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Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Greetings -

This is Part 2. Here is the link from Part 1of "THE TAMPA TIMES."

Also, here is another related link, "BEFORE TAMPA..."

Last paragraph from Part 1:

What did I discover?  Bob and his "company" didn't have a license for a boarding house arrangement.  The official record revealed that it was a single family home.  I called and spoke to one of Bob's representatives.  I was told that the subject licensing was pending.  What?!  I'm no expert but I knew that the boarding house deal was not legit.  Of course, our Lord knew all of this - yet - He let me move in unaware of that matter.  2 Kings 4:27 - KJV says, "...and the Lord hath hid it from me, and hath not told me."  Not once did I sense that it wasn't our Lord's will for me to move into that house.  I sought Him about my dilemma.  I said something like, "Lord, I'm a Christian.  I can't be in this shady drama.  And You know I have limited options with no job..."


I digress before I return to the boarding house episode.  This situation happened on the day that I was led of our Lord to seek donations.  On that day, I met "Reverend" (I'll call him Fred) who was walking down the street.  Around his neck, he wore an identification badge with his photo and notification that he was a pastor.  I shared with Fred about some of my story.  He told me that he was in the business of helping "the least of these."  My impression was that he was part of some sort of nonprofit organization that helps the needy.  I shared with Fred that I was in search of work.

Fred assured me that he could give me some work in his organization.  He gave me his number to set up an appointment.  Over days, each time that I would phone Fred, he had an excuse for not meeting with me.  Typically, I'm not one to pursue beyond about three attempts, but clearly our Lord told me to continue to pursue the matter.  After more than a week of phoning, leaving messages and speaking with Fred to get yet more excuses, I really began to question our Lord about why He desired me to keep calling Fred.  Our Lord didn't explain.  I had to obey Him, regardless.

On some days, Fred would return my calls to say that he had emergencies or that he was going out of town and so had to cancel our appointment.  Finally, after about two weeks of such actions, one day I was going, on the bus, to a Christian bookstore.  I don't remember who called who but I spoke with Fred and he agreed to meet me at the transfer point before I boarded my second bus to reach my destination.

Fred assured me that he was minutes away from where I was and that he would, very shortly, meet me there.  I waited a reasonable timeframe.  When Fred had not arrived, I phoned him.  He then told me to meet him where he was located.  I reminded him that he had told me that he would come to meet me.  He responded angrily.  I forgot exactly what he stated.

In my spirit, I sensed our Lord let me know that it was "lion time."   For the two week span with Fred, I had been in lamb formation.  Please know that I love Fred, but it was time to address his nonsense.  Now the lion in me "pounced."  I sharply said to Fred, "The Lord told me to go to the Christian bookstore."  I don't recall, verbatim, what else I said but I do remember that I said something like, "That is where I am going.  I'm not coming to meet you."  I told the "good Reverend" that real Christians keep their words.  A few more choice statements were delivered to Fred.  I ended with something like, "The Lord told me to leave you alone!"  That said - I disconnected the call.

About a month or so later, you may find it a surprise to know where I saw Fred.  That Tampa "chapter" will be posted later.

I arrived and entered the bookstore.  I made a few
low-cost purchases.  The desire of my heart was to have a comparative study Bible to compare versions side by side in one Bible.  I couldn't afford it.  Our Lord placed me back in donation solicitation mode.  He told me to go out to the bookstore parking lot to ask for donations so that I could make a Bible bookstore purchase.

After greeting them, I said this to the people who our Lord led me to ask, "Would you like to make a donation to a worthy cause?"  When they would ask what the worthy cause was, I would reply "me."  Then I would briefly tell them about my love for our Lord and a few other Christian related expressions.   

