into Wholesome Host and selects three colors for her new CHRISTmas lights - red for the blood of JESUS, white for the purity of Christ, and yellow for the SONSHINE WHO IS THE RESURRECTION!!!  She joyfully thanks GOD for all of those –

LIGHT interruptions.

Matthew 5:14
Ye are the light of the world.... 


Written November 1, 2008
Revised December 3, 2010

© Copyright 2008/2010


  1. Thank you so much for your comments to my blog. Your prayer was very much needed and appreciated.

    the note about the paying for the soldiers lunch was in a volume of Chicken Soup for the Sould. My father a former sailor emailed that to me and it struck a cord .

    I am going to take a look at your blog. I hope you are blessed as you have blessed me to day ;)

  2. Greetings -

    I received this, via e-mail, from Karen:

    11:10 AM

    Great story - thanks for sharing.

  3. Wow! What an amazing story of a woman being used by God! I pray God uses me in amazing ways also! Thank you for sharing your fiction piece with us!

  4. Greetings -

    Thank you, Karen, for the compliment

    @Faith Imagined
    Thank you for your comments. Yes, I agree - you expressed, "I pray God uses..." May He use us all to spread SONshine!

  5. Lovely story - so inspiring.

    I'm asking God for some "light interruptions" in my life. Wanting opportunities to witness Him working in the lives of others, and for the chance to speak to others about Him.



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