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Sunday, October 24, 2010


This photo was posted on my photo blog today.

That is a bee in the center of the flower.

Greetings -

It is my effort to give some suggestions relative to my fellow members of the body of Christ who post photo galleries (a collection of photos posted together). I have "met" a number of Christian bloggers who love photography and who post photo galleries on their blogs.  Please bear with me as I am not sure how well I can state my sentiments.

Previously, I was posting photo galleries on this blog. About two  weeks ago, the Lord reminded me that this is a spiritual blog for content that is Bible and gospel based with scriptural content included.  The Lord  instructed me to do a separate blog for my photo galleries.  I removed the photo galleries from here and placed them on the newly created photo blog.  I will continue to use photos on here to accompany that which is biblically based, unless the Spirit leads otherwise. Also, I am allowed to make announcements on this blog about new photos being posted on my photo blog.
One day I decided to add some scriptural content to my photo blog.  The Lord told me no.  I obeyed.  Later I asked a brother in Christ why would the Lord stop me from posting scriptural content on my photo blog?  Below is an excerpt of the response from my brother in Christ (I am not using his name because I did not ask his permission).  

He stated, " is nice to have pretty pictures.  Verbage would be a distraction.  There's a time for every purpose under heaven."

Later...the Lord shared more with me about the matter.  He informed that some non-Christians love to view photography but would feel "threatened" by a blog that is obviously Christian in content.  While they may be inclined to view photos - they may not be inclined to go through the Christian centered blog content to get to the posted photo galleries.  Most of us know of some people who are turned off by Christian conversation.  I have one male neighbor (I'll call him Peter) that the Lord allows me to share food with sometimes. Whenever I would bring up the topic of GOD or such content, Peter would become very agitated.  The Lord told me to stop preaching to Peter but to continue to offer him food.  Peter readily accepts the food but does not want to hear about GOD.  One day recently I showed Peter a photo from my photo blog.  Instantly, I noticed a connection  - he was impressed.  The photo that impressed him was a picture of a bee (it is the focal shot on my photo blog).  He complimented the photo and made a bit more mention about it.

From that, along with some other things, the Lord taught me to do more to meet people where they are.  Certainly that does not mean sin but to find a wholesome common denominator and know that the Lord can manifest His love and fruits in those common denominator places. 

Photography blogs can be tools to minister to people.  We can share about photography and GOD knows what He can do with that sharing. I have some family members who are not interested in my spiritual blog but who did go to my photo blog.  They all commented on, and complimented the photos.  It was quite interesting how the Lord used the photos to appeal to their sight senses.             

Of course, we need to be prayerful and do as the Spirit leads.  Our Lord, we know, leads us all in unique ways.  I felt led of the Spirit to post these suggestions today with awareness that the Spirit may not lead all who have photo galleries to practice my suggestions.  But if only one person does, it is worth the effort. 

My suggestion is that photo galleries be separated from gospel content blogs.  Also, I suggest that each  photo in photo galleries be numbered so that those who comment can comment by photo number.  Example comment: "I loved all of your favorites are 1, 2, and 7."  One last suggestion (thank you for bearing with me): For those who elect to do a separate photo blog, consider creating a "FAVORITES" tab where others can view your favorites, and favorites selected by others who have viewed on your photo blog.  If you are so inclined, to view a representative example, please visit my photo blog and view what is posted under my "FAVORITES" tab.  Some people like interactive - where they can participate by giving their elected favorites.   Also, if  photo blogs have lots of pictures and some people are not inclined to view all of the pages, they may be inclined to view the "FAVORITES" tab area.  It allows a quick view option.     

Thank you for your consideration.

NOTE: Today I posted new photos on my photo blog

There are three sets of photos that were posted today.  Each set has a topic.  One topic has squirrels as a focus.  One topic has bees as a focus, and one topic is "LITTLE CREATURES" which has photos of birds, and insects, etc.

The photos posted here with this topic were posted on my photo blog today.

This photo was posted on my photo blog today.  


  1. Hi Sandra,

    Really enjoyed this post. Thanks for your suggestions. I'm actually in the planning stage of creating a separate photo blog. Are you aware that all of the photos we post are being stored at It's a place where blogger stores photos from all blogs. When I first learned of this last week, I was not pleased. I store my photos on a different site and didn't like the idea of having my blog photos stored in a place that blogger never told me about up front. I wish they had given us an option. I did some research on it, and the bottom line is that blogger needs a place to store photos on the web, and is the place.

    I plan on launching my photo blog probably in a couple weeks. Talk to you soon.


  2. I like the idea of the favorites tab, but I don't know how to make the tabs. If you could tell me how to do it, I would appreciate the help. I could also do a different tab for my videos, and then they would be separate from the photos. My videos do have a Christian center to them, as they are praise music...

  3. Greetings -

    You are certainly welcome.

    Thank you for the headsups about photo storage.
    How did you find out about I look forward to the launch of your photo blog.

    I sent you, via e-mail, the "how to's." Happy tabbing.


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