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Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Greetings -

I read an article today dated today on  The headline says, "1 in 4 Americans can't think of recent postive contributions by Christians."  It goes on to state, "One in four Americans said they couldn't think of a single positive societal contribution made by Christians in recent years, according to a nationwide survey released Monday."


  1. Hmm. They couldn't think of Habitat for Humanity? Though I disagree with much of Jimmy Carter's politics, this openly professing Christian has accomplished much encouraging HH across the country.

    They can't recall when the Red Cross showed up at disasters across the nation? How many floods, fires, hurricanes have seen their volunteers.

    But, why continue the list. Christ has not received sufficient notice for millenia.

  2. I think it's because Christians don't go in and say, "Hey everyone, look at us. We're Christians, and we're doing this good deed." We aren't supposed to draw attention to "our" good deeds. We're just supposed to do them, and give God the glory...

  3. Greetings all -

    Thank you for your valid points and information
    about the good services that are being rendered.
    I too am grateful for the loving Christians that show love to the many that need it.

    My belief is that there are not enough Christians doing love by giving of their time and finances. When I lived in a homeless shelter, it was obvious that more could be done by the people of GOD.

    Sadly, for them, I encounterd a bunch of selfish Christians who did not help but offered prayers. Faith without works is dead. I have had brothers and sisters in Christ offer me love gifts that never came, lunch and dinner invitations that never happened, house-warming gifts that never came, etc. So my perspective is different, of course, from those who have not had such experiences - from a number of Christians who did not keep their help...

    Lord, please help us all!...

    Note: I may do a separate post on this.

  4. i agree with julie, but i also agree with sandra.

  5. Samaritan's Purse, Compassion International, Youth With a Mission (my old roommate and her hubby have lived and served in Haiti for over 20 years and raised their kids there and are helping right now with a cholera epidemic - another roommate and her hubby are coming in to help.... other friends are working in India with kids sold into prostitution and getting them out and having houses for them to live in and go to school and be taught about the Lord...these are just a few of the things YWAM is doing -helping unwed mothers here in the US - we have other friends who have been in New Orleans for over 20 years and have about 5 ministries there (through Youth With a Mission) including street ministries, discipleship schools, help for unwed mothers,help in rebuilding after Katrina, food for hungry etc.

    Chuck Colson reaching out to kids of prison inmates and the inmates themselves, I could go on and on but thing there is much worth mentioning on the Christian doing good things front. Every Home for Christ is taking a repeatable gospel message to "every home" in the world and has been doing this since 1946 - they also reach out and help poverty, plant churches where there are none, make a difference in floods and famine and with children (how do I know? I worked in one office for over 9 years and kept the statistics)

    There are over 100 ministries just in Colorado Springs which are doing everything from helping save marriages to feeding people, working with children, helping with AIDS stricken peoples and basically doing what they feel the Lord would do being His arms and feet here among us.Other groups are earning dollars to help fund Jewish people immigrating back to Israel from wherever in the world the currently live.

    Local churches are doing much. Our church is small but we have helped raise $30,000 for an adoption of 2 special needs girls from Ukraine, we have a clothing closet where people can leave items they would like to leave and take whatever they need, same with food pantry.

    I could write paragraphs of just things happening in the name of the Lord with people I personally know but the above is giving a snap shot overview.

    Could the Christian community do more - oh, yes, much more but at least there are some positive things happening.


  6. Hi Marijo-

    Thank you so much for your perspective. I sincerely appreciate that you shared your experiences. You provided things that are necessary to know. It is such a joy that there is love shown by GOD's faithful people. Praise His name.

    I will likely do a post about more from the perspective of my experiences. Variety in perspectives helps also...

  7. This was sent to me, via e-mail, from Karen last night (EST):

    9:47 PM

    This is very sad. I have spent a lot of time in the writers' forum at Triond, and there are several atheists there. They keep saying that religion in general and Christianity in particular has done more harm than good for mankind. They blame the church for most of the wars in history, for holding back the progress of science, for making homosexuals commit suicide, and on and on. They also claim that the God of the Old Testament, if he is real, was responsible for killing more people than any human tyrant or dictator. Judging by the attitudes of the nonChristian writers that I know, I would not doubt that 1 in 4 Americans can't think of anything positive to say about Christians.

  8. I was a professing atheist for 9 years - when you place yourself in that position you get pretty defensive and trying to tear down anything that goes against your stand. I decided there was not a god because of all the mess and misery in the world. I drew a line in the sand with my own ideas of what I would and would not do but always managed to stumble over that line I had put in place for myself - fighting Christians all the way. Why? I didn't fight Buddhists nor Pantheists, nor New Agers.... probably because deep inside I had a glimpse of The Truth.

    I finally met Jesus and am definitely a new creature - turned around and inside out!

    But while I was professing atheist I struck out because I didn't want all I had "figured out" to come tumbling down so basically I chose to believe the enemy's lies - until one day I couldn't stand it and the mess my choices had gotten me into (sin will do that for us,eh?) And I cried out to the god I wasn't even sure was there. He met me at that point and saved me and WOW - it is now 36 years later and I am running strong after Jesus my Lord and savior - GRIN!!!

  9. Hi Marijo -

    Thank you for your comments.

    I pray that the Lord will allow atheists to read what you have expressed here. It can prove to be so helpful to them. We love and so much desire that they come to know JESUS and to become so completly in love with Him that their souls follow hard after Him (Psalm 63:8). With GOD all things are possible.

    Run on sister, run on (smiles)!

  10. The Denver Post is judging Christians on our "societal contributions," ignoring the gospel. Our highest object of devotion is a little different than that. Real Christianity shouldn't fit under the Humanist umbrella of religions.

    When I went out on hurricane relief, the Salvation Army was taking some financial help from the feds. Because of that, the feds told us we weren't allowed to evangelize or show even the slightest implication of coercion. I took Bibles along with me anyway and put them to the right of my drink table. I quickly prayed for each meal coming out. I would quote scripture as was relevant. People knew WE were Christians!

    The Red Cross, a wholly Humanist organization would take our meals, put their sticker on the top and give them away. There was even one instance of them putting their logo on the side of one of our 18-wheeler trailers parked at a busy intersection! They lied many times about their "presence" in communities that only we had served.

    The Humanist news media are sure to put a Humanist spine on charitable deeds done solely because Jesus loved us and wants us to love in return.

    The Humanist school teachers would exaggerate anything Christians had done wrong and fail to tell about the infamous things Humanists and Muslims had done. Stalin's Gulags disappeared. Stalin's and Hitler's alliance disappeared. The Muslim's bloody conquest of the Middle East, Asian Minor and North Africa is missing from the history books!

    When I shared the gospel on the campus of University of Washington I would see all these smug kids who were assured that Christianity would implode with the least debate. I would shift paradigms on them and watch them walking away, wondering why it didn't work like the teachers had told them.

    I had been one of those Humanists at one time, so I had thought through everything they had in the way of arguments.


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