I got a couple of refusals.  A group of women got out of a car.  After my request, a couple of them stated that they might help when they came out of the bookstore.  One woman gave me a three dollar donation and suggested that I go back in the bookstore to make my request to the personnel who worked there.  The Lord had told me to go to the parking lot and that is where He wanted me to stay.  I thanked her, and politely told her of what our Lord had instructed me.  After about thirty minutes, our Lord sent His saint (I'll call her Sarah) to buy the Bible for me.  Sarah agreed to help me, and asked what I wanted in the bookstore.  Our Lord led me to respond that I would tell her when we got in the store.  Sarah agreed.  Once there, I led her to the comparative Bible section.  I sensed in my spirit which comparative Bible our Lord desired that I select.  It was about $50.00, which caused me to hesitate.  Anyway, I went for it in obedience.  Sarah, without hesitation, agreed to purchase it.  I offered her the three dollar donation that I had received earlier in the parking lot.  She refused to accept it.  I thanked Sarah for her generosity.  

When Sarah finished at the register, we had a brief conversation about our Lord and she shared with me what church she attended.  She gave me her number, and we went our separate ways.  The next day our Lord led me to phone Sarah to give her a message from Him.  I believe also that He gave me some scripture content for her - my memory is fuzzy on that aspect.  Sarah didn't answer her phone.  I left the message on her voice mail.  Later she phoned me in tears - joyful tears.  She explained that the message that I had shared was precisely what she needed.  She expressed how the message blessed her.  Our Lord blessed us both - me with the Bible and Sarah with the message.  Thank You, Lord!

Our Lord presented another donation solicitation opportunity for me.  He led me to contact one of my
out-of-town relatives (I'll call her Ada) to request financial help.  My family knows my inclination is NOT to ask for financial aid.  Accurately, that WAS my inclination, for as long as we can remember, until our Lord told me that that was a pride matter with me.  I needed to be humbled in that area.   

Ada agreed to mail me some funds.  The funds didn't arrive after a reasonable time.  I phoned to inquire.  She gave a reason why she hadn't sent the funds.  This went on for more than a week.  She continued to give reasons why she had not done it.  My inclination was to cease to inquire.  But our Lord urged me to pursue it.  At some point, I came to realize that the pursuit matter was not only about me but about what our Lord was doing in Ada.  She is a Christian, but keeping it real, at that time, she was more carnal than spiritual. 

Anyway, one night I dreamed that our Lord had me to strongly rebuke Ada for not keeping her word.  In the dream, I sharply said to her something like, "The Lord is angry at you because you told me that you would do it, and you didn't do it."  And in the dream, I  told her that the Lord would judge her for not keeping her word.  The dream was quite vivid and when I awoke, I was troubled for Ada because the dream made it crystal clear that the Lord was VERY angry with her.

It was early in the morning after my dream when our Lord told me to phone Ada to tell her about my dream.  I hesitated because of the early hour.  Our Lord urged me to phone.  Ada didn't answer.  I was led to leave a voice mail message about the dream.  Ada didn't return my call, but about two days later, I received the funds from her.  I mailed her a thank you card.

To be continued...        


Written Tuesday March 15, 2011

Copyright 2011



  2. Let your yea be yea and your nay be nay. Black and white period. Not that things can't come up but something just wasn't right. If you commit then you'd best show up to fulfill that commitment. Agreed!

  3. I don't know how I missed the first installment, but I read that one and then this one. My hubby and I had an experience with an "apostle", so-called, who never kept his word. He would make appointments with my husband and never keep them, or show up late, or bail out at the last minute. We figured out real quick that this gentleman was NOT an apostle at all, no matter what he said, because this and other "little things" revealed cracks in his character to where there was NO way he could be entrusted in any kind of leadership position within the Church. Sometimes I really do wonder about, what makes them think God can entrust them to lead His people and they can't even keep their word? Lack of integrity abounds, it seems!

    I love "it's lion time"! I may use that one! :)

    This is most definitely an interesting journey! Can't wait to see what becomes of Fred and Bob the boarding house owner!

  4. Greetings -

    Thank you for visiting and commenting.

    You expressed, "Let your yea be yea and your nay be nay." How true, Marijo, how true, indeed.

    @Mining for Diamonds
    You expressed, "...what makes them think God can entrust them to lead His people and they can't even keep their word? Lack of integrity abounds, it seems!"

