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Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Greetings -

Help please, does anyone know the answers?  Here is what Marijo e-mailed to me:

Hey, I could ask you about my favorite scriptures that I do not understand...

In the one where Satan and Michael were "arguing" over the body of Moses - what right did Satan have to the body of Moses to begin with so that argument was even possible?

Then in OT where supposedly Samuel was conjured up and said something - was that a demonic spirit or ??? because we aren't supposed to try to communicate with the dead.

What does "whatsoever you bind on earth is bound in heaven" mean and how do you do that?

Sandra's notes: The scriptures that Marijo refers to are these:
Jude 9
1 Samuel 28:15
Matthew 16:19

Thank you for your consideration and indulgence.


  1. Help please - Marijo has questions...and so do I...

  2. Jude 9 almost got the letter kicked out of the New Testament. It is thought he was quoting an apocryphal book. Not a heretical book; just apocryphal. See:

    The witch of Endor conjured up Samuel and not a demon. This was exceptional. Usually all you get is a demon. But remember, Saul was the king of Israel. God sent Samuel in the spirit to Saul to rebuke him.

    This does not justify saying mediums are always bringing dead people. Prayer to God for the people in a seance stops the seance cold.

    "Whatsoever you bind on earth shall have been bound in heaven (where God is)." This is God's promise of our power of attorney over a portion of the authority of the Holy Spirit. Only God has authority over the rebellious demons. And we have access to use that authority.

    Deliverance is not a gift. It is not only for the strong in faith. It is available the moment a person becomes a Christian. Even the youngest Christian can send a powerful demon packing. Elijah and Elisha would have loved to have this authority and did not.

    Since it is authority on Earth it can be used at any range. You don't have to know names; just describe the target and the angels will handle it from there.

  3. THANK YOU! Very insightful and helpful!


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