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Saturday, March 5, 2011


Greetings -

This is Part 2 - the conclusion.  This is the link to Part 1

Last paragraph from Part 1:

Jonathan proposes to Danita.  She is elated – except - he does not love God or her children.  She cannot shake those realizations.  Danita ponders within, Should I marry him believing that he will change?  People do change.  He can change – but will he?  He adores me.  I fell in love with him because he is charming, an able provider, and so attentive to my desires.  Lord, I know that I have neglected You but please approve of this, my choice.


The Lord answers, “Danita, Jonathan does not love Me or your children.  I do not nor will I approve.  What you need to do is return to Me, your First Love.”

Danita is heartbroken.  She knows…but does not want God to be right.  For days she begs the Lord to accept her with Jonathan.  His answer remains a firm “no.”  To her dismay, it becomes clear that God will not move.  She needs to move back to God, and away from Jonathan.  She tells Jonathan that their relationship must end.

In trembling voice, Jonathan responds, “What?!  Why Danita?!”

“I am in love with you, Jonathan, but I have come to truly understand that I failed God.  He does not approve of my union with a man who does not love Him.  I have found that nothing, and no one can compare with being in love with the only true God, our Creator.  Further, you don't love Jason, Evette, and Teresa.  It was foolish of me to be insensitive to my children for you, a mere man!  It is over, Jonathan, I wish you the best.”

Jonathan admits his shortcomings, and promises to change.  He implores, “Baby, please stay!”

Danita refuses to budge from her stance.

After repeated attempts to keep her, Jonathan replies, “As much as it pains me, I know that you mean it.”

Tears streaming, Danita nods.

Jonathan leaves in defeat.

Cherish prayed about Robust and the Lord assured her that he is indeed a righteous warrior.  Robust pitches in to help Cherish with her many chores.  The transition for her became more manageable with Robust’s welcome aid.  Several times he invited her to accompany him to minister at nursing homes.  Cherish was delighted to go.  She marvels at how Robust conducts himself with such a hospitable spirit.

She tells Danita, “The brother is righteous, loving, sensitive, and deep.”

Danita shouts, “Glory!”

Danita is in process to heal from her wounds.  She and the Lord are back on accord.  Jason, Evette, and Teresa are happy once again to have a real mother in their lives.

Cherish encourages Danita to press on for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.  “You go, girl,” she says.  They high-five and laugh.

Michael is sitting on the building stoop reading his Bible.

Slide mockingly remarks, “What you got there, church boy?”

Michael has been long-suffering with Slide.  He has shown him love, and huge amounts of patience to no avail.

Now the Lord tells Michael, “It is lion time."

Michael puts down his Bible, looks Slide straight in the eyes, and says, “What I’ve got here are some words for you.  I am a real man in the presence of a boy.  I serve, with fervor, the most high God whose air we all breathe.  He told me to tell you, Slide, that your days are numbered.  Repent or perish!”

Slide laughs and goes into the building.

Michael resumes reading his Bible.

Upstairs in the window, Viv witnesses the exchange.  She has chills from the power transmitted from Michael.  She wonders, “What is that strength that comes forth from that man?  Is that how God manifests in His people?!  Viv is intrigued.

Slide enters the apartment unit still laughing at Michael.

Viv looks different.  She tells Slide that she witnessed the exchange between him and Michael.

Slide sarcastically replies, “And…?!”

Viv retorts, “And you are a dead man, and I just witnessed a live man light into you.”

Slide’s expression registers as if cold water had been thrown in his face.  He looks at Viv, and notices a difference.  He recognizes strength, and resolve.  He has never experienced that from Viv nor has he ever received such defiance from her.  He is perplexed, and does not know how to handle what just occurred.  He leaves.

Viv knows why.  What she does not know is what has happened to her.  Whatever it is, I like it, she says to herself.

Slide walks out of the building in a daze – his mind on what went on upstairs with Viv.  He walks by Michael – into the street.  Bam!  Slide is hit by a SUV.

Michael rushes over.  He arrives just as Slide’s eyes close.

Slide is gone.  Numbers 32:23, “…ye have sinned against the Lord: and be sure your sin will find you out.”

Upstairs, Viv heard the loud thud, and the slam of the brakes.  She gazes out the window and sees Slide lying in the street.  She hurries downstairs where - Michael shakes his head.  Viv collapses in his arms.

Orlando sits at his desk in preparation for a conference call with his partners in crime.  He looks up.

Three men walk in and identify themselves as law enforcement.  They show badges.  One of them says, “Are you Orlando Dane?” 

Orlando, with an expression of a deer caught in headlights, answers, “yes.”

“You are under arrest for bribery.”

Orlando knows that the gig is up.  “Let’s make a deal,” he says.

The officers nod, handcuff him, and read him his rights - they depart to book the disgraced politician.

Tammy, unaware of what has just transpired with her husband, meets with Robust to unload about Orlando.

Robust listens intently.  When Tammy concludes, he handles the matter with sensitivity.  He gently offers her encouragement.  Then Robust reminds her that we reap what we sow - he adds that it is a certainty that Orlando will suffer the consequences of his actions.

Tammy thanks Robust, and promises to read her Bible.

Robust replies softly, “It is not enough to read it.  You need to do what it says.”

She smiles wanly, nods, and exits.

Months have come and gone on Panther Avenue.  What goes these days with the path finder’s?  Come with me, and discover…

Cherish and Robust are a couple.  They are fully persuaded that the Lord made them a pair.  They love God, and are thrilled to be two warrior spirits on one righteous accord to destroy the works of the Devil.  It is a joy to watch them together.  Truly, their union is a match made in heaven for - such a time as this.

Danita is content to have a season without a soul mate.  Her focus is to seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness.  And she is in a spiritual place to learn better how to mother her children.  There is certainly much to keep her occupied.  She has immense gratitude that the Lord led her back to where she needs to be in Him.

Michael led Viv to the Lord.  They attend the same full gospel church.  As for what else may develop…only God knows.

Orlando gave up his partners, and cut a sweet deal.  He got five years probation and a pink slip from work.  He passed Go and did not go directly to jail, however, his life is in shambles.  He asks, “Where to begin?!”

Tammy has small love for her husband.  She is not certain what she will do.  Maybe what Robust said is for her to get done - read the Bible and live what it says.  Now that is the best path finder for sure!


© Copyright December 23, 2009



  2. O.k. I skipped down here first. Will go back and read, but I can tell you when I saw the post in my list I said, NO..... NO conclusion! Already? So soon? AAAAGH! O.k. Now I will go SLOWLY read so I can make it last longer LOL

  3. Thanks for this story! It's like a Christian Melrose Place, lol! Drama, intrigue, romance...with a twist, the Spirit of God! I enjoyed reading it and finding out what happened to these characters.

    And thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your uplifting comments! It's always a pleasure to hear from you! Blessings!

  4. What a great conclusion to this intriguing story. God works in all lives at all times. And your story is an important lesson in how important it is to listen to Him.

    My favorite line? "Now the Lord tells Michael, “It is lion time."

    Sandra, I just loved that. I'm going to start saying that when the enemy begins his taunts and attacks. It is lion time - and look out, for the Lion of Judah fights for me!


  5. Greetings -

    Thank you for visiting and commenting.

    You're funny, Cyndi - (smiles)

    @Mining for Diamonds
    You are certainly welcome - glad you enjoyed it.

    It is my pleasure to visit and comment on your blog, and to have you on board here, as well.

    Yes, Sharon I agree that God works in all lives at all times. Truly it is important to listen to Him so that we can know and do.

    Amen - Sharon - "for the Lion of Judah fights..."


Greetings -

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