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Flames of fire dance joyfully as dreams of fervor conjure up images of red hot passion for the gusto of life.

Sizzle, spark, explode -

Fireballs light up the sky. Wow! a thunder flash with a clap -

The flames are vivid with the awesome glow of orange colors blended with yellow highlights that accent the blaze.

This display is the bomb torched with a rocket plan. Such rapture has lit our fire. We are dynamite on this journey.

Come on fire, fall on us. Pour your liquid potency. Ignite our souls that we may be engulfed with magnified intensity.

Blow up our hearts. Dance with us....


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Saturday, January 1, 2011


Greetings -

This piece was inspired by Sharon of  She suggested that I post some aspects of this, and the rest is more on social networking.  Thank you, Sharon, for your suggestion.


Scene 1

Darrell is on the phone with Millicent.

Darrell: You know I love you, right?

Millicent: Yes – I love you, too.

Darrell: Hey, let’s go to the Bing concert this weekend. 

Millicent: Sure, I’m game.

Call waiting beeps on Darrell’s line.

Darrell: Hold on, baby, I’ve got another call.

Darrell: Hello

GOD: Darrell, this is GOD.

Darrell: Hi, GOD – let me call You back, I’m on another line.

GOD: I know that you are on another line. You need to, rather, call Millicent back.

Darrell: God, she and I are in the midst of making Bing concert plans for this weekend.

GOD: I know what you are doing.  I AM in the midst of it all.

Darrell clicks GOD off and returns to resume his conversation with Millicent.

What!  Darrell hung up on GOD?!

Scene 2

Sheila is in a chat room on the Internet.

GOD interrupts and asks that she come chat with Him.

Sheila: Lord, right now this chat is intense.  It’s not a good time to log off.

GOD: I AM the most intense of all that exists.

Sheila: Lord, I know but….

GOD grieves as He leaves.

Scene 3

Michael is having a lively time with his many friends on Facebook.

JESUS requests some Face time.

JESUS: Michael, I can be your Friend that is closer than a brother.

Michael does not even bother to answer JESUS.  He continues his Facebook activities.

JESUS weeps – and departs.

Scene 4

Linda is engaged on Instant Messaging when GOD interrupts and requests that she log off and log on with Him.

Immediately, Linda informs her IM buddies that she has got to go because GOD has requested her attention.

They try to persuade her to put GOD off until later.

She lovingly but firmly tells them again that she has got to go.

Her buddies continue in their attempts to keep her on IM.

She logs off from them and goes to her Father, Almighty GOD.  Her Lord will NOT be kept waiting – no way!

Scene 5

Kelly is on LinkedIn to make some business connections.

GOD asks her to link in with Him.

Kelly: GOD, I’ll get with You later.  There is an important business connection here that just cannot wait.

GOD: Kelly, how important am I?

Kelly looks sorry but she is not sorry enough to cease her agenda for the business of the Greatest One.

Scene 6

William gets up to prepare for his day.  Time with GOD is NOT a priority. 

GOD asks him to pray and to read His Word. 

William: I will, Lord, after I check my e-mails.

GOD: That is NOT acceptable to me, William.  Is e-mail your first love?

William: No, Lord.

GOD: Why, then, are you inclined to check e-mails before you spend time with Me?

William repents and proceeds to spend quality time with the Lord.

Scene 7

Caroline is on Myspace to update her profile information.

GOD calls her away to attend to His needs.

Caroline: GOD, I’m almost through here.  I’ll be with You in a bit.

GOD: Now is the time, Caroline, for Me.

Caroline looks annoyed: I’ll hurry this up.

GOD: Now is the time.

Caroline stays on Myspace to get her profile done.

GOD leaves her to her devices.

The Aftermath:

Darrell – he hung up on GOD, remember? – has a job crisis that prompts him to call on GOD.  When he does, however, his attitude is cavalier and not anywhere near close to recognition of the need to reverence Almighty GOD.

GOD puts Darrell on hold – until….

Michael – the Facebook devotee – due to a family emergency, petitions JESUS. 

JESUS: Michael, you’re not in my Face Book.  Weeks ago, you refused Me entry while you engaged your many Facebook “friendlies.”

Michael weeps…

Kelly is deep into LinkedIn.  She makes an excellent connection that she pursues with vigor.  The business that has her rapt attention is, Love Dove.  It is a travel agency.

Love Dove responds to Kelly: We’re linked into JESUS, are you?

Kelly is stunned as she remembers - her visit from GOD….

GOD delightfully tells William and Linda: Thank you, for choosing MY SPACE – certainly, you shall reap what you sow – life more abundantly and peace galore.

As for the others, GOD may call on them later…perhaps He will get through – on the MAIN LINE. 


Written Thursday December 30, 2010


  1. Happy New Year Sandra to you and your family!


  2. The ultimate commandment we have as Christians is agape (love for God). To grow in love means having a relationship with them. To have a relationship means having communication with them, to get to know them. Having communication with them means ... recognizing their voice from the hubbub. That takes uninterrupted time alone with them.

    After Jesus got the Holy Spirit, He spent 40 days alone with God, except for a brief interlude with the devil. Every night He reconnected with God. He recalled the passages of the Bible he had memorized at ten years old and listened to God's rhema (the spoken word of God). The next morning He was already in tune with God for the day.

    There's a church in my neighborhood where they declared an internet fast, just to get this monster in control.

  3. Sandra - Thanks for the little "shout out" in mentioning my name. I LOVE what you did with this idea! I can just picture each of these people, and see into their thoughts - and I felt how sad God was when they were too "busy" for Him.

    This was an inspired line - "God leaves her to her devices."

    I loved how that could be taken on two different levels. The cliche - to be left on your own. And literally - to our "devices" (our computers, game systems, cell phones, Blackberries, etc).

    May we never reach the point where our little machines become idols, where "mechanized" becomes "anesthetized."

    It occurs to me that spiritual "call waiting" was NOT invented so that GOD could interrupt our important "calls" - but so that while we are talking to God, we can answer life's calls!

    Thanks for this wonderful post.


    And Happy New Year!

  4. The Amish all have cell phones because they are so handy. They just do without everything else so the world can't corrupt them.

  5. Wonderful post Sandra with much to think about.

  6. As I read your blog post before reading the Bible passages I plan to read later, I feel thoroughly convicted. I'll get back to you Sandra.

  7. Greetings and Happy New Year to all -

    Thank you for visiting and commenting.

    Happy New Year to you and yours, as well...

    What you expressed packed a powerful punch indeed. I love that you mentioned that JESUS spent 40 days alone with GOD, except for a brief interlude with the devil. Also, I love what you expressed, "The next morning He was already in tune with God for the day."

    And the church's fast from the Internet...yes, Timothy - Amen. Lord, please help us all...

    I'm glad that you liked the piece. As for mentioning your name - I believe in giving credit where credit is due... There is a scripture that says, "Render...honour to whom honour" (Romans 13:7 - KJV)

    Truly, I appreciate your suggestions, Sharon.

    I love your statement, "May we never reach the point where our little machines become idols, where "mechanized" becomes "anesthetized."

    Thank you for the compliment. Yes, we all can ponder...

    I understand. The Lord convicts us all - His children - because He chastens those whom He loves. Thank GOD...otherwise....


Greetings -

Thank you for visiting and commenting. It is my pleasure to read from your heart places. We are all students and teachers and I so enjoy, precious people, the beneficial engagements with you.