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Tuesday, October 5, 2010



Greetings -

Please help me with this.  I had a couple of experiences where I attended (not as a regular attendee) Bible studies where they used books authored by Christians as main Bible study material as opposed to the Holy Bible.  I did not inquire of the people there but inwardly I wondered, "If this is Bible study why are they NOT using the Bible to study?"  My expectation is that when I go to Bible studies, the Bible should be the main study material.  I am fine with hand-outs that are used to study WITH the Bible but to NOT mainly use the Bible at Bible studies bothers me.  I wonder if GOD is pleased.  Perhaps to some I am
over-reacting but I feel very strongly about the matter.

Yes, the Christian author's do have scripture citations in their books. And I have read some great books authored by excellent Christian authors.  But in Bible study, I firmly believe in Bible usage as the main study material.

Please express your views.  I do need help with this... 

Thank you for your indulgence.



  1. Bible study main study material...

  2. When I became a Christian from a cynical atheist I just used a Bible without footnotes, a concordance and a pad of paper. Too many people forget the notes in the Bible are NOT inspired of God.

    After six months in the Bible I was able to stump Jehovah's Witnesses. That's a sad commentary on the average Christian in the pews.

    There's a pastor in my church who is a compromised Christian. She prefers study materials because the materials can create doubt about the validity of the Bible, mislead people about the gifts of the Holy Spirit, ignore important passages and exault the pastor above the riff raff.

    Now there is a place for extra material to cover important topics the Bible doesn't specifically hit. My website is full of it. But that should be after the Bible study.

  3. Would it help if they clarified by saying "we are studying the book ___________ by so and so?"

    I have taught "Ladies Bible Studies" where the book used was (for instance) What Happens When Women Pray by Evelyn Christenson I can't remember if we said we were studying the book or if it was The Ladies Bible Study. We had a great time, learned much and grew because of that book and delving into the Word of God with a prayer emphasis. The examples the author used challenged us and helped us apply the Word.

    I was working full time then and it was good to have her book, the leader's guide and suggestions for discussion. Had I not had that I wouldn't have had the time to lead that study.

    Another ladies group that one lady and I were co-hostesses of.... a care and share and prayer group.... she and I again didn't have time to plan extensively together. We prayed (individually and at times together) but the Lord would give her something to focus on maybe in the old testament and give me the same emphasis in the NT - sometimes we didn't even discuss what He had given us but it always flowed and the spotlight was where He wanted it.

    Yes, it might have been better if we'd had time to plan more thoroughly and organize. However, with this "method" we saw over and over the faithfulness of the Lord, we got His topic for that group of ladies and really got down to sharing in depth and praying for each other through this "method".

  4. Sandra -

    You and I seem to be wired in a similar way! Early for appointments, doing things decently and in order, black and white and a bit prophetic in gifting....

    While those mercy people might tend to drive us a bit nuts (we'd see the drunken wife beater who stopped beating his wife as sinning because he was drinking still - the mercy person would be thinking "oh, how wonderful, they quit beating their wife and are growing and making progress....)

    We as a Body of believers, do need the arms, legs, toes and nose of that body even though we are all wired differently (or because we are probably - iron sharpening iron and all of that)

    Yep, I find it difficult that others see things from the BACK of the picture or the SIDE but I really need their perspective to get a three dimensional picture instead of the flat one just from my perspective.

    Maybe what we are discussing here is all part of that Body of Christ thing? We are wired differently in our personalities but it actually gives a depth and richness to the Body in spite of how sometimes "strange" it might feel.

    Just some thoughts (after years of sort of banging my head against the wall because some others just do not understand what I am trying to accomplish/say/do....

    Then I take a look and wallah.... they got to the same end result even though they went at it a whole different route.

  5. This was e-mailed to me, via e-mail, from Karen:

    2:15 PM (30 minutes ago)

    I agree with you, but I don't think this experience bothers me as much as it does you. At the church I attend, people are reluctant to use only the Bible in study groups. They choose very good books to study, and like you said, the authors are Christians and they make reference to the Bible. I have tried to use the Bible only in a couple of studies where I was the leader, but it was difficult to get any discussion going. My questions just brought on blank stares.

    The pastors have begun to preach more exegetical sermons, so there is change coming from the top down. And I have to confess that because of my physical condition I attend church and church functions rarely.


  6. Greetings -

    You all make points to ponder further. I may comment more once I digest what has been expressed here.

    @Timothy -

    You stated, "...the notes in the Bible are NOT inspired of God." That is interesting indeed.

    I once firmly accepted Bible commentary notes until one pastor in Florida spoke about not relying and depending on study Bibles and what is stated in the commentaries. That was a couple of years ago. Then I later took a class in a church here in D.C. where the teachers advised that for homework not to use the commentary aids until after we did our own seeking with the Lord. I embraced that advice from the pastor and those teachers. Now the only time that I go to the commentaries or my study Bibles is when the Holy Spirit specifically tells me to and that is rare.

    Note: After what I heard from the pastor and the two teachers, I found a couple of commentaries that were erroneous and/or questionable.

    As the saying goes, "Ain't nothing like the real thing." The real thing= The Holy Bible in pure form...

  7. Depending on who wrote the study notes you can get anything from (for instance regarding gifts)they were a sign for the apostles or gentiles and were for then , not now to the fact that the gifts and callings are not revocable and still extant today etc. SO it depends on who is writing the commentary and it is their thoughts. I like looking up words in Strongs and seeing all the different shades of meanings in Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic - you don't have to be a language scholar to use Strongs and it helps, oh, so much!

  8. Hi Marijo -

    Thank you for your comments.

    Please clarify your first two sentences. I do not understand or comprehend what you mean.

    Thank you...

  9. Some commentaries say the gifts of the Holy Spirit quit back at the time of the apostles and were only for that dispensation. Others think that all the gifts are still viable today. And you get each and every shade of interpretation in between.

    Sorry, got carried away with my parenthesis!

  10. @ Marijo -

    Thank you...

    What do you believe?

  11. Probably the same as you - I came the long and difficult way around to "full gospel" - the Lord took me into Strongs (mind you - this took three years after being taught that speaking in tongues was "99% demonic today" - I always contended that Paul spoke in tongues because he was a learned man and studied many languages....

    Then one day I found myself in Strongs and the word for tongues means "unacquired" language - oops, that means he did not learn it in school nor was he taught like a child from a parent... it needed to be truly a "gift" from the Holy Spirit to be labeled "unacquired"...

    My study went on but pretty soon I dreamed at night and in that dream I spoke in tongues. Then there is a whole 'nother story and it is on my various websites where I post pieces and called "Gentle is the Lord"

    HE is SO incredible. I once told Him that I wanted any gift he ever had for me but I was never speaking in tongues. Well, you shouldn't tell the Creator of the Universe "never". So I came kicking and screaming the long and difficult way around.

    That was 33 years ago and I have been learning about His faithfulness and gifts and callings ever since.

    HE is able - we are but dust - thank Him He helps us grow and learn and overcome our obtuse areas.

    Can you tell you hit a button? GRIN


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