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Blow up our hearts. Dance with us....


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Friday, March 4, 2011


Greetings -

The scripture is from the King James Bible.

This is fiction with true possibilities.

Come take a journey with me to Panther Avenue where moves of God are in motion amidst a backdrop of path finder’s, you know – everyday folks that are finding their paths who experience encounters of the God kind.

Cherish, a no-nonsense truth walker in the kingdom of God, is a consultant who owns, For Such a Time as This, a prosperous home-based customer service business.  Cherish has just moved to Panther Avenue.  She has an eager anticipation of the unfolding for this new chapter in her life.  Danita, her assistant, is such a help in much that Cherish needs to get done.  The two are friends who have worked together for years.  They greatly complement one another.  Cherish is saved, single, and satisfied with the manifold blessings that the Lord has bestowed upon her.  He has made Cherish profitable in ministry, and business, as well as in the personal affairs of life.

Danita, too, is saved - a single mother of three precious children, Jason, Evette, and Teresa.  She is involved in an unholy alliance with Jonathan – an alliance that has her unequally yoked with someone who does not love God.  Danita knows better.  She has allowed herself to become captivated by the charm of Jonathan.  He dotes on her, and showers her with gifts, trips, and attentiveness.  She believes that she has hit the mother lode with this man.  The truth that he is a sinner is a blip on her radar – a mere distraction in what she perceives as a bona fide romance.  Danita has not absorbed that this is a bogus journey to spiritual disintegration.  There are, however, two major misgivings that nag at Danita – Jonathan does not love God or her children.  For some that would be a deal-breaker – not so for Danita.  Her heart has dismissed reason so entangled is she in this deceptive affair.

Cherish has chided Danita about her election to be unequally yoked.

Danita is averse to acceptance of the truth expressed by her wise loyal friend.

Cherish frets not – she will continue to pray for Danita.

The two keep busy getting the house in order.

Cherish goes out to retrieve more from her car.

Robust Nelson, a warrior of God, is fearless and super bold in his witness for Christ.  He has been a full-time minister for 12 fruitful years.  The Lord has mightily used Robust on Panther Avenue to be a light in the darkness.  Across the street, from his window, Robust is watching Cherish.  He zooms in on the decal affixed to her vehicle.  It reads, For Such a Time as This.  He knows that that is a passage from the book of Esther in the Holy Bible.

Robust thinks, Hmmm, I need to investigate this further.

Robust believes that he is ready for a warrior lady of God.  He has dated godly women but none of them were spiritual warriors.  Over years, he prayed to the Lord to pair him with a lady warrior of God.  Robust is adamant not to accept anything less.  He keeps thinking about that decal affixed to Cherish’s vehicle, For Such a Time as This.  Could that be a message from the Lord for him?

Slide is the resident hustler on Panther Avenue who has failed to comprehend that his “game” leads nowhere.  His life is spiraling out of control – he is scared.  Slide lives in the apartment building, The Tartan, with his girlfriend Viv.  He has been a hustler for years.  Back in the day, Slide did work legitimate jobs.  Even then, he kept side hustles.  One day he foolishly decided to quit the "square" drill to undertake a full time hustling gig.  Little did Slide know that what he undertook would eventually overtake him.  He did not figure in the equation the toll his choice of occupation would demand on his soul.  Slide’s dates with the Devil have caught up with him.  He cannot shake the fears that now consume him.  In the Bible from the book of Numbers 32:23, it says, “…ye have sinned against the Lord: and be sure your sin will find you out.”  Slide is in a race against the anguish that has engulfed his spirit.

Viv is jobless, aimless, and expecting love in the wrong place – Slide’s place.  She is needy.  Slide so well plays on that neediness that Viv is adrift without him.  For years, Viv has been verbally abused by Slide with such frequency that she believes the lies that he utters about her.  Truly, Viv needs a rescue from her deep rooted fears, and insecurities.

Tammy, married to Orlando the councilman for the Panther Avenue ward, has been unfulfilled in her marriage for longer than she can remember.  She no longer enjoys her matrimony.  Increasingly, Orlando has exhibited selfishness, arrogance, and indifference in regard to relationships, especially in what is essential to healthy marital unity.  Piled on to those deficiencies, is Tammy’s recent discovery that Orlando is a corrupt politician, who has indulged in a pattern of kickbacks and briberies.  She has reached a point of enough.  Her plan is to confront Orlando.  Tammy is an emotional wreck - maybe Robust can provide some ministerial help with her overwhelming needs.