    I have wondered as you have about just what you expressed. That lack of integrity issue is major to me. I told someone recently that it has been said, "A person is innocent until proven guilty." But my scores of "betrayal" experiences from, including "Christians," have me where I am of the inclination to believe that people are suspect until PROVEN INNOCENT." I'm just keeping it real, people, from my standpoint, based on my various experiences.

    Glad that you love "it's lion time." May "whosoever will" use it - to our Lord be the glory!

  5. What a story, Christains should be people that keep their words. I love how God is still using you in the midst of your storm. Thanks for sharing:)

  6. Hi Toyin -

    Yes, Christians, of all people, should keep our words. These days, to a large extent, the word Christian is used and treated so loosely that now I define TRUE Christians as truth walkers, SON dwellers, SON warriors, true worshippers... because for many the word Christian has come to mean what does NOT truly represent our GOD and his Holy Bible.

    Recently, a man said to me something like, "You Christians have the worst hypocritical reputation of all religions." That is his perception, and truth be told, many "Christians" have made what he said, largely, to be truth.

    My prayer is that we will steadfastly aim to be truth walkers in the kingdom of GOD who are DOERS of the Word of our Lord. That is Bible truth, and as our Lord says in 3 John 4 - KJV, "I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth."

    May GOD help us all.

  7. Sandra dear. I came on here a couple hours ago and started reading to catch up on you last couple post, but I got pulled off. I will find a minute to catch up soon,but I need prayer warriors out there praying with me. I am helpless to do anything but put this in God's hands.
    Two of my sons, Tony and David, have a half sister by Tims ex wife. Her name is Heather.She is a mother of 2 little boys and 5 months pregnant. This moring , her youngest son, Houston Austin McCarty died. He was misdiagnosed with an ear infection earlier this week by two separate drs. at emergency room and family Dr.Yesterday, They took him back to the emergency and they still said, ears inf. but he was dehydrated and admitted him. During the night, he started having seizures and while trying to transport him to bigger Hosp. this morning, he died.Heather is so distraught they are now worried for her current pregnancy.
    My heart is breaking for my sons pain, for their sister and family and for my husbands ex whom obviously I have known for many years. Despite what may have occured in the past , we have a decent relationship. Poor Sonya! I cannot imagine! My son David is particularly affected as he lives there in the same town and has spent much time with the baby. He is not walking with the Lord (backslid)as most of them there are not including Heather and Sonya. I am lifting them up that God will carry them through and they will feelhis love and return to a relationship with him. OH, Sandra.. . . I am sorry , but pray for me too.Years ago, I had some words with young Heather and we havent gotten along and that means nothing to me, but I do not know how receptive she would be to me offering her my condolences and prayers. Pray I will be a comfort to my husband ex family and my sons, that God will give me the right words to say, and fill me with more and more love for all of them. Thank you , sister. God Bless

  8. Hi Cyndi -

    My heart goes out to you and your family. I placed a prayer for you all in the comment area under your most recent blog post.

  9. Hi Lon -

    Thank you

    Blessing to you, too.

  10. We should always keep our word. I always either say, Yes, No or maybe. No matter what happens I keep to what I have spoken. It is a very bad testimony from a Christian when they do not keep their word. xx CM

  11. Hi Crystal Mary -

    Thank you for visiting and commenting.

    You are absolutely right - we truth walkers in the kingdom of GOD should keep our words, and if there are valid reasons why we cannot, we should respectfully express...

  12. Sandra - How wonderful that God placed Sarah in your life at just the precise moment you needed her! He is such a Master at timing His blessings, isn't He?

    I'm continuing to catch up on your posts...

    (Sorry I've been missing - was in Chicago for 5 days, and now I have out-of-town guests. Will catch up as I can - miss you!)

  13. Hi Sharon -

    Glory to GOD that he had Sarah and I there for each other. I received a Bible and she received a message from our Lord... Yes, GOD is a Master at timing His blessings. Praise His precious name!

    Ref: Your, "...I've been missing..."
    I understand...we have our priorities...


Greetings -

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