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Sunday, October 17, 2010


Greetings -

Scripture from King James Bible

Of course, all of GOD's Word is amazing potent and powerful but yesterday this scripture profoundly affected me:

Isaiah 2:1
The word that Isaiah...saw...  

It amazed me that he saw the word.  How awesome is that?

I long for more understanding on that issue.  

Please indulge me with your thoughts on that scripture excerpt.

Thank you. 


  1. I need help, please, on this scripture excerpt.

  2. The Amplified (which gets more into the Greek definitions and, well, amplified them) says:
    Isaiah 2

    1THE WORD which Isaiah son of Amoz saw [revealed] concerning Judah and Jerusalem.

    So it means he revealed the word.... he was a prophet or true "seer" as opposed to one connected with sorcery....

    Hope this helps. Also, I know that when I pray with eyes shut sometimes I "see" things - little pictures or things as written on a black board (which tells you what era I came from)

  3. Hi Marijo -

    Thank you -

    Yes, this did indeed help me. I will get more into it later to learn more.

    I like that when you pray you "see" things - little pictures or things as written on a black board..."

    I "see" things when I pray, as well but not on a black board. That is funny what you said about the black board.

  4. I received this response, via e-mail, from grammy (her e-mail name):
    show details 8:53 AM (3 hours ago)

    I had not noticed that verse! I will have to discuss with my pastor but it is very interesting that "word" is used here instead of "vision" as in Chapter 1.

    Chapter 1:10 says: Hear the word of the LORD, ye rulers of Sodom; give ear unto the law of our God, ye people of Gomorrah. And this "word" is from the same Hebrew dabar, H1697 in Strong's Hebrew dictionary. It is used often in Isaiah. I found this verse, too, that caught my eye:

    The Lord sent a word into Jacob, and it hath lighted upon Israel. (Isaiah 9:8 KJV)
    I think it could be referring to Jesus as being the Word of God, as in John 1:1.

    I don't know if I will have any time with Pastor today -- we're have a special group today, and it's his birthday -- lot's of celebrating. But I will let you know what I learn.

  5. Hi Grammy -

    Thank you for your consideration and help.

    Wow! That scripture that you cited, Isaiah 9:8 -I do not recall ever seeing it. I love that it says that "The Lord sent a word into Jacob,..." Wow!

  6. God can teach us through picture books and visions. What does He teach us? The Logos of God (the full "picture").

  7. Hi Timothy -

    Thank you...I appreciate your comments.

    Can you please explain more about "picture books"? Where can I read up more about the Logos of God?

  8. I've got "The New Testament" from the ICB Bible. It is in comic book format. Children and semi-literate people like reading it -- and can become Christian. The Logos is in there.

    "A Greek philosopher named Heraclitus first used the term 'Logos' around 600 B.C. to designate the divine reason or plan which coordinates a changing universe." This is what the Bible contains.

    This is found in


Greetings -

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