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Thursday, October 14, 2010


Greetings -

Psalm 150:6
Let every thing that hath breath praise the Lord.... 

Many people know and understand that animals are spiritual creatures that have emotions which we observe.

Most people have heard of and observed reports about animals alerting to danger and saving lives.  Those stories are heart-warming and precious to know.

I have looked into the eyes of dogs and cats, both those that are familiar to me and those that I encounter in my outings at parks, etc., and discerned that they discern the glory of GOD.  They also discern when love is being transmitted to them - even from strangers.  I have encountered dogs in parks who have come up to me because they discern the love and glory of GOD that our Father has so graciously placed within me. The animals sense it.  Those have been spiritual moments.  Please share your spiritual animal stories here.  I am interested in learning about spiritual experiences that other saints have had with animals.

Here are a few of mine:

Recently, on, I saw a man lead his dog in grace before meal consumption.  I was deeply moved that the dog actually engaged in grace before its meal.  You can view that if you type in the search engine, "Dog saying grace" on  

Some months ago, I sat in a park on a bench reading my Bible.  Squirrels kept distracting me.  For a few minutes, I engaged in shooing them away because I was intent on reading my Bible.  Then I heard the Lord tell me to leave the squirrels alone and to enjoy them.  He said that when He was ready for them to leave, that they would go.  I obeyed and did proceed to enjoy the squirrels.  There was a peace associated with my observance of them.  It was also spiritually rewarding and relaxing as I concentrated on the GOD in them.  There was a definite connection with His creatures.  Impressively, the Lord had me in communion with the squirrels.  This went on pleasurably for a bit.  And true to His Word, when the Lord was ready for me to resume my Bible reading, He sent the squirrels away!  They just left!  They no longer hung around distracting me.  I sat there reading my Bible and the squirrels did NOT return to distract me!  That spiritual squirrel episode deeply impressed me. 

On the National Geographic website, there is a video titled, "Battle at Kruger."  It has stunning footage of Cape buffalo rescuing one of their own from a pride of lions.  Also, there are the animal programs where we observe animals grieving the losses of their own.  Yes, indeed they are emotional creatures.  I have read of reports where animals are used as therapy/comfort for those in jails, and for those in nursing homes. 

Animals can exhibit good and evil.   I firmly believe that no animal can be fully trained/tamed to conform to human commands.  No matter how much love is lavished on animals, they are still animals.  It is in the best  interests to remain aware of the unpredictability of the animal species.  With sensible choices, they are truly assets that add bountiful enrichment to our lives. 

Thank you, Lord for your amazing creatures!


  1. Spiritual encounters with animals...

  2. Sandra - I saw that video - it was amazing!!! I really LOVE all animals, but I'm partial to dogs. I grew up with a dachshund who was my best friend, and my son now has a beagle, whom I adore!! I agree with you, I believe they have a connection with their Creator, I believe they understand love - and God has a purpose they fulfill in this world and in our lives.

    I've written four posts about that beagle "grand-dog" of mine - Marty. You might be interested in reading them. Look in the archives under "Lessons From A Beagle" (there's four of them). And if you run down my sidebar, there's a picture of Marty.

    Yes, animals can express evil - but it's an evil that invaded their world when WE sinned and fell from grace. I love this from Romans 8:19-21: "For all creation is waiting eagerly for that future day when God will reveal who his children really are. Against its will, all creation was subjected to God's curse. But with eager hope, the creation looks forward to the day when it will join God's children in glorious freedom from death and decay."

    Thank you, Lord, for Your amazing creatures!!


    P.S. Thanks for your honest comment on my blog today. I'm going to sit down later this evening and respond - I really want to take my time to mull it over.

  3. Hi Sharon -

    Thank you for your comments - You said, "I believe they have a connection with their Creator, I believe they understand love..."
    Yes indeed!

    Also, you said, "Yes animals can express evil - but it's an evil that invaded their world when WE sinned..." That is an interesting statement - though I do not fully understand it, I do believe that it is true.

    I will go to your "Archive" area and read about the beagles.

  4. Mankind was given authority over all the earth, including the animals. God's Word does not return to Him void. This was not revoked by the Fall.

    Read Ecclesiastes 3:19-21 to see animals have God's spirit in them like us. Our spirits go up; an animals' spirit goes back to the earth. Good doggies don't go to heaven, despite what our mothers told us.

    Since animals have God's spirit, they can be cursed, blessed and demonized. God will judge them or reward them with regards what they did with what experiences and breeding they had been given.

    In Genesis 5, we were commanded to kill and eat animals -- and the animals were given fear of us. This business of keeping them as surrogate children is artificial in an age of abundance. This age is drawing to a close.

  5. Hello Sharon, Thanks for stopping by. I enjoyed reading this post. What an awesome thought that even the animals praise him.

