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Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Greetings -

Today who are of the ilk of Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Elijah, John the Baptist etc. ?  


  1. We have none. Another interesting thought -- are we not in a time that requires such men of God?

  2. This was sent to me, via e-mail, from Karen:

    12:24 AM (6 hours ago)

    Check the mental health facilities. Today people who claim to have visions from God get locked up - probably diagnosed with ADD and put on medication during childhood.

  3. Brother Dave Wilkerson is one of the first who comes to mind - I have sat under his teaching when I was at Youth With a Mission and I believe he is a right on modern day prophet of God. there are many, many more - not the "raise your eyebrows" type prophets but scriptural ones who hear and "see" things from the Lord. He has a wonderful newsletter with a teaching in it that you can get for free and it comes out every 3 weeks - we have gotten it for over 25 years.

    There are many movements such as the one in Kansas City (IHOP - not to be confused with the restaurant of the same initials) International House of Prayer....

    This list goes on and on including international people who are full gospel (Charismatic rather than charismaniac) and hear from God and act as the "watchmen" on the wall - some of them are women too such as Cindy Jacobs.

    The small church I attend has people in it who tend to have a prophetic gifting also. Along with people I have known for years through Youth With a Mission and Every Home for Christ.

    Hope this is helpful? Marijo

  4. For Jeremiah, Ezekiel and John the Baptist, I know prophets who have accurate visions, they just don't broadcast it. I am told things by God, but He wants me to keep a low profile right now.

    Joel Rosenberg has written a series of books that are "fiction," but the incidents in the books that have come to pass are statistically impossible to be random chance or reasoning. He explains it as things he got from the Bible, but that can't be!

    As for an Elijah, he had gifts of miracles. When the American economy collapses we will see people like this popping up all over.

    In the meantime, keep praying for prophecy, Word of Knowledge, Word of Wisdom and Discerning of Spirits!

  5. Greetings -

    Yes, your information is quite helpful. Thank you. I have heard and read Cindy Jacobs. Also, I know of Wilkerson. I may pursue getting his literature.

    Thank you for your comments.

    I am not understanding the "don't broadcast it" and "low profile" issue. And what is the deal about the "fiction"?

    And why will the people "pop up all over" when the American economy collapses?

    I am confused. Please help me to understand.

    Thank you, Timothy.

  6. Prophets don't always have to proclaim. In fact, they should ask the Lord if they are to say something. The Apostle John is the only one who knew what the Seven Thunders said in the book of Revelations. God told him not to write it down for publishing.

    In Ezekiel's case, Ezekiel needed lots of motivation to say anything at all. He was held in account for people's death if he didn't warn them!

    I can only say that God has me doing strategic intercession that is best to keep quiet about so Satan doesn't try to counteract them.

    For his own reasons, Joel wrote works of fiction about the future. But they came to pass. After the third book people started comparing him to Nostradamus. You can look him up at:

    When the economy goes, the Americans will be searching for answers. God will open the mouths of the prophets at that time. He also had a perfect time to open the mouth of John The Baptist.

  7. Joel Rosenberg has written some fiction (novels) that look like they were taken right off the front pages of the paper - incredible, riveting and possibly with a prophetic nature although I never thought of that until Tim mentioned it.

  8. I thank you for this information. It has given me much to seek the Lord about for better understanding. He has already this evening led me to Daniel 11...

    Also, I believe that "he opened my mouth" this week relative to the topic "TRAITORS IN THE MIDST..." He is JUSTLY informing them to turn from their wicked ways or expect imminent judgment against their actions that He has no more longsuffering for...


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