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Saturday, October 2, 2010


How do you feel about professing Christians singing secular AND Christian music? Also, do you notice a difference in anointed Christian singing versus that which is not anointed?

A few years ago, a minister, Michael (not his real name) told of when he was at some sort of Christian event, where there was an afternoon session and an evening session. Michael stated that he does not know how it happened but two singers sang the same Christian song that date. In the afternoon a man sang it. Michael stated that the man had a trained voice and sang on note. When the singer finished the song, he got applause. Michael stated that in the evening, a female singer sang the same song. He stated that she did NOT hit every note but Michael marveled that she was anointed and the people there, by their responses, joyfully agreed. When the singer finished singing the song, people were standing up deeply affected, and in deep praise mode. If I remember correctly, I believe that Michael stated that people got healed. He mentioned that he was struck deeply in his spirit by how both singers sang the same song but one singer sang it with the anointing of GOD and the other singer did not. The anointed singing resulted in a move of the Holy Spirit upon people. The impact of the female singer was powerful upon those who were there, Michael said. I found his observations quite interesting.

Now I know and understand what Michael meant. There is a Christian program that comes on weekly. I have watched it for months. Most times, the speaking guests are anointed and my spirit bears witness that they are in love with GOD. But usually, the guest singers on the subject program (bear with me, please, I am being honest and I hope, not judgmental), with rare exception, were not anointed. It got so that when the various guest singers came on, I would use that time to do something elsewhere until the teaching and testimonials on the program resumed. The Lord must have spoke to the program heads because one day about a month ago, as I watched the subject program, a singer was about to come on, and I was in mode to do my usual “errand” actions until resumption of the teaching and testimonial portion. This particular singer began to sing and Wow! – the anointing was obviously present in voice. I cancelled my “errand” action and commenced to be ministered to in anointed song. Now, most every time I turn on that program, the guest singers are anointed. And to my surprise, last night the host read an e-mail from a viewer that commended the improvement in the singing guests! The e-mail complimented, in essence, that the singing has been elevated and is now anointed.

Some months ago, on TBN, Pastor Jentzen Franklin hosted the program. He introduced a singer, Madonna Massey, who made her debut on TBN that night. Before she appeared, Pastor Franklin stated that someone had sent him her CD. He stated that Madonna was so anointed in song that as he listened to her CD in his office, he dropped to his knees in worship. After his build up, I was eager to hear Madonna sing. Well…hallelujah, when she was not even mid-way into her song, the Holy Spirit dropped me to my knees from her anointed performance!

It is truth that the anointing of GOD cannot be faked and that those with pure hearts and clean hands operate fully in it.

I have never heard a professing Christian who sings Christian, AND secular music perform with the anointing of GOD. Yes, they often have trained skilled voices and can stir hearts but the closer I get to GOD, the less I am affected by the singing of those who are professing Christians who also sing secular music.

I enjoy classical, and some secular music that has wholesome lyrics but I do not, for the most part, enjoy Christian songs sung by those who also sing secular music. To me such is not usually accompanied by the anointing of GOD. Discerning ears can recognize anointed singing.

What are your views, please?

It is understood that we are uniquely different and have different musical tastes. That said, I highly recommend that you go to to view two anointed Christian song videos. One is of Christian men singing; I get teary-eyed every time I watch it. For that one, type in the YouTube search engine, “Don’t do it without me” – it is the version that is 10:01 in length.

The other one is Madonna Massey, her TBN debut appearance. For that one, type in the search engine, “Madonna Massey –The Wonder Melody” – it is the version that is 8:53 in length.

Thank you for your indulgence.


  1. I do believe that some have the anointing and some don't. I seem to be moved in spirit more by those who have the anointing than those who don't. I have listened to both the songs that you mentioned in this post, and I do feel that both are anointed. I do remember with the song of the men singing Don't Do It Without Me, I found myself praying the same thing out loud about half way through the song.

  2. Thank you, Julie...

    Do you think that it is "reasonable" for professing Christians to sing both secular and Christian music?

