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Thursday, January 6, 2011


Greetings -

Some of you, no doubt, saw the news broadcasts yesterday about Ted Williams the Ohio homeless panhandler who was "discovered" by a news man. Ted held a sign that stated, among other things, that he has a God-given voice.  He is a former radio personality who has been clean from drugs and alcohol for about two years.  When Ted speaks, truly, his voice is stellar in tone.  The news man who interviewed Ted put it on video and, subsequently, it went viral on Youtube and beyond.  Worldwide, GOD put Ted on the news - on The Today Show, Good Morning America, on local news programs, and on the radio, as well as on numerous Internet video clips! 

I saw Ted on TV and he mentioned that he had found the Lord last year.  Also, on a news program, he stated, "Trust in the Lord with all of your heart and lean not unto your own understanding."  Further he said, "At least I know God has me where He wants me." 

Last night the Lord reminded me of this scripture from Ecclesiastes 9:15 - KJV, "Now there was found in it a poor wise man, and he by his wisdom delivered the city;..."

Job offers have poured in for Ted from some major places, such as the Cleveland Cavaliers basketball organization.  He has someone to help him to field the many offers.

For those who have not seen the videos of Ted, you can google, "Homeless man wth golden voice."   

Thank GOD for how He had Ted Williams placed where he was - when he was - with his sign and stellar voice.  Please pray for Ted. 

Other aspects add further joy to my thrill about the story relative to Ted.  On December 24, 2010, I posted a topic, "GOD'S IN YOUR FACE MEMO TO SATAN."  In that post, the Lord led me to write
about the disenfranchised.  Below are excerpts of what the Lord stated in the subject post.

It struck me how the report about Ted came out on about January 5, 2011 after the December 24, 2010 post.  Another aspect is that on New Years Eve, December 31, 2010, I wrote a fiction piece titled, "THINK IT NOT STRANGE" which I have posted below after the excerpts from the December 24, 2010 post.  I was not led to post it earlier.  Now it is understood why - because it was destined that it be posted after the news about Ted was broadcast.

Here are the excerpts - in particular, note please, what is highlighted in yellow:

"This warrior troop, Satan, is fully persuaded that I am their Commander in Chief - and their Fortress.  They love, obey, and trust Me.  They await, in earnest, My military orders.  They are thirsty for blood - devil blood.  Holy supernatural blood transfusions are part of the order of this day.  The blood of some of your children will be transfused into the blood of JESUS to wash their sins away.  You have been blood sucking, Satan, long enough on GOD'S destined heirs.  The cross of My SON is their deliverance."

"I am poised, wicked one, with My trumpet call - out to the elite Special Forces.  Some of the team will come from unlikely places.  I have warriors in homeless shelters, jails/prisons, and living on the streets, - Oh don't be deceived - some of My best are from, and will come from such places."  Hark!  Let the record show - a select number of folks who have been disenfranchised are My franchisees indeed.

"More people, Satan, from every spectrum of society will surrender to Me.  The suits - the no-suits - the rich - the religious, and Oh yes, more backsliders will slide back to ME.  You know also that My reach is global. Mark 16:15 says, '...Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.'  North, south, east and west, My gospel shall be preached, and whosoever will - shall come!"

"You can look forward, Satan, to My new breed mean machine team.  We mean to do exploits with excellence, and certain triumphant results."

In the closing words of His memo to Satan, GOD says, "Those are just some previews of coming attractions.  Stay tuned for the next episodes."

End of Excerpts

Here is the fiction piece that I wrote on New Years Eve:


Chloe, a tall striking brunette, is a marginal Christian who faithfully attends church but her heart is not deep in GOD.  She has a professional job that pays well.  She is an employee of excellent standing who gets on swell with her supervisor.  In essence, overall, Chloe “has it made.”

Every day in route to work, Chloe uses a short cut through Lincoln Park.  Often in the park, she sees a slender bald man, Jake, sitting on a bench.  On occasions, Jake has greeted Chloe but she considers him beneath her status so she has never bothered to acknowledge his greetings.

As weeks progress, Chloe is confident about her vain shallow lifestyle – until she is assigned a new supervisor, Brenda, who injects “poison” into Chloe’s workplace environment.  It seems that Chloe does little to please Brenda.  As days go on, Chloe becomes more miserable at work.  One day, in route home, as Chloe walks through Lincoln Park, Jake is there.  She hears him say, “Think it not strange.”  This day, for “some reason,” Chloe is compelled to acknowledge Jake.  She walks over to him.

