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Sunday, October 17, 2010


Photo compliments of Marijo
Thank you, Marijo
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Greetings -

This just in from Marijo.  It so blessed my soul, I asked her permission to post this.  She graciously said yes.  Thank you, Marijo!

From: Marijo
Subject: Marijo

To: "'Sandra
Date: Sunday, October 17, 2010, 9:24 PM

Guess what happened in church today? – many were late for worship again and Pastor Teri (Pastor Jim’s wife who leads worship) implored us to get there on time to honor God. She was sweet and encouraging but gave a correcting message – then Pastor Jim didn’t give the message he prepared but went on with what Pastor Teri began and it was so good – the Holy Spirit was leading – various others shared a scripture or testimony or word… It was some of the same things we all talked about on your blog this past week!!!!

Like the Holy spirit was using a pink highlighter and underscoring it all!

Love you Sister!

Wish you had been with us this morning!


RE: Marijo
Sunday, October 17, 2010 9:49 PM
From: "Marijo
To: "'Sandra

It was one of those “Holy Spirit” things and so right on about honoring God, truly worshipping and watching God move in a mighty way (we had a powerful time of prayer and healing at the altar too and giving our issues (physical, relational, spiritual) to God for His answer/touch/intervention – And the Holy Spirit simply came and took over the service.

They also spoke about God wanting to do so much more and needing us there whole heartedly and not late or half way there but honoring what and who He is and making Him supreme in our lives and hearts and priorities.

Pastor Teri later told me that it grieves them (the worship team) to see people coming in late, reading their bulletins during worship, and missing out on the Lord’s fullest and best. One worship team gal said she “saw” a river flowing through the sanctuary and some of the congregation were in the river enjoying and worshipping the Lord and others were standing with a little toe in that river and some pulled back like they were afraid of God. She said soon was coming the time when an individual would either be in the river all the way or way outside that river of God’s presence.

We are talking about God, the Creator of the Universe, the master of our hearts – the challenge was to give Him our first and best….

Powerful stuff. No one felt like either pastor was on their case but gently implored and corrected.

(I am an early bird in my make up so am there ahead of time and worship or pray while the worship team is practicing and sit in front so I don’t even see who is late or missing – but you can tell from the parking lot on the way in what is happening.

Today I came in and got situated and had to go to the bathroom and actually got in the sanctuary about 5 after 10 (we are supposed to begin at 10) hardly anyone was there and ready to worship.
They invite people to come in at 8:30 to pray for the service (a few come in early and do that)

I am so spiritual that I come in early to do my weekly grocery shopping at Wal-Mart (oh, man) Maybe I should think about the prayer time first and get groceries AFTER service at Wal-Mart….

Anyhow, post away.

Marijo's cat
Photo compliments of Marijo
Thank you, Marijo
Copyright 2010


  1. Guest piece from Marijo - The Holy Spirit took over...

  2. This is a real pet peeve of mine. So many people arrive late at our church, and many leave early. Besides the fact that I think it's a very rude thing to do to the pastor and worship staff, it's terribly disrespectful to the LORD!! I don't want to judge - but we come to WORSHIP God - and part of worship is having reverence for Him. He is a loving God, absolutely, but He is also a God who deserves AWE! I like to come in a few minutes early - so I can settle myself and PREPARE my heart for the Lord to speak. I thought the "river" image was so very powerful.
    Perhaps we need to pray for ALL believers, including ourselves, to be READY for the Lord's leading - alert and obedient to whatever He commands us to do - and part of being ready is being THERE, wholeheartedly!


  3. P.S. I left an answer to your comment over on my blog!! (This is like playing tag, huh?! :)


    Hi Sharon -

    Thank you for your comments. It is a pleasure to find that others value reverence for GOD in His houses of worship. He is holy and should not be lightly esteemed in any regard!

    At some point, I will transfer this piece to be placed under the "Tab" above titled "EXCEL IN SERVICE."

  5. I go to a church that culturally appeals to the bar crowd, the rock concert people and the unchurched. When the service starts at 11:22, 2/3 of the seating is empty. The people are drawn in by the music. In ten minutes it is packed out and goes into overflow to about 2,000 people. That's what they are used to in the world.

    I postpone praying for these people until it goes into overflow. Deliverance, prayer and blessing for everyone who has been on the property in the last 8 days.

    In Emperor Constantine's church people were required to attend church or the priest would send the soldiers to intimidate you to come. The unwashed laity were required to sit, stand and kneel when the priest told you.

    The priests of today try to do the same without the troops. No wonder they burnout! No wonder they don't attract new people.


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