  6. Greetings Bernadine and welcome to "LIONS SHARE MAJESTY."

    Thank you for your comments. Yes, indeed His animals do praise Him. How fortunate we are to be able to enjoy them. Thank you, Lord!

  7. @ Timothy -

    Hi Timothy -

    Thank you for your comments. I appreciate your knowledge indeed.

    I do not understand what you expressed in your third paragraph, "...they can be cursed, blessed and demonized..." or the last two sentences in your last paragraph, "This business of keeping them as surrogate children..."

  8. Their spirits can be affected by humans sending demons upon them or Christians sending divine blessing upon them. Fortunately God didn't sent the messiah as a dog or only doggies truly could get to heaven!

    As for surrogate children, my wife keeps doting on our dogs, cuddling with them and speaking baby-talk to them. Gag! I bought those dogs as a security system when things go bad in our society.

  9. Hi Timothy -

    Thank you for that additional information. I believe that I read in one of Rebecca Brown's books that animals can be demonized. It was mentioned that some demons were being cast out of someone and they forgot to put the animal(s) out of the room, and the animal(s) reacted viciously. I forgot the details - whether one animal or more...

    I am NOT afraid of animals but am aware of their "places" and mine. One of my relatives has two boxers and I love them. They engage with me very well, typically, but I do not trust any animal fully. When I lived with that said relative, the Lord told me to never turn my back on the dogs - in other words, be aware of them in my space, etc. I can recall a couple of times that they were barking at me and I proceeded to go up the stairs and the Lord told me not to turn my back on them - to go up the stairs - but to walk up the stairs backwards....which I did. In particular, when the boxers were in "bark mode," I was cautioned by the Lord not to turn my back on them. Though I lived with these dogs and they loved on me and I on them, I remained aware that they are animals. I was also aware that I am filled with the Holy Ghost and that one of the owners of the dogs is not. I do believe that the ungodly spirit of the unsaved owner affects his animals.

    One day I was alone in the kitchen with the two boxers and one of them just, "out of the blue," started barking and would not stop. This was an "unusual" barking episode. Usually, I could quiet him but this particular day, he was not having it. Clearly, I heard the Lord speak in my spirit and tell me to take authority over the barking. He told me to, with authority in my voice, tell the dog to "shut up." I said it with Holy Ghost fueled authority. I shouted, "shut up" and said the dog's name. Immediately, I do mean immediately, the dog shut up.

    Timothy you said, " wife keeps doting on our dogs, cuddling with them and speaking baby-talk to them." I am with your wife on those actions. I too cuddle and talk baby-talk to animals. I adore them in proper perspective. No gags here on that point. Try it, Timothy, - it has sure rewards! (smiles)

  10. This was sent to me, via e-mail, from Marijo (my reply is after Marijo's comments):

    Date: Saturday, October 16, 2010, 5:28 PM

    Hi Lady ~

    I read your animal piece and you know how blessed I am by mine.....

    My only concern is this quote "It was also spiritually rewarding and relaxing as I concentrated on the GOD in them. "

    Man is created in God's image. Animals are not created in God's image. His handiwork is definitely in all the animals around us. He created them and blesses us with them for sure.

    There are many Pantheists on SW and I am just hoping that this will not add fuel to their fire (that god is everywhere, in everything, everything is god, we are god, god is us, god is the sunset and the lake and the swan and the rock (not that He created all of those but that he is those...)

    Just some thoughts. Do any of them make sense or am I off and rambling? I am totally tired today so anything is possible.

    Love you!


    Sandra's reply:

    Hi Marijo -

    I am going to post this on the blog - your comments and mine.

    Thank you for your comments. I appreciate your viewpoints.

    You are right - we are created in the image of GOD - animals are not.

    I do believe, however, that all that is alive, has GOD in us/it. I do believe that GOD is in animals by virtue that they are His creation. He was in the "dumb ass" that spoke to Balaam (Numbers 22:28). He was in the ravens that fed Elijah. 1 Kings 17:6 says, "And the ravens brought him bread and flesh in the morning and bread and flesh in the evening;..." GOD was in the dove that returned to Noah. Genesis 8:11, "And the dove came in to him in the evening; and, lo, in her mouth was an olive leaf pluckt off: so Noah knew that the waters were abated from off the earth." And GOD was in every one of those animals that came on board the ark with Noah and his family.

    Does GOD abide in animals as He does in humans? No, but He is indeed in them.

    Timothy made a comment under said topic about animals being able to be blessed, cursed, and demonized. I do NOT understand what he means and have asked him for help in understanding what he means.

    I sincerely appreciate your viewpoints, Marijo, and value your expressions.

    Footnote: Timothy did respond. His response
    is above.


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