Jake says again, “Think it not strange.”

Chloe asks, “What are you talking about?!”

Jake proceeds to tell Chloe about her recent workplace troubles, and some reasons why they exist.

Chloe, stunned, stares at Jake. “How do you know all of that about me?!”

Jake tells her, “I am a man of GOD who daily walks close with Him.  GOD reveals secrets to those who draw nigh to Him.”

Chloe sits down.  She learns that Jake lives at the Lion Den Mission.  He shares with her how he came to be there.  Years ago, he arrived at the Mission as a client and then found the Lord.  The Lord blessed Jake with a job there, and since then, several job offers to work elsewhere have come his way.  Jake refuses to leave the Lion Den because his call from GOD is to work with, and to help the clients there, and others in such circumstances.

Chloe is ashamed of how she had judged Jake.  She tells him how sorry she is for her wrong conduct.

Jake thanks Chloe for her apology, and assures her that he forgives her.

Chloe is relieved.

On some days, she begins to take her lunch to the park to sit with Jake.  She is deeply drawn to his strong love for, and knowledge about GOD.

Jake tells Chloe that her love for GOD must be above all else.  He shares that if she makes that crucial choice, all else will be added.  Jake provides Chloe with Bible proof of all that he has shared.

Progressively, Chloe “gets” it.  She chose life and got serious about GOD.  Her workplace environment has not changed but GOD changed Chloe.  She has joy and peace in the midst of the “storms.”

A workplace “shift” may be on the horizon.  The other day Chloe noticed Brenda staring at her as she glowed after Brenda lashed out at her.  Later that day, Brenda apologized to Chloe – something Brenda has never previously done in her engagements with Chloe.

Chloe is hugely grateful for how the Lord had Jake in position to be there for her.  Truly, Jake’s witness led her to pursue hard after GOD, and His kingdom purposes.

Think it not strange…

Sandra Renee Hicks

Written New Year’s Eve, Friday December 31, 2010

Copyright 2010/2011


  1. Hi Sandra,

    I heard about Ted's story this morning, although I missed the newscast. I will watch it tonight after work. Thanks for sharing. God is amazing. Only He does things like that. Amen!


  2. I'm curious about Ted and will Google him. How I embrace this word of encouragement, Sandra, for my lost son-in-law. I have been praying that he will stop the nonsense and come back to Jesus after all the evil that grips. Oh, the warfare of a "mom's" heart for lost kids.

  3. Greetings -

    Thank you for visiting and commenting.

    Yes that story is so inspiring. Please pray for Ted because He needs to be strengthened in our Lord. Yes, Judy, God is amazing. Praise His awesome gracious name!

    I am glad that you "embrace" the encouragement for your son-in-law. I will pray for him, as well. Be encouraged - whatever it is - it is NOT bigger than GOD!

  4. Sandra - I just watched Ted on YouTube last night. He is AMAZING! A wonderful spokesperson for the Lord - both for his boldness in proclaiming truth, and in the golden "pipes" he's been blessed with! And yet, how long would he have stood there if someone hadn't stopped? Your "Jake" story was so wonderfully timely. And it spoke mightily to the blessings that come, on both sides, if someone just STOPS.

    Not sure if you like to read - but my book club read a book a few months ago called "Same Kind of Different As Me" - another joyous story about a homeless person that God used mightily. And his story also started because someone took notice, someone stopped.

    I am reminded - what you do to the "least of these..."


    (p.s. Remember awhile back, I made a comment about Holy Windex? Today I posted about it. Stop by if you get a chance...)

  5. Hi Sharon -

    I'm glad that you got to see Ted.

    You expressed, "And it spoke mightily to the blessings that come, on both sides, if someone just STOPS." How true that is, Sharon - indeed, how true that is.

    Truly, "the least of these" is what our Lord mandates....

  6. Hi Sandra,
    I will google Ted sometime later today. This looks pretty amazing. Thank you for sharing.

    In Him,

  7. WOW!!! Thank you so much for letting me read this!!!

    God Bless!!!


  8. Hi Lon -

    You are certainly welcome. Thank you for visiting!

  9. AMEN - and their old men shall dream dream and young men shall see visions... and just think what His daughters will do too. End Times. We need to be ready in season and out of season to be used of the Lord and be bold when he would have us to speak and zip the lips when He is holding up His hand like a "stop" sign.

    Most exciting times we live in and multiplying the shortness of times and events as we walk through each day!


Greetings -

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