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Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Greetings -

This is a "lite" post or maybe not.  The question arose in me, "Are there any blog "thou shalt not's."  That is a bit extreme, I know... 

Does anyone have any comments about blog etiquette?  I have been blogging for less than a year.  Some things give me hesitation.  On one person's blog, the author placed a note to make comments brief.
After I read that on that blog, now when I go on other blogs to comment, I think, is this comment too long?

Some blog author's respond to comments and some don't.  Understandably, people are busy and it is not, of course, possible to always respond.  On one blog, a commenter expressed to the author that she was glad that the blog was kept current.  What is current in blog "country"? Is there any such thing - for real?  

Is it a violation to refer others to your blog when you are commenting on someone else's blog?  I have done it and noticed that others have, as well.  Is the consensus that that is acceptable?

Some bloggers share e-mail addresses and some don't.  For those who do, do we put them on our e-mail lists to receive group e-mails (you know those where all or many on our list get copies)?  Or is that a blogger violation?  Probably that depends on the person but if they list their e-mail addresses on their blog, how do we know if there are limits on the usage?    What is proper usage or when does it become infringement usage?

Me, I am pro inter-active and participatory, and do not mind much of what I mentioned above but aim to respect the "space" of others who have different sentiments.  I understand that we are all unique and have different styles etc. but please weigh in with your comments on this.

I am grateful for blog experiences, sharing, caring, learning, teaching etc.  It is a very useful means to commune.  But questions....  

Is anybody feeling me on this or am I  making much ado about nothing?

Thank you

Note: I just thought of two "pet peeves" that I have.  This has happened, not necessarily where it concerns blogs.  I called a business today that deals with tourists...the recording had information relative to August 2010 and nothing forward from there.  This is October! Also, some websites have date information about events etc. for dates that are in the past.  Example: It is October 19, 2010, and they will have messages like "Please attend our July 19, 2010 seminar - we'd love to have you there."  Again, it is October 2010.     

The other is that on any given day when I do e-mail communication with people for the first time of said day, and they send me e-mails without greeting me first.  Example: I receive my first e-mail of the day from Richard, Frank or whoever and they begin addressing whatever they are e-mailing about, and do not say "hi," "hello," "good morning..."   Now if Richard, Frank...e-mails me again the same day, I do not expect another greeting - then it is fine to go straight into the subject matter.  Whenever I e-mail someone for the first time on a given day, I begin with a greeting.


  1. This was sent to me, via e-mail, from Karen:

    show details 10:36 PM (18 minutes ago)

    There likely is some blog etiquette list somewhere, but I have never seen it. I like to comment on other people's thoughts, but I am too lazy to actually go to the blog very often, so I appreciate the emails.

    The only thou shalt not that I can think of offhand is leaving a comment that is off topic, especially if it is self promotion.

  2. OK, Sandra - you are speaking my language, friend!! I've only been blogging since the end of June - I don't know if there are "rules" out there or not!

    But, my personal opinions? For what they're worth, here they are:

    I personally don't care how long a comment is - I'm just grateful for the comment, you know?!
    I think everyone's posting "schedule" should be left up to them. Some people have more time for blogging than others. And it sorta depends on your content. Let the Lord lead how often...
    I think it's OK to refer to your blog in a comment, if it's done in a "you might interested" sort of way (that's ALWAYS been my impression of what you do, by the way.)
    "Real" followers? Hmmm...Sometimes I'll get a random comment from someone that I haven't heard from in a long time. So, I think they must be reading at least some of the time. Maybe they're just not "talkers" like I am!!
    Not sure about the email - still pondering whether or not I want to add mine to my profile.
    Your pet peeve?! LOL!!

    As for me, I am TOTALLY feeling you on this one, friend!


  3. Hi Sharon -

    Thank you so much for your comment. I was wondering if I was making much ado about nothing.

    I understand your concern about the e-mail matter. Many people share such sentiments.
    I hestitated but felt led of the Lord to go ahead and add it...At first, I did not have it there but felt prompted to do so. As you stated, we need to allow the Lord to lead.

    Your comments are very helpful and truly appreciated. Thank you, Sharon!

  4. I would recommend googling "blogging etiquette" to understand the pros and cons of various restrictions.

    I must say, you are the most encouraging and interactive blogger I've seen! I thought you were doing it just to get started, but then I saw you are involved in customer service. That explains it.

  5. Hi Timothy -

    Thank you for the tip on googling.

    Please expound on the second paragraph - you said, "I thought you were doing it just to get started, but then I saw you are involved in customer service."

  6. Hi Sandra,

    I'm away from home this week, I try to read many of the post by bloggers but my schedule is quite hectic. I must admit that reading blogs that post daily is quite difficult for me because I prefer to leave comments on those blogs I read. I hope you and other bloggers don't think I don't read your blogs if I don't comment on daily posts.

    I think that as far as blog etiqutte goes, do unto others as you would have them do unto you is a good place to start. There is a discussion thread in the Help Forum, I hope this offers answers to your questions.

    Blessings and peace.


  7. Hi MTJ -

    Thank you for letting me know...I was concerned.
    What you expressed is understood.

