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Monday, October 18, 2010


Scriptures from King James Bible

1 Corinthians 2:15
But he that is spiritual judgeth all things,...

1 Peter 4:17
For the time is come that judgment must begin at the house of God:...

1 Samuel 2:30
...for them that honour me I will honour, and they that despise me shall be lightly esteemed.

Greetings -

Last night's "GUEST PIECE FROM MARIJO" post prompted me to re-post this topic. Marijo expressed how her pastor and his wife spoke yesterday about people arriving late for church service.  Sharon commented with an important message. 

I will re-post Sharon's comment here and also re-post the comments that were received when this topic was originally posted.  The original post of this topic was on Tuesday October 5, 2010.

Here it is:

Greetings -

I am deeply grateful for those in church leadership who respect the Lord overall but this post is about promptness. Some weeks ago on a televised Christian service, I heard a pastor stress that he begins on time. In essence, he said that he did NOT care who was not there - he starts on time. Again, in essence, he stated that if service time is 11:00, then he starts at 11:00. I was quite pleased to hear that he is firm about timeliness in honor to GOD. I so appreciate people who respect that GOD is a GOD of order, and timeliness is order.

Of course, there can be, on rare occasions, extenuating circumstances but typically, church programs/services should start on time. To do otherwise, is an insult and an affront to GOD. He is holy and to be regularly late is disrespectful to His holiness.

I have attended more than a few church programs/services where timeliness is not exercised. This past Sunday, I visited a church for Sunday school for the first time. On their website, it stated that Sunday school begins at 8:30. I got there at about 8:15. The outside church sign stated that Sunday school service begins at 9:30. I went inside and inquired, and was informed that Sunday school starts at 8:30. I politely mentioned that 9:30 was on the outside church sign.

Well, I settled in and engaged in a bit of small talk pending start of Sunday school. Hmmm - 8:30 came and went...8:40 came and went...I inquired and was informed that Sunday school starts when the teacher gets there - also I was informed that he is always late. It was about 8:45 before the teacher began to teach. His topic was on the whole armor of GOD. Correct me if I am wrong, but I sat there thinking, "How can you have on the whole armor of GOD if Sunday school starts late?" I found it challenging to engage because if someone does not have enough respect for GOD to begin on time,... Further I found myself wondering about the teacher, "Is he on time for work?" If we can be on time for work and be late for GOD for services..., what does that demonstrate - that being on time for man is more important than being on time for GOD? How would we feel if GOD had a practice of being late? Of course, He is never late but what if He were regularly late - wouldn't we feel disrespected and insulted?

Also, when services/programs do not begin on time, it is also disrespect demonstrated toward those who are in attendance.

My entire work history, I regularly arrived to duty at least a half hour before required. It is part of a strong work ethic to be prompt. Relative to church and other places, there have been times that the Lord has led me to arrive after the start times - but overall, promptness is order.

Please express your views on this.

Thank you for your indulgence.



    Marijo said...

    OK you and I are wired the same - to the point where when I panic because I am going to be late I can now remind myself that I am always 15 minutes early and "being late" will probably end up being there right on time (and it is true).

    Having said that - I have been with short term missions groups in Latin America where culturally, it is almost considered uncouth to show up "on time".

    I notice that our services are beginning at maybe seven after instead of 10 straight up. The pastors have encouraged the congregation to show up on time to honor God - to come early and pray in the sanctuary for the service and worship team and preachers... but we (as a congregation) seem to keep sliding the "beginning" time.

    Do I like it? Nope. I was the one who did not procrastinate and actually would go out during final week (not the rest of the year) because I reviewed my notes, maybe had a coke with someone and came to the dorm to go to sleep before the test.

    Have found that I am sort of a rare bird as most of the rest of the world procrastinates.

    I think it is polite to do what is stated so people can plan accordingly. There are jokes about being late for your own funeral but seriously, it almost seems to come down to being honorable to your word or not.

    My supervisor at a recent job was always late and then the Lord laid it on her heart that she was dishonoring all her fellow employees. In essence indicating that her time and projects were so important that she could make the rest of us wait for her. I don't think she was ever late for a meeting again once she had that revelation from her Lord!

    October 5, 2010 12:30 PM

    Transparent Tulip said...

    i think it is a sign of someone's character of whether or not they at least try to make it everywhere on time. i have been guilty of constantly being late and each time i was it was because i was not managing the time God has given me, or because I was outright being lazy, nor did i care at the time.

    praise God, He is always on time!

    October 5, 2010 12:55 PM

    lioneagle said...

    Greetings -

    This was sent to me, via e-mail, from Karen:

    details 1:46 PM (1 hour ago)

    Being on time has always been a struggle for me - I don't know if it is genetic, or if it is a character trait that was taught by parents who did not strive for punctuality, or if I really have no excuse. But I do try very hard to be on time. I do not feel honoured if people wait for me. I feel guilty if people have to wait for me. If I am late, I enter quietly and try not to disturb. There are cultures where time scarcely exists, and people are laid back and we admire them for it, but I do not live in such a culture. In my culture, people are busy and life is scheduled. I respect that, and I fight against my natural inclination to be late.

    October 5, 2010 2:51 PM


    SharonKirby said...

    This is a real pet peeve of mine. So many people arrive late at our church, and many leave early. Besides the fact that I think it's a very rude thing to do to the pastor and worship staff, it's terribly disrespectful to the LORD!! I don't want to judge - but we come to WORSHIP God - and part of worship is having reverence for Him. He is a loving God, absolutely, but He is also a God who deserves AWE! I like to come in a few minutes early - so I can settle myself and PREPARE my heart for the Lord to speak. I thought the "river" image was so very powerful.
    Perhaps we need to pray for ALL believers, including ourselves, to be READY for the Lord's leading - alert and obedient to whatever He commands us to do - and part of being ready is being THERE, wholeheartedly!


    October 18, 2010 2:24

  3. Hi Sharon -

    Thank you for your comments. It is a pleasure to find that others value reverence for GOD in His houses of worship. He is holy and should not be lightly esteemed in any regard!

    At some point, I will transfer this piece to be placed under the "Tab" above titled "EXCEL IN SERVICE."

  4. Hi Sandra, great post. I love to arrive to church a few minutes early because I have time to quiet my mind before the service begins.

  5. Hi Bernadine -

    Good you said, "I love to arrive to church a few minutes early because I have time to quiet my mind..."

    I agree...

    Also, I do NOT like to engage in chit chat before the service begins. Social conversation is fine after service but before service, I desire to be in a "zone" with the Lord...

  6. Most of the time I try to chit=chat in the foyer and by the time I get into the sanctuary I am writing my check for offering, then glancing at prayer requests, then quieting myself and praying and or singing with the worship team as they practice (quietly as I carry a tune in a bucket)...or if I am real early I walk the sanctuary and pray with others doing the same pre-service.

  7. Hi Marijo -

    You sound tuned to me...smiles)


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