Orlando seriously ego-trips with delusions of power.  He wheels and deals and rubs elbows in the political arena - greasing palms and having his greased.  Occupation for Orlando involves one crooked deal after another.  Unbeknownst to him, his deck of cards is about to come crashing down.  Tammy is not the only one on to Orlando’s manifold misdeeds.

Robust goes over to introduce himself to Cherish.  “Good afternoon, I’m Robust Nelson your neighbor across the street.”

“I’m pleased to meet you, Robust.  My name is Cherish.  Interesting name, Robust.  Is that your real name?”

“Yes, my mother told me that the Lord gave her that name for me because my destiny is a robust relationship with Him.”

Cherish is affected.  “Are you a Christian, Robust?”

“Indeed, I am a warrior servant in the kingdom of God.”

“Wow, so am I.”

Robust felt his heart pace quicken.  “I noticed the decal on your car.  Actually, the decal was what compelled me to come over to introduce myself to you.”

She smiled.  “I’m pleased that you did.  Well, my unpacking assignment is calling me.”

Robust was disappointed to end the conversation.  He asked Cherish if there was anything that he could do.

“No, thank you.”

“If you change your mind, here is my number.”

“Thank you.”

“Sure, welcome to the Avenue.”

“Thank you.”

Robust reluctantly crosses the street to his home.

Cherish got good vibes from Robust.  She would seek the Lord about Mr. Nelson.

Michael, the maintenance engineer for The Tartan, the apartment building where Slide and Viv live, is consistently enthusiastic about his relationship with the Lord.  On his way to worship service, Michael runs into Viv and Slide.  “What’s up, people?  I’m on my way to church, would you like to come with me?”

Slide sneers and comments, “I am God.  Why do I need to attend some sucker church?”

Viv looks stunned and glances, in embarrassment, at Michael.

 Michael smiles lovingly and says, “There is only one God, and His name is not Slide.”

Viv thinks, admiringly, about Michael’s comments.

Slide is ticked.

Michael proceeds on his way, leaving Slide standing there seething in offense.

Viv believes in God though she does not have a relationship with Him.  She tells Slide that she is disturbed that he spoke so disrespectfully about God.

Slide angrily responds, “I’m grown, woman, and can say what I damn well please.”

Viv wilts.  She is afraid of the man that she “loves.”  Her fear is heightened because she is unemployed with limited skills, and major insecurities.  Slide is her man and her “meal ticket.”  She lives with him, and FOR him knowing that Slide is aware of her dependence and that he deftly uses that as cruel leverage against her.

Jonathan proposes to Danita.  She is elated – except - he does not love God or her children.  She cannot shake those realizations. Danita ponders within, Should I marry him believing that he will change?  People do change.  He can change – but will he?  He adores me.  I fell in love with him because he is charming, an able provider, and so attentive to my desires.  Lord, I know that I have neglected You but please approve of this, my choice.

To be continued...


Written December 23, 2009

Copyright 2009/2010/2011



  2. I enjoy your fiction with a message and looking forward to more in this series!

  3. On the edge of my seat...and then, "To be continued!" Needless to say, I am eagerly awaiting the next installment of this story. Sandra, you have such a way of making your characters come alive - I just love it.

    And, I really liked this description of Cherish - a "no-nonsense truth walker in the kingdom of God." Oh boy! I want that very phrase to describe me, too!

    Hope you post the continuation soon...


  4. Greetings -

    Thank you for visiting and commenting.

    Thank you, Marijo. Glad you enjoy it.

    I appreciate you kind comments. Glad you love it, Sharon.

    The Lord just days ago gave me "truth walker." I revised this piece to include it in the story.
    Amen Sharon, I'm with you about the desire to have that phrase to describe me, and others in the body of Christ. May GOD help us all.

  5. Hello My Sister ! I was having a hectic day and feeling a bit stressed and I decided I would go reading and visiting my blog sisters to decompress a bit. I am so glad I did. I am enjoying this.. Waiting on next segment ! Thank You, Sis! Cyndi


Greetings -

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