  3. I am not sure. I think it would really depend on what they were singing about. If they are singing some of the songs that I hear some of these secular singers singing, I'm not so sure they would be anointed, they might sound good, but I don't know if they would be anointed.

  4. Yes, I agree

    Did you read the short stories that I posted here in recent days? They are:


  5. I was able to read JESUS AT THE CLUB WITH THE EAGLE SQUAD, but haven't been able to get to the others, due to my studies for school. I think I left a comment on that one, but I could be wrong. I will try to read the others as time allows.

  6. I understand...thank you

    There were some interesting comments entered today on the topic,"PLEASE HELP WITH ANSWERS TO THESE QUESTIONS." It was posted earlier today.

    When you are able, please weigh in there as I value your insights...

    Thank you, Julie

  7. The comment below was sent to me, via e-mail, from Karen:

    10:30 PM (18 minutes ago)

    I am quite convinced that the Holy Spirit that indwells each Christian bears witness with other Christians that are also indwelt with the HS. I think that this applies to written and sung words as well.

    As far as Christian singers marketing to the secular market, I think it is great if they take their Christian material and market it in a secular market. This is a way to take God's word to nonChristians. I am not so keen on Christians who sing secular music. And my least favourite is when nonChristian singers do an occasional Christian song and market it to Christians. Growing up my parents listened to country music. They would listen to the Sunday Request Hour every week, and I noticed that most of the Christian songs were sung by artists who did not profess to be Christian. This could sound harsh, but I think that this is a misrepresentation of what is in their hearts.


  8. Hi Karen -

    Thank you for your insightful comments. I strongly agree with what you expressed.

    Your last sentence states, "This could sound harsh,..." That does not sound at all harsh to me. I wholly agree...

  9. Hi Sandra,

    I believe people are anointed if they are truly walking with the Lord. They have an intimate relationship with God through Jesus Christ through prayer. You're right, the anointing of the Holy Spirit will come through someone singing or through the writing of an article or book, playing an instrument or through a painting. If you know the Lord and are in constant communication with Him, your music or writing or anything you do will be anointed.

    I remember a couple of years ago, I was asked to give a short speech on how the Women's Resource Center helped me prepare and find a job I loved. I was so nervous about giving that speech that I almost pulled out, but I felt that God really wanted me to do it. I prayed and prayed about it. Even fasted and prayed about it and rehearsed my speech with God. Well, the day I gave my speech (I wasn't the only person speaking that day. There were a number of others), I wasn't as nervous, but afterward, I received an ovation like you wouldn't believe. Everybody clapped and clapped loudly. It wasn't because of anything special that I said. I was shocked actually. It was because of God's power and presence. The other people who spoke did not receive the ovation that I received. I was amazed at how God showed up with I stood up to speak. He answered my prayers. In fact, that entire day was blessed. I felt his presence in such a special way, and so did my friends who were with me.


  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Hi Judith -

    Your first paragraph really spoke to me. In particular where you stated, "...anything you do will be anointed." That is so true. Thank you for sharing that, I needed it...

    So your speech wowed them?! Praise our Lord...
    You are His willing vessel. I enjoyed your testimony about how our Lord showed up in you and through you...

  12. You're welcome Sandra! :-)

    For some reason I didn't see the other articles you were referring to on your blog.


  13. @Judith

    Hi -

    Ref::My posted Christian short stories:

    I got your message about not being able to find the cited posts...

    There are a total of five posts - two of the short stories are posted in parts
    one and two.

    Please go to and click at the "Archive" area on the right side of the blog screen. Click on for the month of September.

    The topics are,

    "PART ONE - FLYING IN THE GODLY SKY - UNITED (about Christian actions on board a plane that experiences major turbulence)


    "PART ONE - A SHORT STORY - JESUS AT THE CLUB WITH THE EAGLE SQUAD" (about Christian couples witnessing at a night club, and the results)


    "HIGH SCHOOL CHANGE CADETS - A SHORT STORY (about high school students dealing with bullying)

    Note: I posted this comment on your blog, as well...


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