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Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Photo compliments of Sandra
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Greetings -

In the book of Revelation, writings were issued to seven churches.  Of the seven, only two, Smyrna and Philadelphia, didn't receive rebuke from our Lord.

Here is a modern day "writings to the seven churches":


Behold!  Jesus has issued letters to seven modern day churches.  The churches, and His messages are as follows:

Unto the church called, Self-Righteous Cavern, write: I know thy works, and your conduct is an offence to God’s purposes.  There are reports that you believe that you are better than others.  You belittle the poor and afflicted, and mock my persecuted people.  You are puffed up, and conspire against my servants.  You trust in that which is vain.  In that place, there is confidence in the flesh, and disregard for the full gospel.  None of this pleases Me though you give much in tithes and offerings.  Holiness is what I respect.

Unto the church called, Sanctified Sanctuary, write: I know thy works, and am glad to be up in there.  You delight me with your high praises and strong worship.  I know that I am welcome there.  Your works prove that you are in love with the gospel.  So many of you are caught up in adoration of the mission of the full gospel.  You welcomed the drunks, addicts, whores, abusers, and the worst of the worst.  You loved the hell right out of them.  I saw Sarah, the ex-whore, from Drag Street, singing in your choir.  I saw Jim, the ex-drunk, usher in Mercer, the ex-pimp from Channel Avenue.  Yes, and he married Lizzy, the former main whore from the block.   And I am delighted that you welcomed the business people who fell prey to the deceitfulness of riches.  You reach out, and in to the hearts of the weary, and truly you do help them.  You did not do as the priest and the Levite did in the book of Luke – cross to the other side to avoid helping.  Thank you, people, for being doers of the word.  I love this demonstration of the fruits of My Spirit.

Unto the church called, Masquerading Mega, write: I know thy works, and you have huge numbers but little effect on the unbelievers.  They observe your “prosperity” but notice more your pretense, and low power.  They ask, how can it be so large and so minimal in impact?  You put on shows, and the counterfeit is obvious.  Your people dally with the world, and expect to be My friend.  You have a remnant there that proves faithful to my gospel.  I am so pleased with their obedience.  A huge church with few faithful.  What is amiss there?

Unto the church called, “Straddle Sanctuary, write: I know thy works, and groan at your compromise.  You dance with the world, and claim to live for Me.  You profess holiness but your works prove otherwise.  Double-mindedness is a reproach to my causes.  You call evil good and good evil.  I am aware of how you disrespect my loyal servants who are steadfast for Me.  You do not appreciate their loyalty to the truth.  Who is on the Lord’s side?  Let the deeds reflect it.  Draw nigh to God, and He will draw nigh to you.  Resist the Devil – or else he will devour.

Unto the church called, Dry Bones Dregs, write: I know thy works, and yawn at your barrenness.  The people are unenthusiastic, bored, and uninspired.  What goes there?  God is bold, exciting, vibrant, stimulating, and full of Spirit.  You are faithful in attendance but dry in heart.  When some there exhibit joy and expressive worship, you shun their displays.  They are the ones on point with the holy message.  You shun them!  You’d be wise to learn from them.  What a relief that they are there!  I urge you to engage in powerful fellowship with Me.  I am the Risen Savior who is alive forever more.

Unto the church called, True Worshippers, write: I know thy works, and recognize that you are in my perfect will.  You continually worship Me in spirit and in truth.  Donald, the former atheist, testified that your love won his soul.  Meagan turned from witchcraft when your witness changed her heart.  Some religious folks who thought they were saved came to know true salvation.  Why?  Because you proved Me to their frozen hearts.  I find you generous in your sacrifices to Me.  You are unabashed in your focus on what delights the Most High.  It is such a pleasure to be your Lord.  You are getting it done in My name, and most assuredly, abundant rewards are yours!

Unto the church called, Deceived in the Way, write: I know thy works, and ask, “How long will you continue in deception?”  You cannot flourish unless you love, forgive, obey truth, and operate in the ways of God.  Seek truth and forsake deception.  You learn truth by time spent with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit through earnest and frequent study with hearts which aim to obey.

….The seven stars are the angels of the seven churches:… (Revelation 1:20)


©Copyright November 6, 2008


  1. You did a great job adding a modern twist to these writings! It really makes them easier to understand. Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Good stuff, Sandra - I love how you weave a story. Your church "names" are very clever!

    I loved the phrase: " proved Me to their frozen hearts."

    May I be used to do the same for His glory.


  3. You learn truth by time spent with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit through earnest and frequent study with hearts which aim to obey.

    This is a timeless truth. And there is no other way.

    I am happy that you reprinted this past posting. So amazing... the modern version of the letters to the churches. I would love to be part of the Sanctified Sanctuary, or the remnant at Masquerading Mega... or one of the true worshipers at the Dry Bones Dregs...

    This is powerful, Sandra.

    Bringing you greetings from cool and lovely Chiang Mai.


  4. Greetings -

    Thank you for visiting and commenting.

    @Faith Imagined
    Thank you for your compliment on the "modern
    twist..." And you are certainly welcome.

    Thank you...glad that you liked it.

    You expressed, "I loved the phrase: " proved Me to their frozen hearts."

    Yes, Sharon, only GOD can warm hearts that melt from His love appplications!

    @Crown of Beauty
    You are right, Crown of Beauty - "...there is no other way."

    I am glad that you like the re-post of this...


Greetings -

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