    Had I not heard from you soon, I was considering rallying the calvary...ah, now I can unlace my army that I know that all is well with you...(laughs)

  8. Well, I guess I should say Hi first (lol) or have I been here once today or not. Sandra, i think you have some good questions and there are several places that you can find information about blogging do(s) and don't(s). I just started blogging this year and i was shocked when I read a post on another blog about blogging etiquette and discovered I'd broken a rule or two. (1) Personally it doesn't matter to me if the comment is short or long as long as it is relevant or adds something interesting to the post. I'm always happy to have someone stop by and actually take the time to read and leave a comment. I do not like when a person seems only to be interested in promoting their own blog. A couple of times I've had someone stop by and only say you're welcome to follow my blog--no comment on anything written in the post. That was a big turn-off for me. Because I naturally visit anyone who has stopped by blog. (2) Initially, I started out responding to comments in the comment section of my blog but soon got quite behind. So I do like to send a email if that person has their email available. I've been back and forth on the should I reply to the comments on the blog itself b/c I know I very rarely go back to read an author's reply to my comments in their posts. Unless, I've asked a question. (3) I believe everyone sets their own posting schedule but I become less interested in blogs that only post every few months. But, on the other hand, I'm a bit overwhelmed by those that post daily.Because I felt a bit guilty when I didn't have the time to comment on each post. I try to aim for 3 or 4 times a week. (4) In regards to email, I send an email reply to those who make a comment on a post. Otherwise, people can sign up to receive post via email. That way they're opting in to receive the email. Some people include you on their list after making a comment on their blog but the emails have a link or unsubscribe option. SIDE NOTE: I really wish all bloggers had the emails available for communication purposes. I dislike when someone makes a comment and I have no way of communicating with them. I understand that some people don't want everyone having their email address but one can easily set-up a separate address just for blogging purposes. Well, I think this is the longest comment I've ever made on a post...sorry :)

  9. Hi Wanda -

    No need to be sorry...

    Thank you for your long informative and helpful comments.

    Long comments are fine with me - I tend to make them and have no qualms about receiving them.

    A broken rule from one is not necessarily a broken rule for all. What "peeves" one does not necessarily "peeve" another. If possible, I desire to be aware of the "peeves" of others and to inform others of mine.

    I may look up the blog do's and don't on google or whereever but maybe not. This approach may be all that I need.

    There is a "rule" that all caps is shouting. Well, sometimes I use all caps (not in excess) for emphasis or distinction, but I am NOT shouting. I do break that "rule" and will continue to do. For me it is not that deep...if it is for others...For all of us - some things we change and some things we do not.

    I feel you on the "you're welcome to follow my blog--no comment on anything written in the post."

    I do tend to go back to read author's responses to my comments and also tend to respond to those who comment on my blog. I understand that some people are busier than others. Now it would likely be different if I had a boatload of comments on the regular. You simply could not answer every one and get much else done.

    Good point on your SIDE NOTE..

    In fact, your points are good and wise. For the most part, I agree with your positions with a few differences. Such is life..

    Thank you, Wanda

  10. Thanks for making my quick response look as good as it does above! Bottom line, I guess, is be yourself. You readers will tell (sometimes quickly) whether you are open and honest. To me that's what a blog is all about.

  11. Hi Sandra,

    Just got back to my room, and you have made me smile today. Yes, "unlace those army boots" my sister. The brother hasn't been taken hostage.

    Blessings and peace.


  12. Hi MTJ -


    Now this warrior can be "at ease."

  13. Hi Sandra,

    Thank you for sharing the link with me via email. I read your words and heart sharing.

    Many have asked about blog etiquette and some have written about it so I'm sure there are varying takes on it.

    I will simply say that I blog, visit blogs and comment as the Lord leads...

    My heart is to bless never to impose or have an expectation of someone else in what they should or should not do with their blog. If there are do's and don't's then I'm not aware but I do and don't based on the leading of the Holy Spirit.

    I will add that I do not publish comments that are nasty, divisive or simply ones that people want to promote themselves.

    As one who had an Email Distribution Devotional Ministry for 5 years long ago, I never just add someones email to anything without giving them the courteous of asking them first. Peoples lives are full and often too busy so I try to give them the same courtesy I would want. Besides, I don't like to assume everyone wants to read everything I write (smile). I'm not that interesting (smile). I never ask anyone to take my button, visit or to 'follow' me. I don't even like the word 'follow' unless we are talking about Jesus. I APPRECIATE anyone who takes time out of their busy lives to visit and read whether they comment or not, I just pray they are blessed in what they read because I blog as a part of our offline ministry. Everyone blogs for different reasons.

    You can feel free to read the Ministry link on the navigation bar on my Sharing Life with Lisa and #3 at the bottom of that page explains a lot about how my view.

    Hope my input has helped in some way. Thanks and bless you!

  14. Hi Lisa -

    Thank you -

    I share your sentiment about the following.
    The "Followers" terminology does not line up
    with my beliefs either. You are right...we are to follow Christ.

    I appreciate that you have shared your preferences and beliefs about blog etiquette.

  15. Good morning, Sandra!

    Thank you for stopping by my blog and commenting. I enjoyed reading your thoughts on blog etiquette. Am not sure if there is any firm, established body of rules for blogging---I try my best to go by the golden rule.

    I agree that blogs should be kept somewhat current---at least a few a month (I average about 5.5/week).

    I love to get comments. Most people are very nice and respectful, but some are not. I accept that. If I don't have anything meaningful to say on another person's blog, I don't comment; but, normally I do try to be supportive.

    I like your blog! Thanks again for stopping by mine. Have a great Sunday!

  16. Hi Clint -

    Thank you for visiting and commenting.

    You are certainly welcome. It was a pleasure to visit your blog.

    Typically, I get comments from a "faithful few."
    But after some time blogging..., I trust our Lord to send who He desires to read and/or comment. For truly, it is about GOD above all else.

    Praise our Lord for whatever He does with our blogging missions.


Greetings -

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